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Make Clickies

I am not this plate. I am also NOT the elephant plate.

Today I am over on Five Full Plates telling AWFUL TRUE THUTHS that are true. Even though it is DUMB that they are true. They still are.

In BETTER news, one of my all time favorite writers had one of his books made into a movie…

Barry Munday was purchased by a distributor, Magnolia pictures. It will have what they call a platform release, like lots of movies these days. It will be available for a month starting today on Video On Demand.

Scott and I haveplans to watch it next weekend. We can’t this weekend as I will be Decatur Book Festivaling…..Believe it or not, the Hollywood premiere will be at Mann’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard September 22nd. (!!!!!)

The local premiere is at the little downtown Mobile theater, the Crescent, from October 8-14th. They serve beer, so if you are local, HEAD OUT TO IT! It may not be the champagne you would get at Mann’s, but hey, it has bubbles and alcohol. So.

Frank says they did a good job and stayed true to his novel,LIFE IS A STRANGE PLACE.

Barry Munday stars Patrick Wilson, Judy Greer, and Chloe Sevigney..and it features Malcolm McDowell and other cool peeps. The trailer looks great, but fair warning, this is a movie (and a trailer) for grown ups.

5 comments to Make Clickies

  • Holly

    Ha – that movie looks funny! By the way, I just got the latest Bas Bleu books catalog in the mail, and The Girl Who Stopped Swimming is in it. Way to go!

  • Jill W.

    I have seen the trailer for that before. It looks really good! Can’t wait to see it.

  • Gail

    Oh em gee I cannot wait to see this. I laughed out loud several times during the trailer. I love Patrick Wilson, and wow this is a different sort of role for him. Thanks for sharing!

  • Les in AZ

    This looks great!

  • Kayc

    Holly cow does this look wonderful! I am always so glad when I movie stays true to the book, as much as it can given the differnces in artistic medium, and can’t wait to see this! Just finished “Between, Georigia”. Actually read vs. audio book, and felt forever touched. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent.