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Do You Like Me? ___Yes. ___No. ___ No, but we are friends anyway. (Check One)

LOOK! I went to SIBA. It’s the Southeastern Indie Bookstore Alliance Tradeshow. SUPER FUN and I dressed correctly. I know because I am dressed JUST like an awesome handseller from a store I love in Athens — Avid.

This is the only outfit I wore at SIBA that I did not get THRIFTING, and I have no pics of me in either of the 6 dollar skirts I wore with various V neck black knit tops. If you were at SIBA and got a pic of me in my skirts, put it on my facebook wall???? PLEASE? Even if I have the crazy google eye. It’s fine. I always have the crazy eye to some degree or ‘nother. I am having it RIGHT NOW.

Home now, running in mud, trying to get ready for this book launch. It’s in about 6 weeks. That’s about 9 minutes in human lady person time.

I wish I was on dog time. 6 weeks is AT LEAST is 34 minutes in dog time, and you get to use 90% of the minutes for napping and squander the rest counter surfing and plotting squirrel murder. Plus many of the things I need to do before SELS launches are technologically complicated and WAY above my pay grade. Here is an example:

I need to MERGE my personal and author facebooks into a single facebook, but I can’t get the VAST majority of my friends to admit they LIKE me by clicking the like button. There is this backwards thing happening where the more deeply I know a person in actual life, the LESS likely they are to like me. *I pause so that you may insert your own joke about how this is probably because I am a tool *

It is a particularly internet-sian dissonance: My friends do not like me on facebook, and yet we are publicly declared to be FRIENDS on the same medium. Logic dictates that if one has a friend, then the friend likes one, or else it would not be one’s friend.

Most of my friends do not care much for Logic.

I don’t seem to have like-buttoned Logic myself. Logic eats strange cheeses and has such a heavy accent I can’t follow a dern thing Logic says, which is Morisettishly ironic because Logic also dictates that my friends and I should have some things in common— clearly one of them is that none of us use LOGIC much.

The enemy of Logic is my facebook friend, who therefore cannot like me even though they publicly proclaim us friends, because that would be logical and no one here likes THAT.

If you followed the above three paragraphs, we are probably ALREADY facebook friends. And if so, please go LIKE me. Because it’s getting irksome, beloveds—I can’t tell you how often I try to tag a friend in a post but their names won’t light up because I am n the wrong profile and they do not like me.

You can commit to liking me in public HERE.

11 comments to Do You Like Me? ___Yes. ___No. ___ No, but we are friends anyway. (Check One)

  • I am committed! You don’t have to talk logic. I am a big fan of “just because”.

  • Heather

    I have the same problem on Facebook.

  • Kim

    I Liked you first on FB, then friended you b/c all the good stuff was on your personal page (plus, we’ve actually met and I didn’t feel too weird being your FB friend).

  • Joss, have you tried to make your personal facebook page into a “PAGE” for a book, or a second author page? I did that with one of my personal pages that maxed out at 5k, and all the friends just slid over. You could then make another personal page, maybe just for family and close pals…

  • Linda J

    Friends and liked. CAN. NOT. WAIT. FOR. SELS!

  • Leslie M.

    Okay, I hope I did it correctly. I like you and I’ve Liked you (I think)!

  • I have double liked you, but I felt the need to double check because you asked so nicely (doubly). Ironically, the link you posted was broken. I think this to mean that you do not like YOURSELF.

    You should. You’re cool.

  • Idella

    I too have “liked” you on Facebook but thought I should click your link to make sure it was the same FB page to which you are addressing in the above commentary. I too found the link “broken”…so I still don’t know if the link is to a “new” page or the page where I have already “liked” you. “Logic dictates” that you are liked and have been liked, but one is hard to discern with a broken link…Yikes, this is starting to sound like a broken record 🙂 Anyways, I am thrilled that you are coming to Ohio in December and lookin’ forward to spending the evening with you. I plan on bringing some friends to enjoy your wisdom, humor, and general loveliness!

  • Martha

    “Morisettishly ironic”

    One of the many reasons I “LIKE” you!

  • Brigitte

    I also have already “liked” one version of you, but was unaware you had multiple incarnations on Facebook. Since your linky-link was broken, I don’t know if the already-liked version of you is the one you WANT me to like now . .