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The next generation of nerds spent the first SNOWY internetless evening playing old school D and D with REAL DICE.  NO actual demons were summoned and their souls were not stolen, in direct opposition to several highly acclaimed D and D movies from the 1980s.

The next generation of nerds spent the first SNOWY internetless evening playing old school D and D with REAL DICE. NO actual demons were summoned and their souls were not stolen, in direct opposition to several highly acclaimed D and D movies from the 1980s.

I actually prefer SNOPOCALYPSE, but I have been voted down by the kids.

Wow, the panicked Southerners were right. I should have gone a-stabbing at the Publix and gotten me some milk.

ftk flowers literacy Today I am supposed to be in Memphis, Tennessee speaking to 500 literacy loving sorority sisters about FIRST BOOK, a wonderful literacy program that gets books into the hands of kids living in poverty. But all flights to anywhere were completely cancelled, and even if the flight had been on, the roads to the airport were impassible due to ice and a LEGION of abandoned cars.

It was BAD. A lady gave birth in a car on 285. LUCKY people had 4, or 11, or 15 hour commutes. Less lucky people ran out of gas and abandoned their cars and trekked off to sleep at the closest Home Depot or Waffle House. The unluckiest people of all had no coats or little tender children in the car with them and could not march to Home Depot.

They sent terrorized cell phone messages to facebook, and then brave people who lived close by went out into it all with trucks and chains and bottled water and saved them, which was SO freaking beautiful. It reminded me that I love people. I really do.

Since I couldn’t get to Memphis, they Skyped me in. I am so glad I could not see myself. I would have been on giant screens and gave my talk ANYWAY. I put on eyeliner, a colorful scarf, AND I brushed my hair, so I looked quite respectable from the neck up. I am pretty sure no one could tell I was wearing hot pink enormous fantasy pants I pulled out of a French dumpster.

They sent me a picture of the flower arrangement on my Author table. Now I am trying to talk them into FED EXing me the actual lunch.

We are fine. When snow started pouring from the sky I had a bad feel in my heart, like, OH NO this will go BADLY! I went and yoinked my kids out of school and was home before things fell apart.
ftl sled basket I called Scott to tell him I had a bad feeling, and he said, “Baby. I am already in my car.” It took him less than two hours to get home.

THE GOOD PARTS? The kids played HARD. Since it is Georgia, day one was pretty sledless, and so all the kids were sitting in laundry baskets and hurtling downed the hilliest lawns of the neighborhood. I wish I had gotten pics!

By the time I thought about my kid-icicles were inside with cocoa, but you can see a lot of other folks did the same things. Ly baskets are utterly destroyed, and I feel pleased about this, because it seemed so GOOD TO DO, you know?

ftk sled maisy By day 2, some of the kids had mystically FOUND sleds — here is Maisy taking a turn with a couple of friends.

11 comments to SNOWMAGEDDON

  • c

    so glad you got your kids home safely

  • Jill

    Stay safe- Birmingham had a mess too.

  • Obviously I thought about you and am SO glad that the kids were home and not stuck at school. Then NO ONE gets to enjoy ruining laundry baskets. As my family and I ate at Burger King tonight, we got to hear Wolf Blitzer ask your Governor lots of dumb questions about the Deep South and snow. Seriously, dude. I DID find it amusing to hear him tell of people calling the governor’s mansion for aid. . .and it was sent forth in the form of GA State troopers.

  • Tell me why I did not know that you would A)be in Memphis and B)be speaking to a group about giving books to kids in poverty when I work with organizations that involve kids in poverty. Clearly I have not been reading this blog faithfully enough.

    I am so glad that you and yours are safe and warm, and will be thinking of all those who are struggling.

  • JulieB/Julie Spahn

    Yay! I heard about Atlanta on the drive to work in the cornfields just west of the Windy City. I wondered if your kids were OK. I’m glad you had the snow-smarts and plucked them out early. 🙂

  • Sandi

    I hear school lunch trays make awesome sleds. You know, for next time.

  • Brigitte

    Well, I guess the kids and hubby DID take priority over milk! 😉

  • DebR

    That flower arrangement is SO pretty!!
    Glad you’re all ok and none of you got stuck out in any of the horribleness. I was impressed by news reports of how many people went out to help those who couldn’t get home.

  • liz

    My niece had a nine-hour commute but made it home. I am glad you fetched the children. If that ever happens here I have threatened to hitch up the Slobbering Beast to a sleigh.

  • So glad you got your kids home safe and got to enjoy the snow! My heart was breaking for all those little ones who had to sleep at school when I saw it on the news!

  • Michelle-who-is-Shelley

    I think it should have been called the “Icepacolypse” because it was really the ice coating your highways that made driving so terrifying. One of my friends works in an Atlanta hospital but lives in a suburb that is an hour and 40 minute drive for her, so she was obviously one of the ones caught on the highway. She pulled off and spent the night at a Kroger sitting on packages of toilet paper in the Asian foods aisle.