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Picking Pizzes

snow man oedipus This is Oedipus, Maisy’s snowman. I named him Oedipus because he only had eyes for about five minutes. No worries. He did not become eyeless via a huge, regretful gesture after learning that the Snowqueen he just married was actually his mom. Oops, I forgot to warn you: that may have been a classic Greek SPOILER.

No, the moral of this Oedipus tale has little to do with hubris. It’s more like Do not have eyes made out of Cheerios in a yard so fraught with squirrels.

I also named him Oedipus because his fate was sealed the moment he was born a Snowman in Georgia. Last week, we had Hoth-lanta Part 2, with four days of cancelled school and much computer game key clicky clacking and joyful running in and out of the house, door banging and alternating between SLED-In-LAUNDRY-BASKETS-MODE and THAW-MODE. This week, it has been sunny and bright. Last night, Scott turned on the AIR CONDITIONER so we could sleep.

Poor Oedipus. He is currently nourishing the Bougainvillea.

Here in AIR CONDITIONER LAND, it is also Winter Break. Can we pause for a moment and appreciate the all the hideous Alanis Morissette style non-ironies inherent in this sitch? After missing nine days due to SNOW, the kids are home again, all week, for a sunshiney beach weathered winter break. Which means I have had kids home for 3 of the last 4 weeks.

I am not getting ANY work done, and the book is GOING in my head, so it is an inherently frustrating February.

Look, this animal appeared down the street around the same time Oedipus was having his Rock-Star’s life, both glorious and brief . It is either a sheep or a poodle. I call it the Snow Snoodle. I think The Shnow Shnoodle would be more correct, but it just sounds like all the Snow Days have driven me to hard, hard drinking.

snow shoodle

Hmmm, perhaps it is EVEN MORE more correct.

THE GOOD NEWS IS I have almost completed my 3 season Binge-watch of ALL of Veronica Mars PRE-Kickstarter-movie. I have tickets to the Atlanta premier. SO EXCITED!
You have seen this whole series, yes? IF NOT, you need to get to Netflixing.

I am having bitter arguments with friends, as they are #teamPiz and I am, against everything that I would seem to stand for, staunchly #teamLogan.

Because, yeah, if it was me? Piz all the way. I would SO marry Piz. He is The Best. But let me say, she don’t love him. She loves Logan. And that’s all. She loves Logan, and Logan loves her, and the very air sizzles when the two of them are in a room. When she says Piz is a theme park with no rollercoaster—-well she loses the right to choose Piz. *shrug*

Piz is too fine and delightful a commodity to be ANYONE’S second choice settlement for reasons of peace. Piz deserves an epic love story, all his own, with a girl who finds him to be chock full of loop the loops and anticipatory chugs up a slow hill to some belly-dropping, awesome, steep drops.

I am a connoisseur of The Nice Man. I am ALWAYS for The Nice Man. I married the Nicest one, EVER. But he makes the air sizzle for me. Nice Men should be the best, first choice, or left alone. They are too, too rare and far too quietly spectacular to be ANYBODY’s consolation. Go with my blessing to sizzle with Logan, Veronica Mars. You like that kind of thing, and it likes you. Leave the Nice Ones to those of us who pick them first and best and always, the way you pick that inarticulate, fisty, surfing miscreant you SO adore.

What about you? Which would you pick for you and which would you pick for Veronica?

As for me, I will just be trying to hang on to my sanity until March, when I have a writing retreat scheduled that may PLEASE LORD help me catch up. I am not at ALL worried about March, that poseur, messing me up with any kind of silly lion and lambing about with its weather. Please. March is an amateur!

This February came in like Oedipus and is going out like a Snow Shoodle, man. If I can live through that, MARCH WILL BE CAKE.

11 comments to Picking Pizzes

  • Brigitte

    She can keep Logan, leaving the nice one for ME.

