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Seattle (Part 2)

I am HUGELY bitter that I forgot my little video making guy. I meant to make a Seattle film and show you men throwing fish and the glorious flower mart and take you up to the top of the needle to play a fun game of Will This Revolving Restaurant Irk My Hypersensitive Inner Ear and Make Me Projectile Vomit? and introduce you to the AWESOME other authors on the panel.

I also wanted to show you two of my favorite Seattle Bookstores, Seattle Mystery Bookshop where our own Best Beloved Fran from comments hangs out and handsells like a mad woman of legend and Liberty Bay Books where I recently discovered a delightful redhead named Darcy has been quietly handselling my work since book one.

But alas, I SUCK. The Flip Phone sat on the passenger in my car at the Atlanta airport, perfectly visible and hoping to be stolen, completely unflippable from the-way-out-wests where I was. I am now IN LOVE with Seattle, it is so GRAY and COOL and lovely there—look, this is a picture I took from the Ferry Boat, heading over to the island, and all those dark green trees rising up from the mists….lovely.

I hope I get to go back soon. If so, I will make the film THEN. In lieu of a video, here is the rest of what I could get with the somewhat unspectacular camera that resides inside DJ Cracky B (My Blackberry. Yes. He has a name. And yes, he has a gender. And no, I never yet met a technology I couldn’t anthropomorphize, why do you ask?)

From left to right…

If you want sexy, scandalous peeks behind the scenes and top notch writing, Josie Brown is yer girl. She’s MY girl, too. She and her husband kinda adopted me.

A debut novelist named Tatjana Soli whose elegant prose and visceral scenes of war blew me away when she read.

Me, with no link, because…well. You are here already, aren’t you.

Jane Smiley an undeniably brilliant woman I have long admired and read…I geeked out and had trouble speaking articulately every time she looked at me. Like, said four of the dumbest things I ever said in my life. Out loud. She was kind and quite fun, though. Why am I SUCH a hopeless fangrrrrl? I got her new release, Private Lives, while I was there.

The truly lovely Eileen Goudge, who ALSO is a world class baker—-when she isn’t penning NYT bestselling novels. I have to get my hands on her cookbook.

And finally: This is The Sanitary Public Market.

The Crusty, Infected Public Market is next door, but I didn’t think you wanted to see THAT.

10 comments to Seattle (Part 2)

  • Eleanor

    Guffaw! At the Crusty, Infected Public Market, that is. Also, I adore that you *YOU*, whom my husband and I would get all fangrrrl over if we met you in person, get tonguetied and fangrrrl over other writers when you meet them in person.
    BTW, I am reading The Sweet By And By now, at your recommendation. Loving it. Todd Johnson has much the same sort of quirky humor popping up in the midst of potentially sad situations that you do. I like that his characters are realistic and things don’t always resolve themselves neatly, like the point where Bernice talks lucidly about her son and the nurse dismisses Margaret’s concern about what she says. That’s life, real life anyway.
    Thank you, Joss.

  • Ray


    Well, my beloved was, “but that’s not important,” she just said.

    I Agree With That Comment, of course, even though I’ve yet to crack Todd’s book (but will soon as she finishes it).

    Now what IS important is this: when and where are you going to be in New York? We, like, live there, if you’re talking the state, and aren’t that far away if you’re talking city. It’s not on your book tour list, but I’ve heard those can be rather fluid.

  • elswhere

    You are making me wish I had never left Seattle, not least because if I’d been there I could’ve gone to see you read. (and gotten all fangrrl etc.) Also it made me wistful to read all these good things about it through the eyes of someone who didn’t spend ten years battling traffic there.

    You know, Vancouver BC is EVEN MORE rainy and cool and all that. Just sayin.

  • Shelley

    Yes we rarely focus on the Usanitary Public Market in promotional spots about the city. After all we would like more tourist dollars not less.

    I just finished The Sweet By and By and want to thank you for the recommendation. It’s a book I would not have otherwise read and I enoyed it tremendously. I will be passing the title to others I know will also love it.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.

  • Brigitte

    So . . DID you vomit? 😉

  • I DID NOT VOMIT! *triumphant marching*

  • PS peep my boyfriend jacket — I got it for the fashion challenge thing we are starting on Five Full Plates

  • Jan

    You have no idea how much this post cheered me. I was at a writing conference in July. Between Florida heat and humidity, menopause and terminal shyness, I couldn’t form a coherent sentence when I met several author crushes. They were nice people, but oh, the motificashuns. 🙁

  • rams

    The neighborhood we just stayed in in NY had a shop with the glowing sign “Appetizing Smoked Fish,” which led to the conclusion that “Disgusting, Revolting Smoked Fish” must be around the block. Now I suspect it’s next to Crusty, Infected Public Market.

    And the kindest thing I ever heard an author say was Tony Hoagland apologizing to an audience, saying he forgets every person he speaks to five minutes later. Having huiliated myself TWICE with him I was comforted.

  • Girlee,

    I miss you already! And so does Martin. Hey, you’ve always got a place in our circus, that’s for sure.

    Let me tell you: YES, YOU ARE ARTICULATE! Nope, you never stuttered in front of The Other J (what I call that prankster, Ms. Smiley). And in a room of full of wide-eyed folks, the word flow trippingly off your tongue! You had’em rollin’ in the aisles, busting side stitches. You don’t read, you PERFORM. I actually saw tears in the eyes of many.

    Anyone who hasn’t taken the time to hear you read your scenes is a fool for missing the show. (What, they stayed home to catch some more navel-gazing on Dr. Phil? He wouldn’t know WHAT to say to Ro, that’s for sure…)

    In fact, I’m booking Carnegie Hall for the next tour, and just letting your roll. There will be six high-stepping chorus boys behind you, too. (Now THAT should be interesting!)

    I HEART U,
    xxx The Other other J