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ON SALESO last night I was in FAIRHOPE, doing a book tour event, and I was supposed to stay over but I just kinda—I needed to be home. SO I cancelled my hotel reservation (THEY WERE SO NICE TO LET ME without making me cry or even explain too much) and I drove 6 hours into the black night.

I put the audiobook I had been listening to on HOLD and swapped to listening to a Reacher novel because Dick Hill will keep you AWAKE as he describes how Reacher hands a beat down to evil.
I arrived at 3 and my cat came and SAT ON ME and made his rumbley noise and the dogs acted like they had thought I was dead this WHOLE time and now look! Glorious! Glorious! She RETURNS! And I slept in my own personal bed with my own personal husband.

This morning I got up and went to my own personal yoga class and got their early enough put my mat RIGHT WHERE I LIKE IT BEST and one of my favorite teachers was running it and she said, “I KNOW THIS IS THE SOUTH BUT I AM GOING TO SAY PELVIC BONE A LOT TODAY. And She DID. She said PELVIC BONE a lot and no one died, even though it is Georgia.

A call this a good day, already, and tonight is my home town BOOK LAUNCH. Please come if you are at all near Decatur. First Baptist Church. 7 PM.

This afternoon I will gather up papers and do the VIRTUAL BOOK LAUNCH PRIZE DRAWINGS so the results shoudl be in on that TOMORROW AM before I hop a plane.

Today I am guest blogging RIGHT HERE, and if you click, you will see me publicly apologizing to Jessica Handler AND giving you five pieces of SMUG ADVICE you DID NOT EVEN ASK FOR.

You are welcome.

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