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The Friday Redirect

Me and Lydia in our roaring twenties.

Me and Lydia in our roaring twenties.

HAPPY FOURTH. I am off for a week at the beach feeling like a PHLEMGY POO PILE. Hurrah!

I blogged a different place BUT BEFORE YOU GO, Do not forget the contest going here until the 11th. You could win one of the very first PB copies of Someone Else’s Love Story and another of my titles. Please play. I am loving seeing the entries. It soothes my savage wildebeast heart as I languish on my bed of whining.

Why am I flopping and sweating on a whine-bed? You ask warily. Well. GUESS WHAT I have.


Yes, Mono. So not only am I in middle school, but I am apparently an indiscriminate kisser.

Instead of blogging here, my virus infested corpse flopped and weaseled over to USA today, and I wrote about how I met the greatly esteemed and universally beloved Lydia Netzer.

You can read that story HERE

But first, please go enter the contest. It soothes my fevered brow when you enter. And, you know, Best Beloveds, I don’t want to have to threaten you. BUT I WILL…

ENTER, DERNIT! Or I will kiss you.

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