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TODAY my guest blog is a REALLY OFF THE WALL q and a courtesy of Powell’s, featuring hand puppets, cats, yoga, and various kinds of banging. Here we have no blog. Just a winner announcement.

So, remember the PRIZES for the VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR? No? You can see them here. We did it just like the Oscars, except I wore a black bag from the thrift shop instead of Vintage Valentino, we mercifully skipped the dance montage, and no one played us off if we talked too much. If you didnt; make it to the Decatur Launch last night, I show you my pimp MADONNA TRUTH OR DARE blinged out spectators. (I can hear Macklemore saying, But $^!#, it was 99 CENTS…) Maisy has some COOL BOOTS though, huh?

ALL WHO PARTICIPATED — I ADORE YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!! If you WON, send me a quick email with this info:

1) YOUR SNAIL ADDRESS (if you won a physical object) or the email you want your CODE sent to if you won the audio DL code.

2) If you won the Bridget art, you need to choose from a 13 X 16 gallery quality giclÊe print, a tote bag, a T shirt, or a set of 10 boxed notecards. Not telling me makes me think you want the print 😉

3) If you won My Own Miraculous My Own Miraculous in non audio book form tell me if you want a code for your e-reader, what reader you use, the email addy to send it to, or if you want a paper one, your snail addy.

I will get these mailed when I am home at THANKSGIVING 🙂

7 comments to VBT WINNERS and a REDIRECT

  • Gilly

    just read your post on Powells. have to agree about that sound that cats make. An interesting tidbit about that sound. If you have a broken bone keep a cat near. The frequency of the purr is exactly what helps bones knit together to mend!

  • Jessica (the celt)

    Neal Gilbert Redman? That’s my husband! (Yeah, it’s odd: we have two last names with only a space in between them and not a hyphen.) Whoo-hoo! He’ll see this later tonight, so I’ll let him discover this. 🙂

  • Els

    Now I really really want to see Flannery O’connor’s picture-book marginalia.

  • Brigitte

    That was fun to watch, and Maisy’s so grown-up!

    I’m already a winner because my book came yesterday, and you even spelled my name right, thank you! (squeee)

    Also, I love that artwork behind you.

  • Berni

    Yay!! Darin Gray is my husband! I told him that the virtual book tour was on my birthday list:)

  • Neal (the viking)

    Oh, wow, I won something! That hardly ever happens! I did like a double or triple take when you said my name, hehe. I’m going for the book for sure.

    Thanks for doing giveaways like this, too. Quite fun. 🙂

  • YAY! I’m going for the print, I think. One problem, though. I do not know your email addy. I admit, I’m a JJ fangirl who does not have my favorite author’s email addy memorized. Yes, I realize that makes me a subpar fangirl. I promise to turn red and mumble at you in appropriate fashion Monday night in Raleigh, though, so no worries. 🙂