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The Technophile’s File

The facebook link will get fixed today. It is broken because Tavia, a friend of mine at Morrow (who also happens to be a genius), saw the whiny, fussy entry before this and merged my facebook pages. Now I have only ONE facebook page!

And therefore no reason to fuss. BOO.

You know I love fussing about technology. But also YAY, because now all my facebook is one thing forever. But also BOO because I can’t remember my password to use it, because it’s been so long since I had to sign into facebook.

I haven’t signed in because GOOGLE used to know it and auto-get me there, but the merge has confused Google. OH, Google—you who long ago slipped a ring in my nose when I was looking at something on You Tube and now you pull me around by it via targeted ads and being the only entity on the planet who knows my passwords—But Oh Google, today, you have failed me.

I can’t remember it either. Mine are usually randomly generated nonsense, things like Monkey73#$woOw00PoopyCakes11. No human can remember 50 of those.

UPSHOT: Yay! I have one Facebook but Boo! I can’t yet use it.

UPSHOT 2: I just noticed how deeply the GOOGLEhooks are sunk into my flesh.

OH HEY, LOOK! I got to fuss about technology after all.

SO, Who owns you? And, more importantly, do you CARE?

Are your targeted ads SO well targeted you get that little creepy feeling in between your shoulder blades, feeling Some Google-y or Bingful or Microsoftish Entity reading you as you feed thousands of your personal informations directly into its slavery hunger-maw? Or are you, like, meh, they can’t MAKE me buy those shoes…

13 comments to The Technophile’s File

  • I’m not certain, but I think Amazon owns my soul. They are scaring me a little bit.

  • I was Googling vampire teeth/weeping angel teeth for my daughter’s Halloween costume some weeks ago. The ads got really…disturbing for some time thereafter.

    I think Apple probably has me hooked and how. I started using iTunes before I ever had an iPod or any such device and so when I did get and MP3 player, an ipod seemed necessary. Then when it came time to upgrade to a smart phone, I got an iPhone, because I wanted one, but also, all of my music and audiobooks are in iTunes. When we stopped subscribing to cable and started subscribing to Netflix, we started buying shows we wanted to watch that aren’t on Netflix through iTunes via our Apple TV. Now all our digital entertainment is through itunes. THEN, when my husband went out to buy me laptop he purchased a Macbook Pro. AND NOW, all my digital photos and movies are on IPHOTO! So. I’m not too sure if I will EVER be switching from Apple, even if I wanted to… Right now, I don’t really care, Apple makes quality stuff, but STEVE JOBS DIED! How will the suckage commence? I’m a little wary.

  • “UPSHIT 2: I just noticed how deeply the GOOGLEhooks are sunk into my flesh.”

    Funniest typo ever. Was that purposeful, or Freudian?

    I tend to use variants on certain combinations of letter/numbers. So yay, I have limited combinations to try if I forget a password. But boo, since many sites lock you out after three failed attempts.

  • Martha

    Meh. I don’t worry too much about identity theft and whatnot. I figure, you want my life? Take it – I’ll get a new, better one.

    And I’m with Sandy – Amazon has taken up residence in my cortex. Full disclosure -I like it.

  • Holly Gault

    Could I suggest a little address book to write down passwords? Of course, then it can’t go missing like the One True Calendar.

  • Brigitte

    Usually, they bombard me with random ads on FB, because I just say every single one is irrelevant to me. But Google IS scary when I’ve been looking up various things, and it starts hitting me with THOSE ads.

  • Send your most helpful techie friend/child/spouse/agent to RoboForm.com and tell them you need it installed right now please.

    It will not extract the deep tentacles that Amazon, Google, and iEverything have in your brain, but it will solve the forgotten-password problem.

    Downside, of course, being that if Roboform ever goes rogue on me I will be shut out of all the Interwebs forever. (Reminder to self: go use that print-to-file back-up option, right now, just in case…)

  • cakeburnette

    I just about stroked out yesterday because I LOVE Google and decidedly DO NOT LOVE Bing. I accidentally did something that ended up disabling me from having Google as my default (as in my browser address bar) search provider. It took me an hour to get it fixed, and I was hyperventilating the ENTIRE TIME.

  • cakeburnette

    Oops. I forgot to answer the question directly: Google owns me and I like that just fine. 😉

  • I <3 Google. But I see no ads! Because I run AdBlock 🙂 And it really prevents them from showing up. Everywhere!

    I also use PasswordSafe for my non-apple products to store all my passwords – and PasswordGorilla for my Mac – and PasswordBox for my iPhone. That way I never have to memorize more than 3 passwords. 🙂

  • erinanne

    Is that what happened? I was very excited because you commented on my facebook yesterday (a lovely tater tots convo) and when I went back to look because I was so squeeful, the comments were gone! I thought I’d dreamt it up, but my friend Angela was squeeing about it too.

    So then we both just looked a little insane. 😉

    I’m glad to know I’m not entirely crazy!

  • Sometimes, the ads seem to know me too well. Other times… not so much. Then, I laugh and wonder in what world I need a dating site for Jewish singles.

    Also, WHY in the name of all that’s holy won’t Enfamil quit sending me formula. My “baby” is 9.

  • Corey

    The evil Facebook has me! It scared me away for the longest time, but now I need frequent hits to get through the day because I would NEVER CATCH UP if I took a hiaitus!!! It still scares me.

    I’m always a step ahead of the ads. They are child’s play for my mad time-wasting, Web-surfing skillz. By the time the ad pops up, that sale is old news to me.