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What is The SELS Virtual Book Tour?

You may be saying, I already know what the Virtual Book Tour is, and I want to participate because I am a noble, gorgeous creature, so I will go ahead and click this link right NOW and get down, quick and dirty, to the hot, hot business of bookly commerce.

If you are saying, HMMM what IS the virtual book tour? Please. Read on.

When my new book comes out, I’ll partner with THE ALABAMA BOOKSMITH so that people who cannot come to the real tour due to geography or time constraints can order a signed (or signed and personalized) hardback first edition first printing of SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY. On November 19th, THE VERY FIRST DAY THE BOOK IS AVAILABLE, I will go to the BOOKSMITH, sign and personalize your books, and they will be shipped to you.

Please note how CLOSE to Christmas this is. A signed first edition book is an EXCELLENT present.

Why should I participate?

Four reasons.

1 – For your own pleasure. I think you’ll love the book. Beloveds, I am ungodly proud of it, and the early reviews are stellar. Kirkus starred it, saying, “You won’t be able to put it down.” Booklist says the characters “are so vividly drawn, they fairly leap off the page,” and concludes the book is, “Highly readable” and “a perfect choice for book clubs.”

2 – For my pleasure. You will be actively supporting my career in the most effective way possible. Your sale will register the week of the book’s release, with a bookstore who reports sales to all major bestseller lists. I can’t TELL you how key this is. If you want to allow me the privilege of continuing to write novels because you enjoy them because you are a glorious human being of taste and substance, well…This is how you do it.

3 – For the pleasure of an awesome store. This is one of those special places in the nation where new voices get handsold and find readerships. They are where I got my start. I have a career because of stores like this. Every aspiring writer on the planet needs to make sure they stay open and thriving.

4 – There will be door prizes. I will announce these later, as we go along, but previous door prizes have included Little Fox Dolls, weird amazing genius quilt art, and handmade notebooks. I have an artist right now working on something I think you will LOVE for the grand prizes, and there will be a smorgasbord of little fun thingies. The more orders THE BOOKSMITH gets, the more prizes I ADD, so you never lower your chances of winning by telling other folks about the virtual tour. Your name is entered ONCE PER BOOK, not once per order.

This sounds noble and fun at the same time— exactly like the sort of lofty lit-hijinks a book-deity like me needs to get in on. How else can I help?

Aw thanks! You are my favorite! Well, let’s see. You could Blog, tweet, Facebook, email, pin, infogram, google+, message board, post and tell people you know that this is now.

Maybe you want to make a sign about about it, staple it to your butt and twerk it to the You Tube. Okay, not that.

OH here is a good one—-Not to be crazy, but you can tell people WITH YOUR PHYSICAL MOUTH. You just look with your face at another face and disseminate the information. I hear this still happens.

You can learn more about the book HERE.

You can read the first chapter HERE.

You can skip all the flirting, get riiiight to it and full on HIT IT LIKE A BOSS by going here.

15 comments to The VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR is GO!

  • I have all of your books as signed, first editions purchased right here through the Virtual Book Tour of goodness. It’s my version of a 401K, because I’m not good at math, but I luuuuuuuuurve alla your words.

  • Kimberly

    Well…this is an awesomely amazing thing you do for all of your far away fans…but I think I will still buy a ticket back to Decatur and have you sign mine in person! However, I will purchase my copy from a local bookstore cause they also rock.

  • When will there be info about the physical tour? Cause I’d love a repeat of when my friend Carri Anne and I drove over an hour in massive thunderstorms for A Grown-up Kind of Pretty. Except for the massive thunderstorms part, though they did make it “an adventure.”

  • Yes! Courtney’s question! When goes the tour info so I can get a book signed by you for reals and in persons?! That will not prevent me from pre-ordering or buying a copy immediately upon release, but it is relevant to my own self!

  • Jessica (the celt)

    YAY! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this day! ;~)

    No time to talk, though, I have a new tab to click over to!

  • I can’t imagine anything written by you NOT being amazing. That just isn’t possible. Any clue as to when the most awesome audio will be coming out? Are you narrating? Because I made a vow to myself, back when I first listened to Gods in Alabama, that the audio is the only way I can experience these books. They are the best that can be had.

  • Martha

    Alas, I have already pre-ordered the book on Amazon. I’m impatiently waiting.

  • I wanna know the schedule for the actual book tour. You came through Raleigh with AGUKOP and I got a book signed in person, which is much more satisfying (having participated in the virtual tour for other books). I want to do the actual-in-person signing if at all possible. Would you sign a book twice? Once virtually and once in person? Is that too presumptuous?

  • Linda J

    To me reading the first chapter is cheating. November 16 is delivery day and so November 16 it shall be for me. But it can’t come soon enough!

  • Brigitte

    Ditto, Linda J!

  • Linda J

    YES!!! Pre-order is available on audible.com. Got it! Now how can I possible make time hurry?

  • I have all of your books but only one signed (so far)!
    I wanted you to know that I just ordered my signed copy of “Someone Else’s Love Story” today (Sunday).
    My required captcha code was “GloRify.”
    I thought that was quite awesome.

  • Tanya

    Would The Alabam Booksmith ship to far, far away places a signed copy? Far far away like Canada. It will be almost time to move into the igloo then, and it would be nice to cozy up with a new novel written by you..

  • Okay, so ONE) I will need to find out if you are coming to anywheres near me in Virginia, which I am a good four hours from Richmond and nobody ever does book tours here, but still. I need to find out. TWO) I happened to be rereading TGWSS yesterday, and I still love it as much as ever. THREE) I just read the excerpt from SELS and My Lord I Am Ready For November. I will buy a copy. I will.