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Orange Friend!

Is the orange girl supposed to be the titular pal?

I’ve been using MyFitnessPal as I work myself back into some kind of reasonable shape, post all that boring stuff where I got really sick and went to bed for a year and emerged ALIVE (yay) but also substantially fatter (alas).

Remember that? When I ALMOST DIED? I certainly remember it. It looms OH SO VERY large in my personal history. I ALMOST DIED is the reason I now love Yoga, and is also the reason I sometimes engage in both INTROSPECTION and GROWING AS A PERSON. Right here in terrible public.

I cannot recommend it, the ALMOST DYING. Better to be feckless and immortal, as long, as long, as ever one can. But anyway, for a long time after the surgeries, my body simply did not want to lose weight and I guess my mind was not able to be grinding and it is not something you can do until you CAN DO IT. People who have never struggled with their weight do not get this. That you can’t lose weight sometimes. That you just…can’t. Not because you are lazy or dumb or bad, but…you cannot, right then, the end. Then at some point, sometimes, you can.

I think it is like quitting smoking. I had to quit smoking 1,000 times before one time it worked. I had a hard time with it, and I have had a very hard time with my body these last couple fo years. A war. Yoga has been my detente. Can you relate? But now I am on my thousandth quit-being-fat and it is working…at a grindingly slow pace. I can take off half a pound or so a week, if I eat a LOT more fruit than I think is reasonable, given that I hate fruit.

Not ALL fruit. Just most of it. I actively love blackberries, which cost the earth, and I love those pears that come in gold foil and cost the same as a new Buick

If you have ever used MFP (or “MMFFP” as My Favorite Fitness Pal Friend calls it on days that she finds challenging…think about it) you track all your exercisery and eatering, and if you boringly plod along like a virtuous little bore-plodder, results happen. You get back into old jeans. Your face begins to look like it has bones again. I’m not done, but I am more than half done. Slow progress is happening. It feels pretty dern good.

AND YET! I am unmotivated to work out today which…I am NEVER unmotivated to exercise. I LOVE to exercise and I take maybe 2 days off a month…But today. It is gonna be one of them.

I think I am just TIRED. Yesterday I did a really BRUTAL hour at the YMCA,—I pushed myself right to my edge and then bought furniture and LIVED there. Then, the second I got home Scott and I suited up the dogs and went walking.

IN SEARCH OF CAKE, may I say, so not exactly a virtue soaked walk of HEALTH, but every place we walked, the cake displeased me. There was NO CAKE I would waste the calories on. Cakes and Ale was getting ready to close, and they had hardly anything in the case, Green’s candies were categorically NOT cake, TED’s MONTANA GRILL was out of those snickerdoodle cookies that I SWEAR have cocaine in them because once you HAVE one you want more and more and get hyper and run around in circles. But they were out…so we kept walking.

This image is a link to the piece of cake website, because YUM

Finally at the last second I remember a store called PIECE OF CAKE exists allll the way over by Agnes Scott COllege, so we went there, and THEY HAD THE EXACT CAKE I WANTED but my LORD!!!! It took us LITERALLY more than 2 hours of hiking around peering at FAILCAKE to get it. SO I had walked off ALL the calories in the cake by the time it was found.

ANYWAY, if you are MY FITNESS PALLING, we can be friends, if you want the same kind of friend I want.

I am looking for 2 or 3 friends who—-1) Use MFP every day. 2) Have your food diary set so your friends can see your food. 3) Interact with your friends every day. 4) Have a VERY small number of friends, so that you can actually keep up with their stuff.

I do all of these 4 things, so I will be a GOOD friend to you. I promise to be HUGELY overinterested in your business. I will never cupcake shame you. Sometimes you HAVE to eat a cupcake. Some days? You may have to eat 6. IT HAPPENS. I won;t be mean about it, but I will TOTALLY look at your food, and my food diary is open.

The first 2 or 3 people who E-Mail me, let’s chat — maybe we can friend up. I will tell you my SECRET MFP NAME, which is Very French and Mysterious!

13 comments to Orange Friend!

