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Blogstagram: A Celebration of Yogaween in Pictures

This is one of my favorite yoga teachers on the planet, Astrid Santana.

yogaween 1

I missed the class where she asked folks to come to class in costume in honor of Yogaween.

She taught in this rig – which if you were raised in a BOX and are thus not familiar with this iconic female superhero, I will help you out by explaining she obviously is dressed as a Second Wave Feminist Emanation of the Goddess Durga.

Baha! A little #yogadork humor there. (Don’t feel bad, I thought she was Wonder Woman at first, too….)

yogaween b

This is ALSO a SUPERHERO, beloveds. He did a 75 minute 100 degree hot Vinyasa class in a full on leisure suit. Polyester is not exactly known for being a BREATHABLE fabric, but he neither vomited nor passed out. He took the wing tips off, too, in deference to the floors.

Namaste Disco, that is One Cool Dude.


yogaween A

This would be the PERFECT yogaween outfot for a hot class—moveable, breathable, your legs are free. Only problem is that it is hard to do a headstand without crushing your deedley-boppers.

On Yogaween, we did a lot of Cat-Cow poses in sequence. I don’t mean to be critical of a fellow practitioner, but I really felt like this guy was phoning in his cat pose. I just didn’t feel the same level of commitment on CAT that he was giving COW, you know?

yogaween 3

But to be fair one of the greatest joys of that class was watching him do deep back bends in camel, lifting his udder joyfully toward the ceiling.

One lady came in a homemade felt costume. She came as a… well. Lets just say that with her as a five and a half foot illustration, Astrid had an easy time explaining Mula Bandha. *ahem* She came in seconds before class started and I didn’t  get a picture, but maybe that is for the best, eh?

Hope you had a great Yogaween, and may all your mini-Twixes be already sweated off. What did you go as?

8 comments to Blogstagram: A Celebration of Yogaween in Pictures

  • I, alas, did not get a chance to dress up this year. But I was planning on being Punky Brewster. Maybe I can rock the side pony tail next October.

  • I have not ever, once dressed up for Halloween. Halloween was Satan’s holiday in my growing up household. I only started trickertreating when my kids came along. So I get my Halloween kicks dressing up my kids, although they do pick their characters. This year my eldest went as a Ghostbuster, my middle child and only daughter went as a Weeping Angel and my youngest was the 10th Doctor. Their choices. I couldn’t have been prouder. **beams**

  • I dressed up as an exhausted mother of two teens and a wife who still has to cook on such a day. To redeem myself in the eyes of the Great Pumpkin, I did watch Ju-On, the extraordinarily scary Japanese version of The Grudge.

  • These are awesome. I totally wish my gym had a costumed yoga class,though I don’t think I could have kept my focus with that cow in camel beside me. A giggle fit would have certainly ensued. I hit an 80s party Saturday and dressed in my “vintage” duds. Okay, the clothes were thrift-shop-new, but I wore my original gold charm necklaces, safety-pin bracelets, and dancing tights. And I rocked the side ponytail. I’ve been off-balance all week—need some yoga.

  • Cosplay Yoga! You know what comes next. Cosplay Kama Sutra: it’s a thing. Someone told me about it.

  • I wish! I went to my first barre class on Halloween (wearing an orange shirt, cause I’m festive like that) and NO ONE else looked like they even had a clue it was Halloween. I am usually a yoga girl but this barre class was kick-ass, pun intended.

  • Jessica (the celt)

    I work at a school, so we’re able to dress up on Halloween. I was an “inspired” White Rabbit: long white skirt with a white button-up shirt (mandarin collar), over which was an underbust corset in deep red and gold. I had a key watch hanging down about waist length, a bubble mechanical watch near the top of the corset, and a cute little pocket watch with a rabbit and a key on the front little door (the kind that springs open with a click) that was on a necklace, and I made a couple of White Rabbit earrings from some charms I found. I don’t think anyone at work has ever seen me in a skirt or dress, so it was a bit shocking to say the least. 😉 And, of course, I had a top hat with white rabbit ears on them, although what I really wanted was this hat http://www.etsy.com/listing/130919600/white-rabbit-hat-mad-hatter-hat-tea , but I couldn’t justify spending that much for a one-day hat. My coworker decided to come as Alice, so we were a matched pair of Jessicas in costume. I really love dressing up for Halloween, and now I have a new corset for the RenFaires!

  • This is absolutely wonderful. I’m in France at the moment, so no actual costuming and I did my yoga that day in sweatclothes, but this was inspiring I so want to celebrate yogaween. This class was brilliant. Astrid is obviously a yoga teaching genius. Thank you so much for sharing! What was your costume?