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A bright-bright brighter brightest best beloved pointed out that the comments were already closed on the contest entry.

You can enter on this entry. *sigh* Just leave your favorite line from SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY in the comments below this entry and you are entered. ALl the people on the old entry, also are still good. Everyone on Facebook—still good. In fact you can also still enter on Facebook if you prefer.

There are prizes—just scroll down to the original entry to see all the info.

I don’t know how to re-open comments on the original contest blog and the Word Press interface has all changed and I am on the computer we call the Craptop-o-saurus for reasons having to do with POKEY SLOWFULNESS.

Also the wireless con at this beach house has equal and accomplice-y pokey slowfulness, which, working in tandem with Craptop-o-saurus makes anything internetty an exercise in flash-rage. I cannot bear to sit here grinding my teeth to powder waiting for slow-loading pages that may or may not explain to me how to reopen closed comments to slow load. I swear it’s like the internet from 1998 on dial up. Renmeber that noise? The sound of dial up connecting? Screeee-bwoooo-scrawwwwww.

Ah well go ahead and enter the contest in these comments. It is open until FRIDAY at Midnight EST. My Facebook page—just hit this link and scroll down to find the place to enter.

HENNA TAT FEST continues. Here are my brother’s newly henna’d knuckles. He asked Maisy Jane to give him two four letter words — a dangerous proposition when your henna artist is a12 year old. Thank goodness she is female or I have NO doubt Bobby would have ended up with POOP / FART across his knuckles.

But this? Is awesome. It reminds me that old movie where De Niro is the excon who gets obsessed with Nick Nolte, Jessica Lange, and fetal Juliette Lewis and wants revenge so deeply he clings to the bottom of the truck as they drive to escape him? What was the movie called?

Oh, right. Cake Fear.*rimshot*

love cake

What tattoo would you like? Maisy has the Henna good to go. Remember it is only for two weeks, so you don’t have to COMMIT or pick a thing you think will be relevant your whole life.

Tell me in the comments, and WHILE YOU ARE THERE, don’t forget tell me your favorite line from SELS!


  • Tanya Brown

    “The mildest allegiance was proof one parent was the rightest and the most beloved, and I refused to call the winner and the loser in their war.” The quote is about religion in the book, but applies to just about every divorce topic there is…

    No tattoos for me – henna or otherwise. They are becoming so commonplace I’m choosing to stand out for my lack of them instead!

  • the_celt

    “He kisses me. He kisses me. I kiss him back.” Those are the most perfect lines ever written at the exact right moment.

    My parents still have dial-up, although they can now switch to DSL as soon as they get better lines run. Craziness abounds in rural areas!

  • the viking

    This line still breaks my heart when I read it, and is so evocative of William’s voice and emotional position at the start of the book.

    “…Bridget’s Saturn has no backseat anymore, and the backseat was where Twyla sat, strapped into her car seat. Therefore, now, there is no Twyla. Simple physics. There is no need to move past that bald fact, that way of stating it. When there was a backseat, there was a Twyla. Now there isn’t.”

  • Karen in Md

    I said ginger ale like Mimmy said Jesus, walleyed with excitement, using long ecstatic vowels.

    It reminds me of the school play scene in To Kill A Mockingbird when the teacher keeps saying “pork,” trying to prompt Scout to get on the stage. I still hear that in my head whenever pork is on a menu or for dinner.

  • You are a rabbit hole…of the highest quality, of course; I’m supposed to be working on my manuscript.

    “He’d breathed in, but it was obvious that Stevie-Our-Robber-Today would not be getting up and resuming his duties.”

    Skipping the tats and going back to my memoir. BTW, you were a laugh-out-loud hoot at the WLT agents conference. Kudos.

  • Shelby

    “It’s one thing to decide what you want. It’s quite another to know how to get it.”

    What a very true statement!

  • “William Ashe doesn’t believe in destiny. The word itself is actually shorthand people use when they wish to mysticize random events or externalize the results of their own willful choices.”

  • “She was complete. Watching her, his mind and body surged into an electric, vibrating agreement that was final: That one. There.”

  • Dena

    “She was complete. Watching her, his mind and body surged into an electric vibrating agreement that was final: That one. There”

    Wow! Just imagine!!!!!

  • SueSume

    “…favorite line”??? Isn’t that *gasp* like having a favorite child? I love ALL the lines, the SAME, EQUALLY!

    *whispers*… all of “the tomato is sad”, “the radish is…” well, what ever the radish was, I forgot, but those are so very funny and my BFF and I miss-quote them all the time.