  • Yes yes yes. It was clearly always Logan for her. I know Piz is the nice guy, but she’s not a particularly nice girl. I root for her, she’s a great heroine, but she’s also a bitch. She is dark and cynical and cutting, and she would destroy a guy like Piz by inches while she grew to loathe him for his niceness. Logan is a match for her. He challenges her, he doesn’t take her shit, and he doesn’t back down. She needs that.

    As for me? I would have had a mad crush on Logan, but he would have broken me. I go for a different type altogether, the brooding artist type. I married one, and we’ve been happy for going on 9 years. It’s good to know your type 🙂

    Veronica Mars fangirl out.

  • Forget Netflix – I own the DVD box sets. This is one of my favorite doomed series, along with Firefly and Cupid (the one by the same guy responsible for VM, with Jeremy Piven). I adore Piz. I love Veronica’s relationship with Logan. It wasn’t until this post that I realized my team Piz stance wasn’t about the better relationship, but my wish not to lose Piz from the show.

  • Jabberwocky

    Sandi, you’ve hit the nail on the head. I’ve not previously declared Team Logan or Team Piz either, because I didn’t want to lose Piz from the show. I also adore Piz, but (secretly) know in my heart of hearts that Veronica should end up with Logan.

  • This is one my favorite-est blog posts ever. And I’m not even sure why, except it is so perfectly, absolutely TRUE!!

    I’ve always been Team Logan, and not a huge Piz fan. I’m afraid I don’t take the nice boys in my life either. I mean, they have to have nice inside of them. But they also have to be a bit of dark and broody and difficult and jerky. For me, it makes the sweet parts just that much sweeter.

  • I’ve seen one whole episode of Veronica Mars. Might remedy that soon. I like nice guys for myself. I married one, after all and he’s been wonderful to me for 17 years. But I tend to root for the honest guys. If a guy can be truly himself, whoever that self is, and love himself and present himself honestly to the world? I usually root for him.

  • Michelle-who-is-Shelley

    Team Logan. Definitely. Because of the sizzle. That is EXACTLY why. There is SO much sizzle between those two characters. Half of the reason that I watched the show was for that sizzle. And Veronica’s one-liners to the mean girls. My only worry about the movie is seeing Max Greenfield as Leo now. He is SCHMIDT to me now, and I don’t know if I can watch him being Leo and not wish for some spontaneous parkour…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh-1PtfGSYo

  • DebR

    Exactly what Jen said. Exactly that.

    (Well through the second sentence of the second paragraph anyway. I didn’t marry a brooding artist.)

  • Gold Sea Lion

    There is probably someone who has been wrong-er about something than you are about being Team Logan, but I can’t imagine who or when that might have been in this whole history of all things.

    I am unabashedly Team Piz and can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t be unless they are crazed. Logan has sizzle, but that ultimately leads to someone being burned. I could rant all day about how Veronica should recognize her true worth OR how our society is breeding girls to choose the unfeeling vampire over the loving werewolf OR how bad boys become bad partners, but I won’t. Instead I’ll give you this and a couple of folks who said it better than I could…http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qdzbjUWu2VU&feature=kp

    You should immediately apologize to this dear, smart friend with whom you’ve been in bitter arguments over Veronica’s choice in men. He or she is obviously right. #teamPiz. All day, every day.

  • Megs

    I love Piz. I married a Piz. I think Piz is about 1000 times sexier than Logan. All the punching would make me berserk – use your words, Logan! Also, Piz never paid homeless people to fight each other on video or ruined the prom for everyone else (as far as we know).

    For Veronica, however, I’m saying she should choose Logan because apparently she finds all the punching of people and lack of respect for others and general ickiness irresistible.

  • Hi. Life ate me. Based on how I feel, I gave it diarrhea, so you can imagine how I came out on the other side. Veronica Mars is not on streaming, so it will go in le queue. I think the snow sheep looks like Shawn the sheep from Wallace and Grommit.