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Why Is This Country Store and Cafe in Rural Georgia Called “Goats on the Roof?”

Here is a POP QUIZ for after you view the film.

1) WHO just bought editing software that let’s them edit their iPhone movies on PC?

Did you guess? Hint: It rhymes with Possalyn. Hint 2: It was me.

2) WHO doesn’t really understand how to hold an iPhone while filming?

Hint: Same answer as above.

HEY! iPHONE Filmographers! How do I hold the phone so the movie isn’t whoopsy-tipsy sideways? I had to rotate the whole movie and it made it have black bars on the sides.

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I passed Goats on the roof on the way home from the north Georgia Mountains. I was SUPPOSED To be up there for a week long VERY PRODUCTIVE WRITING RETREAT. I was ACTUALLY up there for a week long full blown mono relapse, featuring dizzying fevers of 102, fantastical faint slurpings at broth, scintillating Ibuprofin ingestion, and thrilling bouts of extended whining.

The first bout of mono, I was told I HAD to rest, which, you know, resting is not my forte. BUT I REALLY TRIED! I virtuously didn’t work out for 2 weeks AT ALL. Not even WALKS.

I felt better, so I got on an elliptical for 20 minutes of GENTLE PADDLING twice and I took ONE little drive to Greeneville and BOOM: Destroyed. I HATE not being able to work out. I HATE IT.

HEY! This is what the thrilling bouts of extensive whining looked like, actually, only they were longer.

FINE. I will half full the glass…ummmmm. At least I’m losing all my MUSCLE TONE! It weighs more than fat you know.

I am clearly a natural born brightsider

OKAY, fine. Here is the REAL BRIGHTSIDE: I got 2.5 EXTREMELY productive days on the back end, during which I had a wondrous breakthrough and the book surged forward in an exciting direction. AND, you know, I got to see this:

goats on the roof 1

*answer key: 1) Me. 2) Me.

7 comments to Why Is This Country Store and Cafe in Rural Georgia Called “Goats on the Roof?”

  • Jill

    I am now worried that the goats are going to fall off the roof. Please tell me that that is impossible- alas, they would not be able to call it goats on the roof if the goats fell off, right? I am an animal worrier- and whisperer too!

  • JulieB/Julie Spahn

    I’m wondering who cleans to goat poop off the roof? Also, do the milk the goat and sell the milk there? (Or is it a boy goat. I didn’t think to look very closely…)

  • Been there. I hope you tried the fudge!

    Even have pics to show for it:


  • Kim

    We have to stop at Goats on the Roof on our way home from the mountains every time. They make ice cream using liquid nitrogen if you want a little treat. I also enjoyed their dried/roasted corn and okra (but not together).

  • JenniferG

    Re: how to hold the phone. If you hold the phone sideways when you film (Landscape, not Portrait) then you should get a sidewaysy (that’s totally a word) movie, not one with black bars.

  • Brigitte

    More bright side: you’ll have to go on retreat AGAIN once you’ve fully recovered.

  • Brian Hayes

    The engineer in me observes, records and kicks in and says:

    a) Structural integrity? Looks sound. 10-12″ Steel I-beam spans. Can handle the load of one extremely large goat or up to three medium-sized goats. And their belongings. And their secret goat-clubhouse.

    b) Moisture permeation integrity? Unknown. Looks like grass up there, which hopefully covers something else. All roofs leak in due time, and when that happens, I can only predict what’s coming through with the ‘water’. Cafe you say? Oh oh. Waiter, what is this in my soup?

    c) I wonder if goats can be overfed? No visible goat-food-management system in place. Remember to take into account the roof load specifications. Fat goat = two not fat goats. Waiter? There’s a fat goat in my soup.

    d) I’m glad you got some smexy videya software to hone raw footage into Emmy-nomination-quality video for posting on the interwebs. Now raising bar to expect monthly video posts with you doing you things in your you way. For reasons. Good ones. Oppa Gangnam Style.

    e) When sick, stop work. You stop, right? Nod. Nod harder, we can’t hear you. Heal. Breathe. Drink. Eat one forbidden food. Need permission? Granted. There is only one you and gorrammit we ain’t gonna find no other.