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Social Media-tors

Lord, I have SUCH crazy-eye in this photo. I look like a cannibal. Or at least a potential cannibal. A lady with cannibalistic aspirations.

“Hi! I am Crazy-Eye Jackson. I love hallucinogens, taxidermied possums, and travel. I hope to one day visit The Sierra Nevada and eat some people. Donner Party Tourism, ya’ll. I want to really live the history.”

Do you know these folks I am flirting with on Facebook in this picture? They are all three practically my neighbors. I like to go by their houses late at night and take pictures of them sleeping. (Said Crazy-Eye.)

Alison Law is a member of the SHE READS blogger network, a technophile, a genius media consultant, and a good friend.

Amanda Kyle Williams writes a mystery/thriller series I SUPER dig. I love me some Keye Street.

Memoirist Jessica Handler specializes in writing about grief in a way that blends the personal with the universal in SUCH relateable ways.

Jessica also teaches others how to write “real” about difficult subjects, which I mention because on September 28th, Jessica and I are road tripping up to teach at the Chattahoochee Valley Writer’s Conference.

I should have already put that on my Facebook. But I have not. Other than tormenting perfectly nice humans with pervert boob humor, what do I do with Facebook? Not much, so far.

My personal Facebook page is tied to my The Tweeter and I think of it as a FEED for my The Tweeter. I have it set to autopost my twootings, and then I can reply to anyone who replies to my Tweets on Tweetness or Facebook. See?

And I am trying to care more about my Pinterest boards as I DO enjoy sticking up an easily accessed cache of images and songs that help me get my head in my Novel in Progress. I did a HUGE private one for SELS, and then put my fave pins from it on smaller public one. I am just starting one for what I am calling The Paula Book. I found what may well be Paula’s Atlanta loft, for example, but the wall art is wrong. Paula would have different art. The space, furn and colors are correct. Maybe not THAT red. A brickier one.

I need maybe some kind of PINNING AP? As of now I can only steal pins from other Pinterest boards or Pin images that are so eager to be Pinned they have stuck big PLEASE PIN ME buttons on themselves.

But now this genius who understands code at MORROW has redone my facebook author page — go look. ALL THOSE BUTTONS SHE PUT ON THERE WITH SECRET MAGIC ACTUALLY WORK.

One of the buttons that works shows this place she built, where she put all my books on a shelf.

It’s really hot, and I want to hang out there more. Maybe give The Sibbie its own mini-facebook blog? I will make sure conferences and tour stops are up there, so clicking the handy like button is a good way to find out if I am coming near you soon. I may well be. My publicist just sent me the projected tour for SELS. I am coming to a lot of places near a lot of you.

But anyway, do any of you have NON-personal facebook pages? LIKE button pages instead of FRIEND button pages? I almost never LIKE button things. It’s not how I have used Facebook in the past, but maybe I should at LEAST go Like Orphan Black, because my LORD that is a BRIL show.

Do you like me? Check one. ___Yes! ____Yes, but not on Facebook! ___No! ___I cannot tell you. It is a secret.

What’s your go to social media? If it is pinterest, HOW DO YOU PIN THINGS? DO you prefer Twitter or Facebook, and PLEASE LORD, tell me we don’t all have to go back and make ourselves butt ugly MySpace pages again just because Justin Timberlake was in The Social Network and says so?

14 comments to Social Media-tors

  • Martha

    My go to is Facebook – likes and friends. I don’t tweet, or reddit, or anything like that. I tried Pinterest but got bored. I often wondered who would be pinterested in my boards anyway? So I quit. Surprisingly, I haven’t liked your Facebook page yet and I have no idea why not. Will do so promptly. After work, of course. I’m busy here people.

  • Holly Gault

    I have a ‘Pin It’ button on my tool bar of my browser — I imagine I got it on Pinterest, but I can’t remember.

    Speaking of cleavage. We were, yes? What is the dong-ish thing hanging therein?

  • Yes, I like you Facebook as both a Like button page and a Friend button page. And I follow you on the Tweeters. I am probably about equally on FB and Twitter, but I prefer Twitter. None of my family are there, though, and sharing baby pictures there is harder. And things go SO FAST on Twitter – if I have a super-busy day at work, I can go back and look through a whole day’s worth of FB stuff. I don’t have the time or the energy to look at that much on Twitter, and it doesn’t matter anyway because if it’s more than 2 hours old on Twitter, it may as well not have ever existed in the first place! 🙂

    I use Pinterest to bookmark things I want to remember later but never actually go back and look at – shoes I like, recipes to try, etc. I have a “Pin It” button that I added to my browser from Pinterest, like Holly says. That allows you to pin anything on the whole of the interwebs. I don’t use Pinterest often, though, and I almost never look at anyone else’s pins. I just save pictures/ideas on my own boards and then promptly forget about them.

  • I almost never use Twitter; I use Facebook way too much; and Pinterest and I are besties. I use Pinterest as my new recipe book and where I store the best ideas for crafts, cleaning my house with vinegar and all the clothes I will never wear.

  • Aparatchick

    Everyone should like Orphan Black! Amazing show.

    I keep forgetting I have a pinterest account; I read Twitter but never tweet, and I’m on Facebook and Shelfari way too much.

  • Oh I love Amanda! Keye Street kicks so much ass. Amanda is a good Tweeter, unlike me. My main social media is Facebook, but I’m not really good at that either. I just have a problem with time management, and my main priority is the blog. Hey I just started a Pinterest account so I could get ideas for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary party. It was hard. My 15 year old had to show me how.

  • I like Facebook, but spend more time on Pinterest. I will go search for you and you can search for me and we can plan matching outfits for the first day of school!!!!! I have some pincers that I follow, but to find new stuff, I go to the everything page and just troll around.

  • Jessica (the celt)

    Wait…where is the maybe check box? There was always a maybe check box on the ones I remember…

    Also, the answer for me is “Yes! Yes! But…not on Facebook.” I’m anti-Facebook for a variety of personal reasons that I don’t really talk about much and a few logistical ones that I do tell people if they ask, but then some still push me to get it, because they don’t know the personal ones. (Holy really long sentence, Batman! I think the Batmobile stretched it out of proportion…)

  • Kim

    Yay for DBF!!I am on FB all the time and have “liked” you there, as well as in real life. I look at Twitter all day long, but hardly ever tweet. I go in phases with Pintrest; right now is an off phase.

  • Brigitte

    Yes, what IS that dongish thing?

    I “like” lots of my friends’ comments and pics on Facebook, and I’ve “liked” some movies, books and local businesses, but it never even occurred to me that I could “like” not just your individual posts, but YOU as a whole!

    Assuming that’s what you mean . . . technology confuses me!

  • OMG it is a KEY you pervs

  • I have always said you should go ahead and win Twitter. And you stubbornly refuse. YOU REFUSE. When you have every ability. And every right.

  • Of course I’ve liked you on Facebook! 🙂 I haven’t used Twitter at all. I have an idea that it’s obnoxious; the hashtags just seem abrasive to me. I know, I’m weird, but I can’t help it. I love Facebook. It’s how I keep up with everyone and share my sickeningly cute pet pictures. I haven’t used it for anything other than personal/volunteer stuff. I just use the blog for any of my creative endeavors because it’s just easier to write for strangers than to think of family and friends reading what I write. I’ve ventured onto Pinterest, but haven’t quite decided what I think of it. It’s a huge time sucker, but I’ve found some cool stuff on there.