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She Doesn’t Get Eaten By the Eels at This Time. Neither Does Her Father.

What's that swimming toward me??? Is that... LUPUS?

So, hi. Still not any sort of settled. Update, Short Version: My dad came home from the hospital, was home 18 hours, couldn’t breathe, went back, fluid around his heart, complication, more surgery.

He came through the second surgery like the eel-killing bad-ass that he is, and after another 4 or 5 days in the hospital, he is finally at home again. I have been in Alabama, sleeping at the hospital so my mother could rest a little bit.

She has Lupus and the stress of all this is making her own organs try to eat themselves.

I am may be slightly stressed, too. Hard to say really, HO HO HO, unless the previous blog entry and my entire hide can be read as indications.

I broke out in a glorious all red rainbow of what I thought were stress hives on my cheeks, chest and arms. Then we all noticed… my mother the same ones—and hers were not stress hives. They were a rash her LUPUS was causing. Butterfly rash or something. I wasn’t listening very well. But yeah, it was very the same actually.

SO I came yesterday and had to get tested for Lupus.

Nope. Just Eels


As you may have guessed from the title, the test was negative: I do not get eaten by lupus at this time.

Dad is recovering much more REASONABLY this time, it seems. It’s going to be a long, slow road, but he is ON IT and heading steadily in the correct direction. He should be golfing again this summer. I am going back to Alabama tomorrow.

I miss you, Oh Best Beloveds.


23 comments to She Doesn’t Get Eaten By the Eels at This Time. Neither Does Her Father.

  • DebR

    Please don’t have lupus. Faith and genius are much better choices. Sending lots of good thoughts to you, your dad and your mom.

    We miss you too.

  • Melody

    Gosh! Thank God for BIG blessings! I appreciate the update. I was worried. I wish you strength for the journey and healing for your mom and dad. I pray that His peace that passes all understanding will guard your heart and mind.

  • Take care of yourself. You are not allowed any outrageous or exotic or commonplace literary diseases. <—bossy-Jan is bossy.

  • PUH-LEASE! You already have Literary Genius. You do not ALSO need Lupus. Love–me.

    ps. I’m so glad that everything and everyone seems to be on the upswing. Gigantic Internet hugs from North Carolina in your southerly direction.

  • Leslie Noon

    I’ve got nothing except this: *SMOOCH!*

  • You should write a book! Oh, wait…

    Hoping all is well soon. If I miss you this much then the best husband ever and your amazing children must be pining away.

  • Jessica (the celt)

    I think you had sympathy rash/sympathy lupus? Glad to hear your dad and you have not been eaten by eels. I was truly worried, so thanks for giving me that up-front. Also, please let us know that your mom was not eaten by eels or organs.

  • Well, that is good eel news! And eels are not usually good news, so you should feel speshul. Take care of yourself as you take care of everyone else.

  • Lulu

    Thank you, thank you for that update! Glad to hear some good news for your family!

    Eels seriously both creep me out & gross me out, ever since I saw that eel-fishing scene in The Tin Drum. I am so very glad none of you were eaten by eels.

    Best wishes for some great health and happiness and merriness and light-heartedness, soon. Oh, and wine & chocolate too.

  • Oh, scary. For a long time, any ailment I complained of prompted my father to say, “Could be Lupus.” His sister died from Lupus (praise God for better meds and treatments nowadays). I always thought he said it just to scare the bloody hell out of me. Now, a bit older and wiser, I figure HE had the bloody hell scared out of him and was actually afraid I COULD inherit the lupus. But, I digress. Happy dancing over here for Daddies and Novelists not eaten by the eels at this time.

  • LaurieB

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Healing thoughts come winging your way! Take care.

  • Kacie

    I’m fairly certain that 2nd photo is some sort of space snake and not an eel (could be wrong) but I’m glad to hear everyone is recovering. Sending you lots of hugs.

  • I just really, really glad that you didn’t get eaten by eels at this time. And, I love that you referenced TPB.

  • Linda J

    Still praying for your family. Put some pink sock love on mama and daddy and be sure to have plenty of chocolate while you do.

  • Aparatchick

    You know, my mom always told me there was a special chocolate-eating dispensation at times like these. I hope you’re taking full advantage of it.

    Here’s to your father’s recovery, your mother getting rested, and you not getting eaten by lupus.

  • Aimee

    Your dad is a rock star, seriously. I’m so glad that he’s now on the REAL road to recovery, and glad that you’re there to help your mom too. And SUPER EXTRA GLAD that you don’t have lupus. Good grief. As far as I’m concerned, 2012 CAN let the door hit it its ass on the way out.

  • So the FIRST comment I saw was Jenny’s. . .about you writing a book. Totally cracked me up. That movie you referenced is VERY, VERY GOOD as are your test results and your dad recovering in an appropriate manner, and you rocking the whole helpful daughter thing. Eels, Lupus, and sick parents in general are VERY, VERY BAD. I am hopeful that all of it stays well away from you for awhile–and that your parents recuperate and don’t get sick again. Go home and REST. After my Daddy got over being sick in a very NON appropriate way, I ended up with this incredibly swollen ankle/joint thing that was never really diagnosed. I think our bodies take longer to recover than we sometimes give them. Be kind to you. Love and prayers to all your peoples.

  • ebethnyc

    HEAL! not eel.
    I once made my doctor laugh by asking if I had Lupus – she asked why I thought I might and I responded that the ads on the bus said “if you’re young and female, it could be Lupus.”. Bad ad campaign.

    Will continue to send healing thoughts and vibes to your whole family. And I concur w/whomever said 2012 can let the door hit it on it’s way out.


  • Chris of the Woodwork

    Missing your posts…please be OK! (and Daddy, too!)

    My motto in life is “Liberally apply chocolate to any situation.”


  • Julie Gallagher

    You have been through quite enough. I am very glad you don’t also have lupus. Please, please take care of yourself! I’m also glad that your dad is back on the right road. *hugs* to everybody!

  • Carrie (in MN)

    Thinking of you and yours.

  • Michelle-Who-Is-Shelley

    Wish I had something wise and soothing to say. You have been plucked out of your day to day world and set down in one of upheaval and uncertainty and fear. Thought and prayers.