  • I do that MFP. At least I did. I gave my TRAINER access to it, but I’ve been slacking lately. I think if I had a friend like you I would probably be motivated to do it. Between MFP and Andre, I actually lost an assload of weight but it has started to creep back on because I have angst in my home due to two teenage children. Anyway. Here I am, I will do this with you.

  • edj

    Hmm. I do MFP. I have only recently started. I don’t share my food diary with anyone, so far. Mostly because, um, embarrassing? I had a horrible flu and lost weight, but now I am so hungry! Sigh. I still haven’t made it back to the gym either.
    So I am not sure I want to share openly this struggle. Does it really help, to share? My life is complicated.

  • Kaylin

    I started doing it a few months ago, but I got caught up in finals and promptly forgot about it. I plan to start again though. I only used it for about a week but I lost two pounds just from keeping track of my food intake! If I had somebody keeping me accountable, I’m sure I’d stick to it.

  • Alison

    Failcake! And what’s with all that leaping? I never noticed the Orange Friend leaping before.

  • Martha

    I do not track my food intake but I do track my activity level with the FitBit Zip, which I adore. I like to eat, so exercise is critical.

    Completely get the “sometimes you just can’t” thing. Also the “sometimes you have to” thing. Only the naturally thin don’t understand the daily, weekly, life-ly struggle.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  • Linda J

    Sometimes you have to eat a cupcake. Sometimes you have to eat 6. I LOVE THIS!!!

  • Melody

    I have never done this before need some kind of motivation to get me going. I just graduated and gained 15 lbs during my two year program, and I was overweight when I started school. Now I am studying for my license which involves eating and sitting and studying. I would love to have an accountability partner to help me get started. In the past, I liked walking a lot, but got out of the habit…Gosh I sound so pitiful!

  • Yay — you lived, and now you’re losing weight! Those are both great accomplishments, something that many of us take for granted. I love the concept of Failcake and have often left stores because they didn’t have just the perfect treat I was hoping for. I’ve discovered that if I give in to failcakes, I’ll just keep eating more failcakes until I get the one I was looking for to begin with. Much better just to leave a store empty-handed and keep on walking. Thanks for sharing this part of your life and struggle in the “terrible public.” I wish you continued success!

  • Summer

    http://foodisgross.wordpress.com/ For your amusement…hilarious observations about fruit and a few other foods :). Can’t quite look at canteloupe the same.

    I used MFP religiously for over a year! Not so much anymore, though I occasionally track a day. I created a a new name and haven’t acquired friends. That got to be a bit much. Can be an awesome tool, though.

  • Tanya

    Summer – hysterical link.
    JJ: Must investigate. Quit smoking in 1999 and I am waking up in 2013 wondering how this much junk got in my trunk, ya know? At least you can claim that you ALMOST DIED. What can I say? I ALMOST SMOKED? Does not have the same ring. Nope. Will let you know if I would qualify as a friend in MFP world.

  • Sarah

    Well, as this is the second time someone has mentioned MFP to me in the last 24 hours, I am taking it as a sign from the universe to get back to using that app.
    I have lost 93 pounds in the past year and I am in love with my clavicle. Apparently I have one. I wasn’t sure, but took it on faith since my shoulders do stay where they are supposed to.
    I wouldn’t necessarily cross town for a cupcake, but received distressing news that very good Chicago style pizza is but a few moment’s walk from my house. That walk is even easier now that I am in training for my first 5K. If I don’t die on Saturday running, I would love to be your fitness pal.

  • Aline

    I love MFP but don’t share my food or look at anyone else’s. It definitely makes all the difference just to log those calories down. If you want to take it to another level–you can get a Fitbit one which is a pedometer that links to MFP and then you can either log your exercise calories or let the fitbit do it automatically. I swear it gets harder every year to lose weight; my fat and my body have made good friends and don’t like to part.

  • Are you still looking for a MFP buddy? My diary is open, I log every day, and I currently have two friends who are active at all, SO I think I meet your requirements. My username is “moosegurl” because I’m a VERY serious adult, so add me if you still want friends!