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1) They moved dad out of ICU. He is on the mend. Man, that guy is tough. He will be home soon, they say. I’m going to Bama to help mom. I am SO tired from being sleepless and fretful and such—and if I feel like THIS, she must be feeling like this CUBED. Maybe cubed plusplus. But the good, oh the good, it so outweighs the tired. I will VERY SOON catch up on the two things I need to do – GANGNAM things and PINK SOCK things, just let me get my dad home and settled and mending, okay?

2) Look! This lobster loves this VW beetle. Passionately. Maybe TOO passionately. I feel we should avert our eyes.

Or maybe he wants to KILL the beetle. Hard to say, really. On the bumper of the beetle it says “…CAN EAT LOBSTER” but it seems more likely that the giant lobster is actually the eat-er, and not the eat-ee? Is this love or murder? The title of this blog is, “CHEERFUL THINGS.” So.

This is what love looks like then. Weird. A little embarrassing. Overly large and red and grapple-y. But wonderful all the same.


Our Merrill Lynch guy, Fran, handles my parents retirement plans, and my family’s, and my brothers, too. He is VERY money-smart, and an excellent human being, as a bonus. He came up to the hospital to check on us. I was there with Mom and my kids. Dad was sleeping, so Fran took us down to the hospital cafeteria and bought us lunch.

Maisy: *Soto voce, to my mother* Who is that?

Mom: Oh, Maisy you do not remember Mr. Fran? You met him before. He is an old friend, and he also has a job that helps our entire family! Not just me and papa, but your Uncle Bobby, and your mom and dad, too.

Maisy: *to Fran, her tone both casual and sincere*: Oh, are you a psychiatrist?

20 comments to CHEERFUL THINGS

  • Tequila Cookie Chris

    I pink, puffy heart little Maisy.

  • Elizabeth


  • Linda J

    Again and again Maisy is priceless.

  • Jill W.

    That Maisy is priceless. So glad to hear that your dad’s recovery is going well.

  • Kathy

    So glad to hear that your daddy is doing well! And Maisy is a real corker! LOL! That lobster thing looks…well I feel a bit voyeuristic.

  • Ruth

    Just think how much better off we’d all be if every family had a psychiatrist on retainer.

  • Oh my word how I love that kid!

    So glad you daddy is on the mend. Try to get some real sleep. Hugs and prayers still coming your way.

  • ebethnyc

    Hooray and huzzah! My dad had some very interesting visions thanks to “icu psychosis.” Glad your dad is outta there and on the mend. Would much rather hear about his progress and the ever wise and entertaining Maisy. ((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))

  • Oh this is all cheerful, even the sexually explicit lobster. Your daughter cracks me up. You’d think she was trying to be funny, but she wasn’t which even makes it funnier!

  • Gangnam can wait forever ’cause your Dad is on the mend. The psychiatrist story is EXCELLENT!!!

  • Katie in Cali

    What did he say!? Extra bonus if he said yes! That is super awesome.

  • Jessica (the celt)

    Unnatural love, that is. I suppose that Mr. Fran could potentially assist the lobster with understanding inanimate from animate objects…perhaps? ;~)

    Wonderful tidings on you dad!

  • Fran

    Yay about your dad! That is most excellently awesome! Of course you’ll be down there helping out. Not a one of us would expect anything else.

    The lobster car? Both baffling and oddly compelling.

    And Maisy? She is perfect! I had to read your whole entry out loud to Lillian, just to get to her question. Brilliant!

    Take good care of your day, Sweetie, but take good care of yourself too. You are also precious and priceless!

  • That’s wonderful news about your father, Joshilyn. Best wishes to him and to your whole family.

  • Lulu

    Oh, hooray for Cheerful Things! Thank you for sharing the good news and the Miss Maisy story of wise perception & assumption! As for those other pink socky things? Peace out, Miss J.

  • Hoorah! So glad your dad is on the mend!
    I’ve always thought that lobsters were incredibly creepy, but the grocery people make them incredibly sad when they rubber band their pincers and pile them in such a very boring, and public water tank. FREE THE LOBSTERS! (And I know it was a crab and not a lobster, but that picture makes me think of the Honda commercial: “Little Pinch?”) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxPg7CwtG2w

    Maisy Jane makes me laugh out loud. Not any of this LOL business. Not even Lawlz. Nope, actual for true laughing out loud!

  • And just to tie it all together. You know, for continuity’s sake…

  • Michelle

    From the mouths of babes! So glad to hear your dad is recovering nicely! I have the same type of dad and Lord knows I just can’t get by without him. Cheers and happy holidays!

  • DebR

    Maisy – bwahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa! That made my day.
    Lobster/car – disturbing. But ok, we’re going with love so…ok.
    Your dad – YAY!!! That made my day too.

  • Oh goodness. I love your daughter.