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Sick Bed Funsies

The third and final SHARE IMAGE winner came from Suzann Moffitt Ledford! Contest closed, thanks to ALL who played. And hey -- please consider PINNING this or throwing it up on Facebook or Instagram or That Tweeter to let everyone know the PB of SELS launches NEXT WEEK. 0.o

The third and final SHARE IMAGE winner came from Suzann Moffitt Ledford! Contest closed, thanks to ALL who played. And hey — please consider PINNING this or throwing it up on Facebook to let everyone know the PB of SELS launches NEXT WEEK. 0.o

PAUSE and LOOK!The site changed, did you notice? My amazing tech team is amazing and got it together while I Mono-Languished. Do you like it? It’s not just the graphics on FTK, peep my groovy splash page, yeah?

I love how the GRAY adds a little edge, a little darkness to the lavender, and I love how EASTER-y the purple and yellow are floating in that dark, which is CORRECT. Someone Else’s Love Story is an EASTER book. It is all about how we find the rise and the renewal even in the dark of this darkest world.

UNPAUSE. So my usual every-day type recreational nonsense involves STOMPING ABOUT. I like to DO stuff. I go to yoga. I go to the YMCA. I put both my two hairy bags of infinite urine onto leashes and take them around the neighborhood to disperse their contents onto EVERY blade of Monkey Grass in a 5 mile radius. I had just gotten really into marching up Stone Mountain when THE MONO hit.

I have VERY limited energy, and what I do have is quickly used up on writing a book and slurping feebly at soup. SO, what do I do when I can write no more in a day?

1) I smell old things I find in Tupperwares all the way at the back of the refrigerator, and then I make other people smell them to confirm my nosely suspicion that they are no longer good. NO ONE likes this game but me and Bagel, urine Bag the Greater, because he strongly believes whatever I find is edible and thus a possible source for making more urine—and worse.

2) Read. Since I am drafting a new section, I read outside my genre, which is fun. This week I read COP TOWN, which was an amazing evocation of a specific time and place and a helluva good ride to boot.

I am currently reading The Maze Runner because my kids want me to take them to the movie, and we have a strict BOOK B4 MOVIE policy, though I don’t see how it applies to here when I am not picking the movie, and I am only going so they have a RIDE. By that rationale they ought to have to read THE FRENCH LIEUTENANT’S WOMAN because I might stream the film later at the house where we all three happen to be.

Next up on my bedside pile, Imma reread Karen Abbott’s thoroughly amazing LIAR TEMPTRESS SOLDIER SPY because I am introducing her at Decatur Book Fest and I want its greatness to be fresh in my head.

3) Nap. BOTH hairy urine bags like this almost as much as the walking, and manage to pinch themselves closed so they can flop into inert heaps for as many hours as I am willing.

4) Go to movies in theatre, just to be out of the house. Last night, Scott and I went to see Lucy:

REVIEW: If you can get your suspension of disbelief to 100%, Lucy is delightful fun. I REALLY enjoyed it. But I am serious about the 100%. You can’t think AT ALL. Just look at Scarlet Johansson with your belief-beak stretched open as wide as it will go and let her tuck any old crazy notion about space, time, physics, and the human brain RIGHT ON IN THERE. She is such an interesting actor that it was very easy.

Scott only got his suspension of disbelief to about 80%—the SCIENCE made him insane. I could tell how egregious the science was being in any given scene by the level of coiled Nerd-Rage that collected in his muscles and the soft, near continuous PHYSICS VIOLATION SIGHS he disdainfully expelled from his nostrils, but even at 80%, he had a great time.

IT HELPED THAT THE MNOVIE WAS 90 MINUTES LONG, do you HEAR me film makers? It made it really obvious how bloated and full of Extend-O-Minutes of CGI monsters punching other CGI monsters most summery block busters are. Cut out 30 minutes of punching and you might be left with a really fun movie, STILL looking at you, filmmakers. LOOK AT LUC BESSON! LOOK AT LUCY! You can get PLENTY of CGI and punching into 90 minutes if you TRY, filmmakers.

