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Update, Update, Transcript from a Tour-versation

Also Y chromosome owners of taste and heart. nodnodnod

Also Y chromosome owners of taste and heart. nodnodnod

UPDATE ONE: Event. If you were at the ILL-FATED BAM event that got Flu Smacked into not happening, I am so sorry! I will be there on a make-up event on THURSDAY NIGHT. Yes, tomorrow, so in time for Christmas, and this event will be SO MUCH BETTER than the last could have been, because I am no longer leaking poisonous, infectious juices from all my face-holes.

7:00 PM BOOKS-A-MILLION at The Avenue at Peachtree City
258 City Circle, Peachtree City, GA 30269

UPDATE 2: THE VIRTUAL TOUR. Jake at Alabama Booksmith said this was the best Virtual Tour ever. That makes me want to hug you all RIGHT IN THE FACE, oh my Best Beloveds.

The prizes have been mailed EXCEPT bird earrings which should go out today and the two AUDIO CODES which should come to those winners’ email addies this week. If you didn’t get your prize (The paper versions of MoM or the Bridget Arts) let me know. I was on the road and so Scott mailed them, a process co-ordinated by phone, so I want to make sure it all worked out for you and you have been duly and rightfully be-prized.

TRANSCRIPT: My BFF and known genius Lydia Netzer drove over from Virginia to see me at Quail Ridge (That was a GREAT event) and then we went out for a drink and came up with Our All New Plan for Total Self-Improvement, which I have already forgotten.

Not just FAILED TO IMPLEMENT. I do not remember what the plan was. But it was revolutionary and VERY self-improve-y indeed. Probably. Had I remembered it and shared it with you, your life would have been changed to perfection. I do recall that was the goal:Lifely Perfection. We spent a good amount of time as we drove around one of those Carolinas crafting it.

Here is the part of the conversation I do remember, which is not at ALL relevant to having a gooder life, but makes me die of laugh and charm.

Lydia: *NUTSHELLS WHOLE PLAN WHICH IS BRILLIANT AND WHICH NEITHER OF US REMEMBERS NOW*— and we could call it 450 Days to Total Perfection.

Me: 450 days is a long time.

Lydia: Consider the goal. Not IMPROVED. At the end we will be perfect.

Me: It still seems long. Why can’t we do it in a year? That seems tidier and more doable and a new year is about to start.

LOOK I send you funny catpics BACK. Thank you for all of them, silly pantses.

LOOK I send you funny catpics BACK. Thank you for all of them, silly pantses.

Lydia: But I like the name 450 Days to Perfection

Me: Well we could still do the name like that instead of 450 we would just call it, um, call it, ummmmmm, call it However Many Days Are in a Year To Perfection.

Lydia: *shoots me this withering glance, like OMG DO YOU EVEN HAVE A BRAIN CELL and says IMMEDIATELY, in her best big, rich, fruity patronizing voice* So we would call it THREE HUNDRED—Three hundred—

And then I see this PANIC in her face as she suddenly can’t remember either. And there is this 4 seconds of TOTAL SILENCE where we sit in the car side-eyeing each other with around 300 IQ points between us AND NO IDEA HOW MANY DAYS ARE IN A YEAR. Then we laughed so hard we almost ran off the road and died.

She is my favorite.

11 comments to Update, Update, Transcript from a Tour-versation

  • So not only did I get to meet you again when you came to Raleigh, but my incredibly awkward and introverted self got to meet Lydia Netzer, also! I was so freaked out about approaching a complete stranger to tell her I loved her book AND her homeschool curricula, but I did it anyway. And, you know what? She’s pretty awesome in person. She was gracious and spent some time talking to me about some ideas for getting my oldest further down his computer programming road.

    So yeah, it was one of the best nights ever because I got to squee at you, Ms. J and then squee at Lydia, as well. I smiled the whole way home and all through The Walking Dead.

  • I didn’t get to see EITHER of you, but hearing stories is good anyway. . .especially when they are hilarious and show humanity AND end with laughing hysterically while driving but NOT dying. Not dying is always good. I think, seeing as how it has now been forgotten, you should call it the Pink Sox Plan to Perfection. Then it’s got alliteration going for it too.

  • I still think you should be ashamed of not knowing there are 356 days in a year.

  • This is what best friends are for.

  • I am ashamed YOU did not know there are really 364. *stern eyebrows*

  • Tenessa that was REALLY cool. Your name has been extant in my universe for so long. Next time Roxanne MUST join us. *even sterner eyebrows*

  • Rams

    I said something yesterday which reduced my sister, and then me, to equally helpless, doubled laughter, and my niece Jessie, she of the formerly blue hair, looked at me sternly and said “You broke her.”

  • DebR

    When you remember the plan, I think you should call it “343 Days to Perfection.” You know….to account for Leap Year.

  • I was such a pleasure to meet BOTH you AND Lydia that night. When I was reading this post all I could think about was that I was THERE that night! Like seeing a shot of the Eiffel Tower in a movie and shouting out, “I’ve been there!” *swoon*

  • I WILL join you and am honored by the shout out. . .alas, you have forsaken the Texas Gulf Coast. Maybe the Hill Country of Austin is more palatable? Yes? My friend (since 7th grade) and I had one of those laughing moments last night. She was telling me about a Major Life Altering event–after a moment of total silence when neither of us knew what to say, I offered to quote her a Debbie Gibson song. We laughed and laughed and laughed because sometimes it’s that or the alternative. And what’s even FUNNIER is that it WASN’T a Debbie Gibson song–it was a TIFFANY song.

  • Martha

    Laughing with your bestie until you almost drive off the road and die IS the Perfect Life.