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Business End

SO. PRETTY is in the semi-finals. Which means they wiped all the votes. Which means if we want to make the finals, you have to basically all go do it all again. HEH. I did not understand the process, clearly, or I would only just NOW be asking you to vote, but there it is. I kinda blew all my GoodReads GoodWill before the round that counted. SO.

The bad news is, I am still nto back on TOPIC but should be UNPINKSOCKING by next week when this will be over.

The good news is, the likelihood that I will be dancing GANGNAM STYLE in public has gone down.

The weird news is, if you are willing to do the WHOLE THING again—-revote, notify everyone you ever met who likes the book that THEY need to go back and revote, spread the word on facebook, twitter, PINterest, Google+ that a revote is needed …it COULD still happen.

Look, a handy link for voting!

Today I am guest blogging about what this all feels like over on SHELF PLEASURE.

Hint: If I were to try and eat these feelings? I would have to eat the below to choke down a measley half the feelings. You know, the I look at that, the more I find I am VERY willing to try and eat these feelings.

Click the pic to read about wedding dessert buffets

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