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In Seattle

I'm in ur seattle, hidin' under yer space needles

I have had No internet as I have been on the road in a big way. I am currently in Seattle, which I love for many reasons, not the least of which is I CAN GET ONLINE. HELLO INTERNETS! I MISSED YOU! LET’S MAKE OUT. Or at least have a little linky lovefest.

I meant to tell you, oh best of all possible internetsian beloveds, that I would be blogging over at the brand new Kathy Patrick run Southern Authors blog.

And, thanks to Passive Voice, I was syndicated for the VERY first time over at BlogHer, and I think BlogHer is AWESOME, and I am QUITE pleased to have my grammar post over there. Mir does a LOT of stuff with them, too. If you are not familiar with it, you should check it out.

This back half of September is FULL of travel—as far west as Seattle, as far south as Florida, as far north as New York. And I am SO deep in the new book, so CLOSE to the end, so immersed in seeing what little boats will make it through the big-ass mangy dog and glock infested storm I am making in Mississippi, that I was REALLY resenting it.

You know, as I stumped off to the airport for the ump-tun-dredth time since Saints released, grumpy and frumpled —except for my sleek(ish) hair that I got up half an hour early to attempt to learn to blow dry for the ump-tun-dredth time) and already bloaty from the PRE-Seattle travel, I did not realize how amazingly LUCKY I am.

Seattle reminded me.

Seattle is BEAUTIFUL.

I wouldn’t have missed this afternoon for ANYTHING—I just wish I could have ypinked my kids out of school and brough the whole family with me. I am SO lucky to be here.

I stomped all over the city today, alone, unapologetic, running Pandora radio from my Blackberry directly into my ears and feeling like the whole city had been set to music. And not just ANY music, but music I like more than I like most music, which is to say, it registers on my needle as “Pleasant” instead of “Sounds in the Background.”

Why would you ever wash your car in SEATTLE???

I like how the people look. They look to me a LOT like folks in Ashville, North Carolina, same kind of laid back easy look, and a large percentage of the womenfolk have CURLY, blowsy, NATURAL hair. The rest can bafford those Brazilian Blow Out things. I for one am VERY sorry about getting up that half hour early.

If I lived here, I would never have to learn to blow dry my hair. Well, okay, I am 42 and I have not yet learned to blow dry my hair, but I feel a responsibility to at least TRY.But here? You could pretend ALL THE TIME you were a hair-blowing expert, who had, only moments ago left the house with a perfectly coifed adult woman’s head, and then pretend Seattle happened, and you ended up with a curly banged pre-teen’s wild fuzz ball on your head. EVERYONE WOULD BELIEVE YOU. Or a tleast they couldn’t prove you were lying.

News Flash: Seattle is rainy. I LOVE rain. LOVE it. Love walking in it. Love Grayness and stomping in the wet. Love how it makes the whole city feel constantly refreshed. The air tastes washed here, clean and sweet.

Here is a carniverous space robot, eating Seattle. Shame, really.

If you stay in a nice hotel here (and I AM in a nice hotel! Quite nice! Another perk of the publicity part of job I was resenting only this morning) they put an umbrella in your room, same way they have a hairdryer and fresh towels for you. Just as a necessity.

I took mine with me, but unless it actively began pouring, I accepted the on and off drizzle as atmospheric and got damp like a native.

Now I am going to have dinner with a gaggle of other authors whose work I admire, and there ya go,. Another perk. I resolve to be less spoiled, less of a butthead, less immersed in my own made0-up places and open to seeing real ones, and to ride as many monorails as I can find, wherever I go.

I have no time to proof this this, so forgive any typos I have perpetrated—I anm starved as it is 3 hours past dinner to my internal clock here in this time zone!

12 comments to In Seattle

  • Jaime Strickland

    Hey there, Joshilyn. I am a huge fan of your writing. I was born and raised in Florida, but have been a transplant in Rhode Island for the past eleven months. You mentioned being in New York later this month. I have not noticed a New York date on the book tour listing. Are you going to have a date in New York? (Or anywhere in New England?) I look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy Seattle. (I am very jealous as I have always wanted to visit Seattle!)Good night!

  • Jery

    How did I miss that you were going to be here?? You’re in my ‘hood!!! If you get a chance, go to Dick’s (if you are staying downtown, the one on Queen Anne will be closest to you) and get a Deluxe and fries – and don’t skip the tartar sauce 🙂 Hope the rain lets up a little for you! it made traffic extra gnarly on the commute home tonight. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Seattle!

  • Oooh you’re so close to me! heh. Well, I’m like, ummm, in Canada, but yeah. I’m in a very very Southern part of Canada and you’re only a ferry boat ride away 😉 Hope you continue to enjoy all your tour time 🙂

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE that you’re here!

  • Haley

    You should go to the waffle place Sweet Iron. If, you know, you love waffles as much as I do. I’ve yet to find an all-waffle restaurant in the Atlanta area. Perhaps I should go to culinary school and start one.


  • Aimee

    I lurve Seattle, and not just because both of my beloved sisters and all of my nieces and hephews live there. Have fun!

  • Shelley

    Oh oh oh you’re in my town! So great that the rain isn’t keeping you locked inside your nice hotel room. Where are you going to dinner? Wild Ginger is probably a good fit with all the other foodie comments you’ve made. There are so many great options, a couple previously mentioned. Welcome to Seattle, come back anytime.

  • Phyllis

    erm, you’re supposed to blow dry your hair?! I’m 50-mumbledy-something and the last time I had a blow dryer was when I was 21. I gave it to my mom and she used it to blow dry the maltese after it’s bath…

    have fun in Seattle!

  • edj

    WHAT? We’re so close. Are you coming to Portland? Can I come to a reading? PLEASE come! Portland is even better cuz we have Powells, and you will fall in love and have to move to Powells and live between their stacks of books (grad students do it all the time) (j/k). Seriously! Come! http://www.powells.com

  • amy

    Where are these places that women with curly hair are supposed to blow-dry it straight? (Because I shall never visit there.)

    Hi Jaime Strickland! I hope you’re enjoying RI!! (That’s where I am, too, in case that sounded all apropos of nothing or something.)

  • I LOVE and MISS Seattle! Lived there for 7 years, many, many moons ago!
    (Had all-one-length hair, when I first moved there. Was talked into layers for a while as it gives an illusion of some volume–after you’ve stepped back inside and let your hair dry. Again.)

  • Lulu

    Oooo, Seattle is lucky to have you, even just for a visit! And what a swanky looking event out on Bainbridge Island! I hope they served you some fabulous Washington wine.