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A small portion of the mighty Warhammer forces currently infesting my mantel shelf

You know how you SAY things if, you think a thing is super unlikely to happen, like how you might SAY if your kid gets on the honor roll you will buy them an EXHORBITANTLY expensive Warhammer model kit, thinking, “OH, the stress of moving, and he just changed schools, they have him in AP classes, he historically is not GREAT with change; it’s nice to give him an incentive, but COME ON, I can safely plan to spend that money on liquor and shoes…”

Yeah. Well. Turns out my kid is amazing.

Yeah. Well. Turns out you guys are pretty dern amazing, too.

Did you see that GROWN-UP KIND OF PRETTY made the final round? Of the GoodReads best fiction of 2012?

I’m floored.

As I said, it wouldn’t be about which ten books were “best.” That’s SO subjective, and if you asked 100 people they would have all had a different answer, and they would have all been right. I thought it would actually be about who had Best Beloveds willing to geek out, go nuts, and badger everyone they ever met who liked my books. It was about who lifted the flag, hollered, insisted, reiterated, remembered, reminded.

It was pretty much about you guys, being awesome. I wish I could buy you ALL modeling kits.

But instead, here is what I have. If you look at the right siude bar, you will see a clicky lets you download the promised Short Story. I hope you guys like it. Eventually, this story was turned into the opening scene of the first novel I ever wrote, called REACHING FOR HENRY. This is the only bit of it I’ve ever shared.

Technically not a phone. But this thing.

And. Secondly. Oh my. I have dug out my flip phone. I have ordered a DANCING OUTFIT. You heard me, I HAVE ORDERED A DANCING OUTFIT….from…Wait for it: Etsy.

Oh yeah, baby, we are going to do it, and we are going to do it VERY. VERY. VERY. badly.

Filming begins after the holiday, and I should have the horrifying results in time to ruin your sleep forever before Christmas.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Meanwhile, while I busy myself abdicating all hope of personal dignity FOREVER, there IS still a final round going on. I am SUPER amazed to have made this far, but, you know. While you are here and all, look what I have placed a below.

Who left this thing here? I think it might be a handy link for voting!

18 comments to Well…Crap

  • Congratulations! I knew you’d make it, especially once I read about the dance. You make a promise like that, you’re guaranteed to have to follow through. Thank you for the story. It’s a great short, but it made me want to know more about those people. And Henry.

  • Jen H.

    I very much enjoyed the story as well. But it will pale, no doubt, in comparison with the dance-to-come!

  • DebR

    Voted & shared on FB! Open Gangnam Style!! 🙂

  • DebR

    PeeeeEsssssss….TY for the short story – it is downloaded & will be read this evening.
    PeeeeeePeeeeeEsssssss…If you were going to buy us all something, I’d rather have the liquor & shoes than a modeling kit. Just sayin’….

  • I heart the short story. HEART IT! Yay!

  • My school districts blocking devices won’t let me vote yet. . .but I WILL vote while I am making cheesecakes tonight.

    See? I am SO GLAD that you put the chapter over there. . .I am referring to it as a chapter rather than a story, because SURELY you will not torment us with that one, little, tiny bit and then leave us to cool like the rock forever and ever. . .

    Say there is more. Please. 🙂

  • <3

    Downloaded the story and will read after I get in some words for today myself. 🙂

  • Aimee

    I downloaded the story and will ready today! But I must say, much as I adore your writing, I am super-plus-extra excited about the dance!!!!

  • After I write this I shall be reading the short story and also voting. But you know, I was JUST making up my best of lists for the year end, and you are on there, so…it deserves to be on everyone’s I think.

  • Lulu

    Oh. That chapter/short story is Well Done. Very, very well done. Thank you for rewarding us with it!!

    (and I voted for AGUKOP on GoodReads again too.)

  • Michelle-Who-Is-Shelley

    Thrilled about the short story but feeling bad for you about having to dance on video. You shouldn’t have to do something that you dread just because you didn’t realize that AGUKUP is such a wonderful story that resonated so much with so many people – people who voted for it without any incentive whatsoever. But if you feel you must, you can always do a shortened version like Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood did at the CMA’s …. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWSnoEziqPE&feature=related

  • Laura

    it’s been so nice participating in an “election” that didn’t make me lose my will to live!!!

  • Leslie Noon

    Holy cats that was a terrific story!

  • DebR

    Shelley. Dudette….she ordered a special outfit!!!! There is no loophole once you have ordered an outfit. 😀

  • Michelle-Who-Is-Shelley

    Deb – good point. Once you have an outfit, you are committed. 🙂

  • JenniferG

    Oh, thank you for the story! Fantastic!

  • laura F

    Loved the story! Thank you!

  • Lysette Lillian

    So you do intend to have medics on hand, right? As long as you stretch beforehand and adhere to a rigorous training schedule involving green alcoholic beverages you should be fine, but bystanders cats and co?! Have Mox film it and make a commemorative miniature if everyone survives!