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Three of the Thousand Little Things I Meant to Tell You

1) Over on Five Full Plates I am talking about Foodie-ness and Fashion—and looking for a new challenge involving the latter. Come play!

Because if you like Casting Crowns, you'll LOVE this. Obviously.

2) Remember when I blogged about Pandora, the musical genome project? Basically you build your own radio stations by telling Pandora a couple of songs you like, and it looks for themes and musical similarities and tries you on other stuff, and you vote YES or NO on the songs you send it and it begins to LEARN you and send you thinks you like.

I have three radio stations: One for WORKOUTS that I began by telling it I liked Beck, Fat Boy Slim and Basement Jaxx. The second is my MISPENT YOUTH STATION, based on R.E.M. and Sinead O’Connor.

But the one I listen to MOST often is Revelation Radio. I gave Pandora a selection of my favorite current hymns and gospel and contemporary Christian tunes. Starting with Revelation Song (hence the name)_ and then adding Sixpence None the Richer, Need to Breathe, and Toby Mac (Yes. I like Toby Mac. Shut up, Lydia.) Just yesterday, I left it running, on and on, for hours, intuiting song after song with no feedback… and when I came back upstairs it was playing Dick Grande and The Dirty Danglers classic and deeply religious anthem… “Don’t Leave Her Lipstick on Your Dipstick.” Really, Pandora? Yes. Really.

3) There’s new interview up—- I got a lot of WEIRD and therefore interesting questions from Penelope Przekop over at Aberration Nation. I like her sideways way of the seeing the world, and I like her blog. Check it out.

11 comments to Three of the Thousand Little Things I Meant to Tell You

  • Jen

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but your Five Full Plates linky is taking me to Crossroads Church.

    Dick Grande and the Dirty Danglers? Please, for the love of all that is holy, tell me you made that up!!! Ewwww!!!!!

  • Yes, your 5FP link is taking me there too. But the interview is faboo, you rockin’ weirdo, you!

  • Oh, I love me some Toby Mac, too. He is our “get pumped up music” as well as my “get the house clean music.” Audio Adrenaline goes in that mix as well. But Dick Grande and the Dirty Danglers? Yeah, that’s a new one for me!

  • Tell Lydia she best not be bustin’ on Toby! My family loves to rock out to Toby in the car. But, I’m pretty sure Dicke Grande and the Dirty Danglers would not make our Top 20 list.

  • TobyMac is my workout station on Pandora too!! Only problem: the lead-lined (?) room that houses the exercise machines at my gym causes me to lose my connection on my phone. Dislike.

  • Brigitte

    I think Pandora was just checking to see if you were paying attention!

  • Erika

    I’ve had Pandora throw me some insanely ridiculous curve balls before, but I think yours beats any of mine!

  • LINK FIXED!!! thanks for the headses upses.

    Now Pandora has it in its little head that I want COUNTRY and BLUEGRASS in this rotation. Weirdweirdweird. All the thumbs downing in the world can’t stop them from trying to slip me some Clint Black.

  • I love Toby Mac too. . .and “Don’t Leave her Lipstick on Your Dipstick” will have to be reported to hubs later after the kiddos go to bed. That is HILARIOUS. . .

  • Well, Pandora isn’t really looking at the kind of song you choose in a spiritual vs. secular kind of way, it’s looking at things like does it have strong guitar riffs or a big vocal push, so country and bluegrass isn’t a terrible stretch from certain types of hymns. It will tell you if you click somewhere, why it picked that one song. Now, if I could just get all the Christmas music out of my world music station, I’d be happy.

  • Jessica

    I’m not a huge TobyMac fan (although, kickin’ it old school, I was a dcTalk fan, bigtime, back in the days of MY misspent youth, which apparently weren’t too misspent since I was listening to Christian rap/rock), but I was able to see all three former dcT members perform at Cornerstone (the original one in IL, near where I grew up) many years ago, including TobyMac in all his glory, when they first all decided to make their own solo albums. (As for dcT, I was a Kevin fan. 😉 Maybe it was a misspent youth after all.)

    Anyway, I always end up with the weirdest songs when I let Pandora go on her own, too, although not nearly as far from the original content as yours. She really did let a lot out of the bag with your selection though, to go from Sixpence and hymns to *ahem* dipstick songs… well, here’s hoping it shapes up. 😉 (Also, I put in Three Days Grace once, and I still end up with a little country thrown in there somehow…)