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Springtime and The Shelf of Shame

shelf of shame

Here in Georgia, SPRING has sprung.

You: What are talking about? This is Ju—-


You: Summer is half ov—


So it is spring, and now is that terrible time when we must do THE PURGING OF THE BOOKS. Here is a sample of just one shelf, and they are ALL this bad, and they are ALL over my house.

Books are my own personal tribbles. They sneak off behind the chifferobe in pairs and sneak back with sly, sleepy smiles and whole LITTERS of other books.

I have a very small house, and most of its walls are made of bookshelves because THAT IS IS THE CORRECT WAY FOR A HOUSE TO BE, and yet, I do not have ENOUGH walls. SO. THIS WEEK. It is happening. It is on like Donkey Kong. NO LATER THAN SATURDAY I will post AFTER pictures of my bookshelves. NO LATER. If they still look like this, imagine my shame. Look, that bookshelf is stacked two deep and also FULL OF CAT TREATS.

Look, those bags at the bottom are all stuffed with books, too.

In other booky news…

What I just read that you should read because WOW:
THE PRECIOUS ONE, Marisa de los Santos
We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson

What we should all read next that I just started and love so far:
ALL THE WAY TO MEMPHIS Stories by Suzanne Hudson

In final booky news, already up on Facebook…

There is this truly yicky thing authors have to do, which is go bother other authors and try to get them to read the book early and, if they like it, say a few about WHY they like it for the cover. It is HORRID to have to ask. HORRID. I feel a Super Agent somewhere made it up one to inch their author ahead, and now it is ubiquitous and required.

I hate to be asked because once you agree to READ it what do you do if you HATE the book? What if the book is terrible? What if the book is GOOD, but you, personally, don’t care for it? I try to say yes to debuts because I have been there, and if I have loved other books by the author then I like to be asked because I want to read them early anyway. But I would rather be asked THAN ASK. OOOOOOH HATE ASKING. That said, I have asked, and look. This happened, and it is making me SO joyful, because this is what I hope people feel and think and say after they read THE OPPOSITE OF EVERYONE.

paula blurb 1

8 comments to Springtime and The Shelf of Shame

  • Elizabeth

    Hooray!! When will The Opposite of Everyone be published??

  • Elizabeth

    And when will the Book Tour calendar for it be ready? : )

  • Wait. Are you saying that we are not to have shelves stuffed with doublestacked books? I must be doing something wrong because I have some, uh, similar shelves. At this rate, I will have to live to be 137 years old so I can read them all. Or maybe God will make an exemption and I can take them with me . . .

  • Jessica (the celt)

    Hooray! Paula is back, back, back!

    I would love to come browse your shelves. Everyone thinks we have too many books, but we live in a tiny apartment, so we only have so many walls we can put shelves on (while still having furniture), sadly. We keep cramming more in somehow, but when it comes time to move…oof! (My husband has it down to a science, though, and he gets them packed and unpacked crazy-fast.)

  • Brigitte

    Hmm. My few shelves look like that too, but most of my books are in boxes in the basement (boohoo). No purging allowed, all those books are valuable insulation in the winter here in the northeast!

    FB won’t let me directly message you anymore (probably because it stupidly insists on showing you every little thing I “like”), but I had this link that made me think of you, my sweet:http://theawesomer.com/fk-that-a-guided-meditation/327535/

  • Rachel

    I cannot wait for Opposite! That’s not even a blurb, it’s literature in itself, and now I will go find some Susan Rebecca White to read. Well done, both of you!

    And another book that I have read that was amazingly useful is The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I did a whole 180 on my attitude about my shelves and cases and closets and boxes of books. Now half of what used to sit cramped on my shelves is out there in the world entertaining other people. Yay!

  • Susan

    This year when I purged the books, I helped my sister unload her shelves, too. I had a book sale. I started with 7 boxes out of my house, and ended up with 8 boxes coming back. I am a very good sister. (But maybe I need to have another book sale….)

  • Oh! I recently read The Precious One, and I did two things: I thought of you, expecting you would love it, and I became obsessed with Maria de Los Santos, and proceeded to read her everything. So good. So hopeful and brave. Also, she likes her some Asian men. There is a beautiful, golden Asian guy in just about every book.