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The Monday More Q (NOW WITH PRIZES!)

Hey, look, SHWAG! Pls remit your undying friendship.

Yes. I know its Thursday. One of these weeks I will post the Monday More Q on an actual Monday. (Oh, stop laughing. It could happen!)

I am not posting much on ANY day this month because something CLICKED, chemistry bloomed, and the new book and I, we are all about each other right now. These days my head is SO deep in it that I keep running to the file like it was my SECRET MOST BEAUTIFUL NEW LOVER and neglecting all my friends, as girls in the throws of passionate affairs are wont to do.

SO! Since I am SUCKING as a friend and blog-ess and your Best Beloved, I am bribing you to still like me by throwing prizes at you. YAY! Let me know if this works, as I may then try it on my cat, Schubert, who is SO angry about the amount of time I have spent out of town away from him recently that he follows me around the house cussing me out and beats up any animal who dares break his line of sight to me. I may have to get him jewelry…

But I am trying to buy your love with the fitness loots on 5 Five FUll Plates, and here with FIVE (!) copies of the audio version of Backseat Saints. I meant to do this earlier, but could never learn to EMBED a sample in the blog. But here I am reading the opening LIVE so it is sort of like this only with less mistakes. Because the audio book got edited, and this is live. But you can get an idea if you might like it…

We will let the Random Number Generator choose three of you, but you can get more than one entry this time.
1) Leave a comment.
2) Link back to this blog from your blog, and leave a SEPARATE comment telling me you did so.
3) Tweet/facebook/myspace this contest and leave a SEPARATE comment telling me you did so.
Even if you get three entries, you can only win one copy, if that makes sense? It makes sense in my head. AND NOW THE MOREQ.
I will leave this open until Monday.

Corrie asked: Is there one thing you wish all your readers would take away from your work?

At first I thought I couldn’t answer this, because different things matter to me in different books. But then I realized I had two things that I always secretly want readers to come away wit…

1) Hopefulness. I don’t always have tidy or happy endings, but I strive for hopeful ones.

2) A FERVENT DESIRE to tell everyone they ever met to go out immediately and buy my books. Like my dad does. He has been known to go up to any total stranger he sees holding a book and say, “I see you like to read! Let me tell you about my favorite writer-slash-daughter, Joshilyn Jackson…” It doesn’t really matter to him if the book they are holding is anything like what I write. They could be perusing their CAR MANUAL. Maybe even a PAMPHLET. I am not sure even people reading their own grocery lists are safe from him.

I need more DADS. *grin*

Heather: Ummm…what’s your “guilty pleasure” where reading is concerned?

Pulp. I LOVE me some Pulp. John Carter of Mars, especially. And Pellicidar, where lives the Incomparable Dejah Thoris. And of course Conan. Conan is my favorite. He never SPEAKS in those books.

julie fisher asks, “Is there a chart to graph your current Mental Illness Number?”

Of course!


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