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The Saddest Dog in France (and other tales from Avignon)

We thought this was the saddest dog in France…

Until we saw this fellow, hanging out of a fourth floor window, stangling and damp.

In some lovely gardens above the Pope’s Palace, we saw a lizard. Then another lizard came over to her and hopped on top.
“Are they fighting?” Maisy asked.
“No honey, they are making more lizards…”
We turned away, but all day long, after that, we kept saying, “OH TO BE YOUNG, AND IN LOVE, AND A LIZARD IN AVIGNON!!!”
It was quite poignant.

Those lizards were SO in love they did not even heed the religious iconography, some of it embedded in the very wall on which they trysted. Heathen Lizards. Or perhaps just FRENCH. The French seem like the opposite of uptight…

Here is a close-up of the double decker carousel in Avignon—how many naked ladies can YOU spot? Hint: LOTS.

Scott: This carosel is not all that child-friendly.
Me: Pish, it is just arty boobies. They will see more at the Louvre.
Scott: No worries on the boobies. To babies those just look like supper. I meant the painting of the dogs tearing a screaming deer into chunks.
Me: Oh. Yeah, there is that.

We are having a marvelous time. I am talking to French people in AWFUL AWFUL 50 word French, and with such an appalling HICK Georgia accent that they all burst immediately into English to make the pain stop.

No no, seriously, the People in Provence are SO nice. We went to the Farmer’s Market today and were helped along by about ten folks as we staggered about trying to negotiate for bread and tapenade and fruit and artichokes and local wines and beautiful, beautiful cheeses.

The red wine here is not giving Scott Migraines. We may never come home!

And yet I miss you—what’s up Stateside, eh? Catch me up!

13 comments to The Saddest Dog in France (and other tales from Avignon)

  • Judy In California

    It makes me smile to think about the four of you bounding about Provence. Tres bien! Nothing here compares. Don’t give us a thought. We are living vicariously through you as your French adventure unfolds!

  • Catherine

    Yep! Pretty much what Judy said! Except send food pictures! The food is so magnificent!

  • Rams

    French red wine either? I knew this was true of Italian reds. I think it’s supposed to be the sulfites? Actually, of course, it’s Calvinist Congressmen who force them to put in things which will make us suffer for our pleasures.

    Why the heck are you in Avignon? Did you at least make Maisie learn to sing “Sur le pint d’Avignon?”. We haven’t had a tape of her singing anything in ages. Make the next helpful person teach her. They’ll be so gratified.

  • JulieB

    What Judy said again! Just keep posting. On a side note to Scott and Rams, I also know the same thing about Spanish reds; no migraines. May God never stop providing European reds. I do have a problem with Australian and South American sadly. Thank you for the vicarious vacation!

  • Stateside? Tornadoes and thunderstorms. . .and humidity in southeast Texas. Better to enjoy your French breads and wines and cheeses. Do not go spelunking under any beds.

  • Linda J

    Stateside we are eagerly awaiting SELS!!!

    Have a great trip.

  • Brigitte

    I think the people are impressed that you at least TRIED to speak their language, it makes them feel kindly towards you.

    Now off to shop for French and Italian red wines . .

  • Haha! I think it is absolutely fantastic that someone else has the experience of butchering the French language so much that they switch automatically to English. But I do agree, we need food pictures!

  • I think my son and nephew rode that same carousel! I’m glad you’re having fun!

  • anonymous

    French cheese… and red wine! Enjoy!

  • Now I’ve got part of the Jimmy Buffett song “He Went To Paris” stuck in my head.

    “The warm summer breezes
    And French wines and cheeses
    Put his ambition at bay.
    For he liked the quiet,
    The summers and winters
    Scattered like splinters
    And four or five years slipped away.”

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  • Therese

    How is Miss Maisy doing with her bright colors? Or has she gone all French incognito with the simple black and a scarf?

    Enjoy all the cheeses and wines and scenery, not to mention sharing it all with your 3 favorite people!

    If you get a chance, try working some of these French idioms into your daily conversations (v. helpful audio for good pronunciation!!):
    I’m sure you’ll have fun working them into your repertoire! Although by now, your brain may be plein comme un œuf.

  • Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who. He will regenerate during the Christmas special. (That’s not really stateside, is it? Well, I’m stateside and I care very much about the venerable Doctor.) Also, Episode 9 of aGoT season 3 aired and if you haven’t read the books well. Try and stay off the internet, otherwise, SPOILERS!