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My Cool Friends

I have the coolest friends. One of them is Skeet, a guitarist with LOOK WHAT I DID.

He dropped by the blog and heard my CANDY song – which, if you have not HEARD the Saga of the Candy song, you really need to drop down one entry and Read this first.

We will wait.

Back? Okay, so, now that you have higher opinion of the highness of my high mental illness number and have heard my candy song, I can tell you that Skeet was so TAKEN with my great work of musical genius that he did a REMIX. He sent it to me Friday, God help us all. Here, have a listen:

Skeet’s Candy Song Remix

I played that little file all weekend, cackling and singing along with myself. The music and the repetition rendered it CATCHY; my whole family began wandering about absentmindedly singing it.

Genes are a real thing, ya’ll. I have passed the unconscious singing gene along to mine.

I heard BOTH my kids warbling it with NO IDEA THEY WERE SINGING IT as they were cleaning up the kitchen last night. If they accidentally sing that at AT SCHOOL??? Lord, neither will ever get a date until college, and even then, they may need to go to some school all the way across the country. Maybe in another country.

I thought about singing for you my B side follow-up hit to the awesome toilet Candy song, but it is about Intestinal Flatworms, so I think I better hold off on recording it and playing it around my kids until after I safely have grandchildren.

I wonder if I can make that CANDY REMIX into a RINGTONE…is that possible?

(SECRET ADDENDUM ONLY TO THE ATL-Beloveds) Would you like to meet a couple more of my cool friends? On OCTOBER 9, Tom and Beth Ann are HERE. If you live west, join them at FOXTALE BOOK SHOPPE in Woodstock for a catered lunch and a book chat. Reservations required, so get your ticket today. I may be at the lunch if I can work out the kids’ schedules.

If you live east, you can find them at The Decatur Library, 7:15.. I will for SURE be here. Please join me!

5 comments to My Cool Friends

  • My 17-yo son’s WoW main is a Blood Elf warlock, and I have shared with him your candy song, and he has found it hilarious. (My WoW main is a Worgen druid, because I am all about the Alliance, baby.) I am so glad to hear other families are as nerdy/possibly unbalanced as we are. ;D

  • Jessica (the celt)

    Just so you know, my husband would randomly burst out with this song over the weekend, once in public! (I, of course, sang it a lot, too, but I do that kind of thing all the time anyway.)

  • Linda J

    I really like the remix!

    Thanks for the reminder for The Tilted World. I need to download my audible pre-order.

  • Michelle-who-is-Shelley

    I was singing it around the house BEFORE the remix. Now there may be some dancing too.

  • My husband and I have been unabashedly singing this in, around, and (horrifyingly), OUTSIDE our home ever since I clicked that dastardly, genius link. “Candy From the Toilet” is going viral, y’all.