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FB, B, F, in that Order.

FB (Funly Business): Scott got the button for THE VIRTUAL TOUR up. See it over there? In the sidebar to the right. Hit that button and you can get a signed or personalized hardback first ed first printing of book I TRULY think you (or someone on your Christmas list) will enjoy, signed the day it comes out and sent to you from THE ALABAMA BOOKSMITH.

Bonus tracks: You will be supporting my habit of feeding and clothing my children, supporting a great indie bookstore, AND I will think you are a minor deity.

B (PURE BUSINESS): The tour schedule for the REAL tour will be up as soon as it is finalized—pretty soon—- so if you want to hold off VIRTUALLY WHATNOTTING to see if I am coming to a store near you, I SO get that. Yes , please, come see me.

F (ONLY FOR FUN): I was discussing my PLAYLIST for SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY with my favorite novelist on the planet, wild genius Lydia Netzer.
Lydia has her own band, The Virginia Janes, and if you listened to SHINE SHINE SHINE on audiobook you know some of her band’s songs about robots are on at the end.

A lot of her band’s songs are about robots.

Anyway, Lydia REALLY likes songs and she is always making me hear songs and I fuss about having to hear songs but then I end up putting the songs on my iPod for the words.

I do not like songs. I mnean, I do not HATE them. It is only that I do not feel that avid SONG LIKING so many people feel. I do not mind songs being ON in a background way—in fact, that can be quite pleasant. I don’t mind singing for a short period of time in order to pass that same short period. Emphasis: Short. But I don’t get the thing where you go to a place and sit and listen to songs. Songs are like butterflies, nice enough to note in passing, nothing that I go out of my way to keep.

HOWEVER, I do sometimes love lyrics in the same way that I love some poems; lyrics are made out of words. I very much like words. Where I tend to get bored with songs is mostly in the parts made out of music. (SO you know I am hella funz at the symphony. WORD.)

Anyway, one of the people on my playlist for SELS was DAR WILLIAMS, who has GREAT lyrics, and Lydia is the one who put DW on my radar. I am not cool enough, musically or any other way, to know who Dar Williams is on my own. Imma post the YOU TUBE of the song that makes me think of SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY, and under you can see our chat about it.

Lydia: BTW, I Saw A Bird Fly Away makes me cry. Enormous amounts. And I don’t even know WHAT IT MEANS.

Me:. It makes me weepy, too. I have a yoga teacher, Holly, that says “Step onto the riverbank” at random moments and it means NOTHING to me and yet when she says it in her voice the way she does my heart balloons outward and I am calm. I suspect I SAW A BIRD FLY AWAY means VERY beautiful and touching things.

Lydia: Like what? I’m serious — what does it mean when she says I saw a bird fly away and I could not ask again?

Me: Here is what I think about it. I think she is talking about all the ways people try to rise and fly and be all free and beautiful – Ethereal floaters, and drug highs and all this striving, this STRIVING UP like, I WILL BE RISE AND FLY, I will run up this hill and be on top and she is asking all these buttholes how and why.Then she sees a bird fly and it is beautiful and perfect and thoughtless. And some guy falling in mud not even trying —HE is the flyer. He is enlightened. He is like the bird. So. Yeah. This song is about Yoga. Obviously.

Lydia: I also like the line “and I started climbing again.” IT’S PROBABLY NOT ABOUT YOGA.

Me: Step onto the riverbank, b*tch. EVERYTHING is about yoga.

But maybe not this song. WHAT IS THIS SONG ABOUT? Seriously, Lydia and I want to know. And why do some of those words make us CRY?

19 comments to FB, B, F, in that Order.

  • Melinda

    The part of that lyric that’s always stood out to me is, “What’s the rush for heaven?” I always wonder why the need to reach for something higher, shinier… what’s wrong with the here and now? With my normal state of mind? With mortality? Even if life is really muddy and smelly sometimes, it’s still pretty gorgeous.

  • SO, MELINDA! That;s one vote for “It;s about yoga.” (That’s the way *I* interpret your comment.)

  • Even “U Can’t Touch This” (HAM TIME!) is secretly about yoga.

  • Karen

    Why are there so many songs that I’ve never heard of? Because I listen to NPR and audiobooks. But this link to the song’s lyrics made me laugh because it had “incomprehensible” for a portion of the words:
    I don’t think it’s about yoga. But I could be wrong.

