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The Mommy Dog in the Meadow



So, we know from Monday’s blog that there is nothing to see here, right? Just a harmless little box with giant mammals and continents on it, sitting in the middle of the springiest spring meadow that ever sprung. TRA LA.

And it is genuinely a NICE meadow, Beloveds, here 6 days from the release. There are some charming little rabbits and deers in it that are making me quite happy and hopeful.

One deer is named, “SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY is the SHE READS November Book Club Pick.” That is a HUGE yay. She Reads is a national book club comprised of thousands of readers with a huge network of smart book bloggers—it’s a really cool thing for SELS.

I am going to be doing a lot of guest blogging over on that site, and since there is nothing to see HERE, you should definitely go THERE.

Here: Nothing. There: Home movies of my dog being a weirdo.

We all agree then that you should click here? Here is where I am telling you a funny dog story about great big awful tooty Bagel dog and small irksome yammery Ansley dog and there are NO boxes or lids there only meadows. YAY! DOG STORIES! MEADOWS!

In book news, MY OWN MIRACULOUS is currently sitting pretty at number 2 between Dean Koontz and Lee Child (!<3 REACHER!) on the Kindle Singles bestseller list. It is also only 99 cents right now on KOBO (The Indie Platform for e-books, which may tempt me to finally get myself a reading machine) as well 99 cents as on Kindle and Nook and 1.99 on whatever the heck you MAC people read your books on. You could also get it in PAPER form (THEY ARE SO CUTE!) from your local bookstore, if you are a paper-loving tree murderer like me.

MOM bestseller MOM

(Every time I say “It is 99 cents” I hear that Macklemore thift shop song in my head, the line where he is so ALL CAPS DELIGHTED about the fur coat that “smells like R Kelly’s Sheets…BUT IT WAS 99 CENTS!!!!” I promise you, Beloveds, MY OWN MIRACULOUS does NOT smell like R. Kelly’s sheets.)

Lastly, if you can’t make it out to a tour event – and let me say, check? I have gotten ten notes this week saying “I didn’t check your tour because you NEVER come to MICHIGAN and then I just checked it so I could make a sour face and hate you for hating Michigan and OMG YOU ARE COMING TO MICHIGAN!” except, not JUST Michigan. You could say the same sentence except with Florida or Illinois. Point is, I am going some NEW places, maybe near you, as well as a lot of my fave southern stops, and I would LOVE it if you came.

SO go look and come if you can? The tour schedule is HERE.

If you can’t make it, consider supporting one of my fave Indies (and this book. And my career. And my children’s ongoing, expensive addictions to milk and electricity.) and come and have Virtual Book Tour with us.

I think you will enjoy the book— it is:

The #1 Indie Next Pick | An Amazon Best Book of the Month | An Okra Pick | A LibraryReads Selection | A Bloggers Recommend Pick. | The SHE READS November Book Club Pick

That’s a long diverse list of folks who are recommending it.

(The VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR is explained here if you do not know what that is—Plus you can see all the FUN PRIZE DRAWING LOOTS for participants!)

15 comments to The Mommy Dog in the Meadow

  • I convinced my friend Sara to sign up for dinner with you in Ann Arbor, MI – so even though I cannot come see you because you won’t be in Virginia this year, I can live vicariously through her. She’s never seen you in person, though she has read a couple of your books. AND I participated in the Virtual Book Tour since I have a signed first edition of every other book – I must continue the trend! 🙂

  • susanvl

    SELS is our April book for our neighborhood book club. Most of us will have read it waaay before then. Hope to see you at Fox Tales!

  • Maybe you should write a book that smells like R Kelly’s sheets. Just sayin.

  • psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


  • So even though I was pretty positive you are NOT coming to Texas or even Texas-ish, I checked anyway. Alabama is NOT close to Texas, but it is closer than any of the other places that are also not close to Texas. Alas, I cannot begrudge you your pretty Alabamas and Georgias and Floridas as they are close to many of your stomping grounds. And though I am puzzled by Illinois and Michigan, I say YAY for the northern and midwestern states. I lived with girls from Michigan at my university in Arkansas EVERY, SINGLE year. Seriously. Every year this dyed in the wool southerner got to laugh hysterically at the very disbelieving, then shocked, then sad, then red faces of Michaganians who had just said, “Y’all” (while wearing their blue and gold sweatshirts) after swearing they would NEVER say it. Ever. Maybe the NEXT book will bring you to the Texas Gulf Coast–or near about. And MOM is a wonderful read. I’ve already told you, but I’ll say it again.

  • Chris of the Woodwork


    Still not coming to Missouri.

    ***heavier sigh***

    Some day….

  • Jabberwocky

    I will also be having dinner with you and Sara in Ann Arbor! (I’m driving up from Ohio for it.)

  • liz

    Show New England some love, please. Massachusetts! Or Connecticut! I’ll even drive to Rhode Island!

  • Berni

    I bought and read My Own Miraculous. Wow!! Now I super duper cannot wait for Someone Else’s Love Story to come out! It was wonderful and moving. Scary as hell at times, but I really really enjoyed it.

  • Berni

    And my husband is supposed to be participating in the virtual book tour for me as a birthday present.(Since you aren’t coming anywhere near Oklahoma) Here’s hoping he doesn’t make me wait until next month(B-day is in December) to read it!

  • Michelle-who-is-Shelley

    I just realized that you are saying VBT (Virtual Book Tour) instead of VBS (Virtual Book Signing), thus eliminating the need to explain that you are not talking about Vacation Bible School. I kinda miss that. 🙂

    You say, “you Mac people” like it is a bad thing. I am one of those Mac people as far as my computer goes, but I have a Kindle that I rarely use (nice to have for things like MOM), but I mostly read my books in REAL book form thankyouverymuch.

    Is being an Okra pick like being an Oprah pick only in the South? *smile*

  • YES YES exactly — SIBA is the southern arm of the Indies. They do seasonal picks, and SELS is a fall selection: http://www.sibaweb.com/okra

    Cute huh?

  • Laura

    Help! What order should I read them in? I now have My Own Miraculous electronically zapped to my Kindle, but I have to wait for the physical copy of Someone Else’s Love Story to physically travel all the way to Boston which will not be for DAYS AND DAYS yet. Should I wait to read the short story until after the book and I have met the characters? Or is it the introduction to them and I should read it first?

  • You can read in either order. Neither spoils for the other. MoM happens 8 weeks before SELS begins, if you are a stickler of that, but I wrote SELS first, then MoM, so that’s valid, too. DO WHAT PLEASES YOU!

  • Augh! Joshilyn, I lived in Ann Arbor for 20ish years of my life, but now, NOW, and only recently now, I live in Australia! Nicola’s books was OUR bookstore, a bike ride away, it was so lovely when she took the space over…

    So I sent my mom this email:


    I want to go to this, but because I am not in Ann Arbor but instead Australia YOU should go! She is fabulous, hilarious, and I just bet she is both of those things in person, also, mores. And you should tell her that your daughter loves her and made you go, and now you love her too!”

    Maybe I convinced her to go? I also mentioned that you are the author of the many hilarious animal stories I have sent to her and my dad for years and years…

    I wish you a great tour! Can I complain about you not coming to Australia? 😉