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Linky Love Day

Don’t forget to enter the contest to win a signed, personalized copy of Sara Gruen’s APE HOUSE, currently sitting prettily on its furry haunches at #8 on the NYT bestseller list.

Today I am blogging about a mythological creature called “My Fashion Sense” over on Five Full Plates. My Fashion Sense has a single horn and six wings and sparkly hoofs (because I DO understand shoes) and has never yet been seen on this planet.

Also, my friend Mir asked me to participate in a blog auction run by her friend Ruth Fischer. Ruth became active as a volunteer with the PKD Foundation three years ago, after her oldest son became the third generation of her family to be diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. Since then, she and her family have raised almost $30,000 dollars to support the Foundation’s direct financing of research for a cure. Having witnessed her father’s kidney failure and subsequent dialysis, transplantation, and myriad health complications arising from PKD, she is determined that a cure be discovered before her son becomes symptomatic. Polycystic kidney disease affects one in 600 Americans, and causes kidney failure in adulthood in most patients. The only treatments for the disease are dialysis and kidney transplantation; there is no cure at this time.

Ruth is hosting a virtual silent auction through her blog, Lemonade and Kidneys starting today and running through October 6. On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, one of the packages listed for bid is signed, personalized copies of “Backseat Saints” and “gods in Alabama.” Those books together would make a great gift (early holiday shiopping….) and the Starting bid is only ten dollars. For TWO hardback first editions. All of the money will go to the charity as I am donating the books. There are also many other items up for bid—jewelry and such. Please consider clicking through and checking it out.

Lastly, that’s a picture that Mr. Husband took of the grounds of our church last week. He is one of the guys who mows the church lawn, and he was hoping these fellas were there to put him out of business, cropping the grass the old fashioned way. I told him it looked like a great plan, but no one would fire him. They would just change his title from “Mower” to “Scooper.” That lowered his enthusiasm considerably… *grin*

8 comments to Linky Love Day

  • Sara

    Please to esplanade the sheep, goats, and llamas on your Church’s lawn!!

  • I have no idea. They were there. Scott took a picture. Now they are gone….

  • Brigitte

    Maybe they were escapees from somewhere. We have some yards here where such a sight wouldn’t be unusual, but I don’t think our local escapees would make it all the way to Georgia!

  • Thanks so much for the plug, Joss — my traffic went SPROINGGGGGGG! And thanks to all the pretty FTK readers who stopped by. Smoochies!

  • jeanette

    Thank you so much for your donations to the auction for PKD. My brother was diagnosed about 10 years ago. He is doing great at this time, but we all know it is just a matter of time before things start going downhill for him. We need research to find a cure…….or at least an effective treatment.

    How many times have we all joked about getting goats to tend the yard? Leave it to YOU to point out the downside of such a plan. 🙂

  • I think the llama was serving as look-out.

  • Maybe they are the grateful descendants of those goats you rescued from the side of the road so long ago. . .At first I thought they were a present for YOU as I recall you being desirous of owning goats at one time. I think they would TOTALLY tick Schubert off and confuse the heck out of Bagel. But your lawn would be lovely and green what with the natural fertilizer. . .and “mowed” to boot.

  • Elizabeth

    Will you tell us if you are doing anything public in New York? I would love to see you in person, in a totally non-stalker-ish way.