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Things I Liked and Did Not Like

Liked: This orange moth, perching on my orange car.

I was enchanted immediately ran for the digicam and then called the kids out to see him.

HE MATCHES! I hollered.

I named him The Orange Moth of Happiness.

Did Not Like: When my son pointed out that the Orange Moth of Happiness was stone dead.

Liked: The Book Thief. If you are the other person on the planet who has not read this, be it known that I have left you behind. I have now read it, and you are utterly alone.

Why do you resist? It is SO good and fine and lovely and brutal and dear. A tiny, human, personal story trickling across a vast canvas. Give in. Join us. READITREADIT! The Hive Mind will welcome you to our brand new rock solid adoration of The Great Markus Zusak.

Did Not Like: The book (Fancy broadway talk for script) for American Idiot. This play had no dialog. NO character actually spoke to another. Not even once, that I can recall. Instead, one character read two or three lines from a journal or letter before the whole cast went back to stomping back and forth, screaming some more Green Day Lyrics and climbing around on the infinitely climbable set.

In lieu of dialog, characterization, or human relationships, the play had songs by Green Day and Valuable Lessons. I can tell you the valuable lessons now, so if you do not REALLY like Green Day (We had one very sincere Green Day fan with us, and he had a great time. So.) you can skip it, and yet still be as informed and wise as the play made me.

1) If you want to be a famous musician with a heroin addiction, you should become a great musician and get famous first, and THEN get the heroin addiction. If you do the heroin addiction part first, you will probably end up homeless, and sometimes dealers will get angry and toss expensive narcotics on the ground, and if you lick them up, then that will be a GOOD day because you may be homeless and licking pavement, but hey, the drugs were free.

2) If you go to a war, people might shoot at you. You could be hurt, or even lose a body part. Example: Leg.

3) If you sit on the sofa and act like a douche and drink bong water all day, your girlfriend will take your baby and go marry some guy with a job.

You’re welcome.

Liked: Two thirds of the of female cast of American Idiot Rebecca Naomi Jones as Whatsername and Christina Sajous as The Extraordinary Girl made the stage light up, even though they were not allowed to have any dialog. They both have That Thing Where You Cannot Stop Watching Them.

The Incandescent Rebecca Naomi Jones

Talent, Charisma, whatever you want to call it, they have so much they drip with it and shine. I hope to see them on Broadway again, in anything, but preferably in a play with lines. I couldn’t stop watching them even when nothing they did or sang was at all relevant to my interests. Also there was a tiny incandescent brunette in the chorus who has That Thing. These women just…popped. And it was HARD to pop in that cast. It was a remarkably good cast all around, and the direction was good, the staging, the set, costumes, the choreography. A first rate production, so much so that I think many reviewers were tricked into not noticing the play itself was a Gaseous Wind Egg. It was like a Green Day concert if Green Day wasn’t there and you pretended the lyrics were actually a coherent story about how drugs, war, and being a bong water drinking douche are all bad.

Did Not Like: The last four days, in which I have woken up, grabbed my laptop from the nightstand and pulled it into bed with me, and stayed there all day, drafting huge, scathing chunks of novel. I think I am becoming feral. I think I need to get out of pajamas. I KNOW I need to stop eating nothing but coffee, eggs and black bottom candy corn, and it might be a good thing for America if I were to bathe. My mental illness number is….Legion. Two thousand pigs is not enough pigs.

Like: Everyone who loves me enough to put up with me, even when I get like this.

12 comments to Things I Liked and Did Not Like

  • sillyme

    It’s more like: so many if us love you even more when you get like this. I’m not a writer. I don’t *get* to do that. So what I DO get to do is romanticize it. mmmmm…black bottomed candy corn. If it was me I’d have on kitty cat pajamas and look great even with bed head. 😉

  • DebR

    I’m part of the Hive Mind & heartily second your sentiment that everyone must read The Book Thief. Fairly recently I read (in a little thematic cluster) The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society, The Book Thief, and (on your recommendation) City of Thieves. They couldn’t have been more different – pretty much the only thing they had in common was WWII – but I greatly loved all three! I got them all from the library & think I will have to buy them at some point because they are all books I would read again.

  • Gwen

    Two things: one, I have just added The Book Thief to my Christmas list, which delightfully gives me months to anticipate a lovely book. And two, I hope that at least they omitted from the Broadway play the public masturbation and fornication with the floor which was a feature of the Green Day concert I attended in August. I could have definitely done without that bit.

  • Jill W.

    I have Book Thief on my To Read list. DebR, in keeping with your theme, have you read the Postmistress? I loved that one as well.

  • Jill W.

    And, that moth clearly died happy. : )

  • I was going to admit to being the one being who has not yet read The Book Thief but am happy to find that I am not alone. But as it seems I’m in a small club, I will read it soon before I am the only one left. 😉

  • Now I am the last person on earth to read The Book Thief, but luckily for me, I found it at a thrift store recently and bought it, so it awaits me. And that happened even before I read this post, so hooray.

  • Brigitte

    Ah, yes, the Spiny Oakworm Moth (Anisota stigma). The adults don’t feed, so they don’t last long!

    Guess I better read The Book Thief, as I read “The Girl Who . . ” books back when you mentioned them, then got to feel like an insider when they said they were making a movie of it! 😉

    I DO like Green Day, but if they were making a play of it, I must confess I’d prefer, you know, a PLOT. Maybe they were thinking they’d go the “Cats” route (which I thought worked for pseudo-kitties, but not so much for people).

  • DebR

    Jill, I haven’t, but I’ll add it to The List. 🙂

  • I haven’t read TBT either. It’s on my TBR list, though.

    Also, we love you like this, yes. Go write. We’ll be here.

  • […] accidentally packed the book I wanted to read next.  (The Book Thief, recommended by Joshilyn Jackson!)  I finished Joshilyn Jackon’s Backseat Saints.  Fun and well-written […]

  • Awwww….I had an orange car…..I miss my orange car.