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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner: UPDATED TWICE

I MEANT TO DO THIS SUNDAY! Here is the winner of TRISHA SLAYS DEBUT, from comment number 3 per the fickle choosering of the choosery Random Number Generator. We HATE him. He never picks you. Unless you are Linda J, in which case he did:

Linda J, May 21, 2013 at 10:26 am I was never into the star wars thing, but good grief my neighbor was. Even better the neighbor had $$$. So this chubby neighbor boy had EVERY star wars action figure there was. We played and played and played with them in his sand box. So many hours every day all summer long. Till School started, then no more…his mom was a teacher and needless to say she was a dedicated mom too.

If you ARE this Linda particular Linda J, shoot me an e-mail ( Joshilyn at Joshilyn Jackson dot com) with your full name, mailing addy, and how you want Trisha to sign the book, as in, do you want a plain signature, or a sig and the date, or should it say TO LINDA WHO WOULD SO LOOK GOOD IN THOSE DOUBLE BUNS!

Meanwhile…I am packing like a crazy person. Or a control freak.

Wellllllll. How else would I pack, considering I am a CRAZY PERSON CONTROL FREAK? Did I think I would put my basic nature on PAUSE and pack like…a lemur?

I wish. Lemurs have all kinds of modesty fur and if a family of them went to France they would just go naked. A lemur puts a toothbrush in a Target Bag and calls it done.

We don’t actually go to France until June 1, but I leave for NYC tomorrow, for BEA woo woo, so I have to have them ALLLL ready before I go, and I SPENT THE BULK OF TODAY grooming. I NEVER groom. I am not a groomer. I have had…2 haircuts in the last 2 years. HA. Truth – one on 2012, and one today in 2013. I also went to a spa and let a woman named Laura come after my eyebrows with a pot of hot wax. She swore she would not make me look mean.

(Last time I had them done, Scott spent 4 weeks going, “What’s wrong?” and “Are you mad?” and “Honey, let me slice those tomatoes. No, really. Hand me the knife. You are looking kinda…stabbilly inclined.” Because the bad waxer had made them thin and Vulcanny and up tilted and down sloped into the shape of ANGRY PERSON eyebrows. My daughter just took this picture of me standing in the bracken so I could show mom my 2012 haircut—don’t I have just the most friendly looking GROOOMY eyebrows?)

And I am trusting Scott with a lot of it… He was in charge of all the TRAIN TICKETS and MONEY EXCHANGES, and he will meet with the house sitter, pass keys, teach him the pet routines, etc.

So Maybe it isn’t that I am a control freak. Maybe it is mostly because Scott is colorblind and Maisy dresses like an eye test (The girl loves her some pink and orange…) so REALLY a person who can SEE ALL THE COLORS has to pack her. Some of her clothes, wrongfully combined, could blind SO MUCH FRENCHMEN.

We TRIED to finish the website reboot before I left, but we have FAILED.

The GRAPHICS are up though…what do you think? I love William The Cardinal being red all over and the little blue Shandi-birds in the drop down menu!DO YOU SEE THEM??? THE DROP DOWN MENU SHANDIBIRDS? Go look – hit any of the links to BIO or APPEARANCES at the top of the sidebar.

As for NYC and France – I will be posting pics and stuff to FACEBOOK and TWITTER, but don’t expect to see much of me HERE until June 15, at which point I will finish the website changeover, get the VIRTUAL TOUR running for SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY, and tell you where you can get signed and personalized copies of all my books, AAAAAAND…

tell you about the SECRET PROJECT…you know, the one that SEVERAL of you clever-bootses have already figured out…Yeah. That one.


Maisy saw FTK and said that 1) She does not dress like an eye test. And 2) That pic hardly shows my eyebrows at ALLLLLL. She dragged me back outside and took this one.


Updated a second time to show you what the girl was wearing when she took me outside to do a friendly eyebrow close up. Just. Saying.

17 comments to Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner: UPDATED TWICE

  • Bridget

    Maisie is right; the bottom one is a much clearer pic. Bon voyage!

  • Jan

    Apparently I misplaced my direction-follower this morning, because it took me a while to understand what you meant about drop-down menus and Shandibirds. But I figured it out and the graphic are swell. My non-groomed eyebrows didn’t even have to raise in alarm.

    As for Paris, Maisy’s not allowed to stun Frenchmen until she is at least twenty-one.

    Enjoy your travels.

  • Leigh

    You are just so freaking gorgeous. Love the pictures. My friend Karen went to France last year and has a website called Family Travels on A Budget. Check it out. I’ve put in a link to the France pages she wrote to make it easier. NC soon my friend? I’ll bring cookies and we can go do hot yoga. http://familytravelsonabudget.com/?s=France

    Hugs, have fun my friend.

  • SillyMe

    I didn’t know what you were talking about (what cardinal?) and then I remembered that my screen size default is set to 200% because I am too lazy to find my glasses. He is tiny and perfect. Love the almost-done reboot.

  • JulieB

    She is perfect. Bon Voyage.

  • According to my Barely Eight daughter, Pink is a neutral and goes with everything.

  • Maisy looks adorable, and you, my friend, are STUNNING! Have ever so much **FUN** in your travels.

  • Brigitte

    Maisy’s love of wearing colors is especially funny since you DON’T love wearing colors! Maybe it skipped a generation and she got a double-dose.

  • Jill W.

    Maisy is right, you are much clearer in the second picture. And you look fabulous! My daughter, Harper, has that same dress that Maisy is wearing- Hanna Andersson has great clothes for those who like to dress like an eye test! : )

  • The upside to Maisy’s choice in colors is that you will NOT lose her in France. And YOU. . .you look very, very skinny and gorgeous.

  • Therese

    Bon jour! What kind and lovely eyebrows you have! You look very calm, happy, and svelte.

    Have a super time on all your travels. And if you forget to pack something, buy it on the way – an essential souvenir!

  • Shelley

    You and Maisy look great! Bon Voyage!

  • My first glance at Maisy and I had a sudden vision of her in her 30s or so, looking both snootily and slightly disparagingly at some poor dear dressed in beige, saying in a genteel voice, “You’re wearing…that? Oh my…”

    My money’s on Maisy no matter what. The French will be absolutely charmed, guaranteed.

    And you look lovely, as always!

  • Melody

    I hope you all have such a great time! You look so YOUNG and SKINNY!

  • Linda J

    Hold the phone…I WON???!!! HA How did that happen???

    You are so rockin the pics. I remember the angry brows. These are so much more you.

    I wish you and yours a safe and memorable trip.

  • Casey

    ER MAH GERD! I was reading up on a book about Lilly Pulitzer (iconic dress designer for the West Palm Beach set) and the author (Kathryn Livingston) who did the book MENTIONED YOUR BOOKS!!

    “Reading any books you can’t put down?

    I’ve been recently into three of W.G, Sebald’s books: The Emigrants, Vertigo and Austerlitz; am about to start A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty by the Southern novelist Joshilyn Jackson, author of Gods in Alabama.” <–eeep!


  • Your eyebrows look very well-adjusted. If someone cut off your eyebrows on the highway, they would smile gently and send up a prayer that the other person’s day would start getting better now.
    YOU look so so pretty and thin that I would hate you if I could. As it is, I just took up yoga. Just now.
    Enjoy Paris!