WHAT ELSE CAN I DO? Game of Thrones is over, Orphan Black is over, and I am SO tired of my house. WHAT CAN I DO THAT COSTS LOW TO NO ENERGY, preferably NOT in my house. OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS.

Meanwhile below are the winners who won Lydia Netzer ‘s superlative new book HOW TO TELL TOLEDO FROM THE NIGHT SKY plus her anthropomorphized black hole/planet friends. I had to put actual name slips in a bag instead of Random Number Generating, because I had people who entered from FACEBOOK and FROM HERE. First Prize on top, runners up below, all contacted by e-mail or FB.

TOLEDO winners

8 comments to Sick Bed Funsies

  • Jennifer

    Can you craft? Ideally, knitting or crocheting or rug-hooking or needlepoint or cross-stitch. I ask this humbly. I can’t do most of these things. However, if you have to languish, it is a little less boring when you are doing something with your hands, and yarn doesn’t crumple the way paper does. Also, you might feel productive, if that’s a concern.

    I know you don’t like music, but maybe you could do a little music-listening in different genres just to expand your experiences. Maybe you could read a mini-bio of a composer and then listen to some of his/her music.

    I highly recommend Muppets videos, too. They always cheer me up when I am ill or fussy.

    If you don’t listen to baseball on the radio, you are missing out. You are lucky that the Braves have very good announcers who paint a picture.

    I suppose you could volunteer for a phone bank of some sort…

    Feel better soon! And then, stay feeling better!

  • I am getting over an extended convalescence and have entertained myself by going New Jersey – all six seasons of The Sopranos and all the seasons (5? 6?) of Nurse Jackie. I love Edie Falco beyond reason.

    The side effect is that my husband has started shrugging his shoulders and saying “Whattayagonnado?” whenever he is faced with a dilemma. It’s still worth it.

  • Jill W.

    How about reading in other locales? Coffee/tea shop? Delightful nearby library?

    Or go get a massage or spa treatment?

  • Gaylin

    Having had the MONO . . . be careful of expenditures of energy. Sorry to Jill W. but that would include getting a massage. It can move a lot of energy around in your body and can cause a big crash in the following days. (learned the hard way on that one)

    If you want to watch some funny and educational videos on a youtube channel – Sexplanations. Um, things I didn’t know, very eye opening.

    Lean on others for entertainment – make them bring it to you! Sleep whenever you need to, I know from experience as soon as I pushed past my available energy, grrr argh, bonk.

    I am with Jennifer, small crafts might be entertaining – as long as the dogs don’t think that you are making anything edible.
    Take care.

  • Brigitte

    I also enjoy reading in other locales, preferably the hammock or in some piney woods.

  • Well, I DID notice your new frock, but then realized my subconscious had been noticing for longer than I realized and I felt badly for not mentioning it sooner. Which, of course, is a very Southern Woman thing to do. . .the feeling part. Hubs and I are finding out that we do not bounce like we once did, and we don’t even have mono…just a year that kicked our rear ends. I wish you weren’t sick AT ALL. That being said, I have NO good ideas for activities other than the ones you mentioned, and the last two awesome books I read are ALL UP in your genre. . .so that’s out. You could try to find some of those drugs that made Lucy able to see cell phone reception in the air. 🙂

  • Julie in Colorado

    If you are open to TV suggestions, then you simply MUST watch Sherlock! It is a BBC program, shown here in the US on PBS, but it is now on NETFLIX! Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Martin Freeman (of the original UK Office and Bilbo Baggins) as Watson are AMAZING! It is so wonderfully well written and acted and the cinematography is beyond compare. There are, sadly, only three 90 minute episodes per season, and three seasons total, BUT you will LOVE IT!

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  • Rams

    Is World of Warcraft too tiring? Because that used to be AThing chez virus…