  • Jenny

    That particular part always reminded me of Shakespeare’s of “lark at break of day arising/Sings hymns at Heaven’s gate.” In a way, this is a good yoga song, because it strikes me that it’s about enlightenment or the search for truth. The folks who are striving, reaching, and “running uphill” too hard end up failing, and the guy who’s willing to laugh and fall in the mud (rather Buddhist) is the one who ends up enlightened. Maybe the bird is the one who looks like they’ve made it.

    At any rate, you’ve missed out on the best Dar Williams song, which is this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiPjQmb7asM

  • I have been a Dar Williams fan for…forever. “The Babysitter’s Here” is so great! Well, anything on her “Honesty Room” or “End of the Summer” albums, actually. I’m so glad you like her!

  • If I had to say what it’s about, I’d say it was about how people keep on dying and you can’t ask them why, or where they’re going, because it’s like, they’re a bird that flew away, and you can’t ask again. And you just keep on climbing, UP, because it’s the only damn place TO GO, unless you want to go down, which seems worse.

    So insofar as yoga is about PEOPLE INEVITABLY DYING, and there being no escape from your own inevitable death, then yeah, it’s about yoga.

    Or it’s about SELS.


    This part is obviously about Yoga (from Metrolyrics)

    Do you feelin’ the mother [Incomprehensible]
    The decaying in my tent?
    I wonder whose laughin’ at

  • I always thought that part was like “You fell in the mud / You something something” but certainly not decaying in my tent.

  • This song is obviously about attention deficit disorder. Dar is asking a deep philosophical question and then she sees a bird and forgets what the hell she was just thinking.

  • I have LOVED Dar Williams for years and she has many songs that can make me cry. On my last long road trip I packed the car with her CDs and had a 5 hour Dar Williams-a-thon (10 hours if you count there and back). It could be about Yoga or it could be about the fleeting nature of time and opportunities that quickly pass. Cry on, DW fans!

  • My fave Dar Williams songs are “When I was a Boy” and “The Babysitter’s Here”.

    She makes me laugh and cry at the same time, which is to me the best thing. And not yoga. Yoga never makes me laugh. Yogi Bear made me laugh. And sometimes Yogi Berra. Obviously I just want to fit in.

  • DebR

    (chiming in late)
    It means the same thing as “Dog and Butterfly” by Heart.

  • I’m like that with songs too. I like words way more than music. I honestly rarely listen to music. I mostly do audio books in the car. Welcome to my nerd kingdom.

  • So I think Melinda nailed it, and so did you. It IS about yoga, in that yoga is about being in the present moment and not, as Dar says, rushing for heaven. Just be. Just be here, now, watching that bird fly and realizing that’s enough.

    I love Dar. I couldn’t pick a favorite, I don’t think, but I super-extra-love Iowa, The Babysitter’s Here, After All, What Do You Hear in These Sounds? and I Won’t Be Your Yoko Ono.

    Just so you know, I am waiting to see if you’re coming near me, since near me now is a different place than it was when AGUKOP came out. You usually come to Powell’s, yes? That’s So MUCH CLOSER to me know than it used to be. So I am holding out to see if the in-person meeting is possible, and if it is not I will send a tearful note to your publisher and then order from Alabama Booksmith.

  • How many of you wonderful people are in the Atlanta area? Dar Williams is playing in Duluth in December. It could be a field trip!

    I see TONS of live music (though if the lyrics re not intelligible or stupid I cannot listen). I always try to speak to the artists after the show. Usually I am pretty chill about it. However, I had shared a *moment* with my aunt talking about one of Dar’s early songs just before I met her. I was laughing and having a great time waiting to talk to her. As soon as I tried to say how much I appreciated her work, I started bawling–not so much of the cool that night. Then someone told me that Dar has something approaching a photographic memory when it comes to meeting fans. I still talked to her the next time, though.

  • I don’t think it is about yoga, but that may be because I try not to think about yoga. Taking advantage of the moment, enjoying what you have instead of always looking for the next big thing…but not yoga…or yogurt…or Yogi (Berra or Bear).

  • bryan

    Dar Williams saved my life. Literally. As in, the months of my divorce, I am pretty sure that she kept me sane and in a life worth living. The song that does it for me is Spring Street.

    This year April had a blizzard
    Just to show she did not care
    And the new dead leaves
    They made the trees look like children with gray hair
    But I’ll push myself up through the dirt
    And shake my petals free
    I’m resolved to being born
    And so resigned to bravery