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I Know. Sorry. You Were ALREADY Sick of Elections….

SO! as I lost my mind and told youyesterday, PRETTY is nominated for GoodReads Best Fiction Thing. I became instant DOUBLE CRAZY to get everyone who EVER kissed this book on the lips and pronounced it to be yummy to go VOTE!

Look, a handy link for voting!

But yeah—today? I went into a really weird place. I’ve read six of the other books nominated in my category, and you know what? They are very good books. *shrug*

I mean—what’s the best John Hughes film? Pretty in Pink or Sixteen Candles? I IMMEDIATELY say, Sixteen Candles, DUH! Pretty in Pink was DUMB; she should have ended up with Ducky. Half of you just clutched your pearls in horror, AND that was a trick question because OBVIOUSLY the BEST JH film was Breakfast Club. More of you just pearl clutched! See how it is?

The love of art and entertainment, it is all SO subjective.

This vote won’t decide which of these 15 books is “best…” and what ones deserve to be “finalists,” Not really. It will only decide which of these good books got the got the most votes in a particular week, and that’s all. That will depend SOLELY on how many of that book’s fans are willing to relentlessly go vote and get the word out to OTHER fans. Do I want Pretty to be one of them? OH YEAH I DO!

To each her own. Don't judge me.

I want this to be about loving PRETTY, not hating on any other books. This is a mental wellness choice, because I HATE feeling competition with other writers. I am collaborative and communoty oriented, at heart. I think we all on that list of noms LOVE our books and feel they have merit. But our industry is riddled with slotty, jealous feelings, and we can’t let this go that way. Ten years ago, I made a decision to NOT to be that kind of boorish writer—to try 98% of the time not to, anyway.

I HATE it when a group of writers starts yoinking out their metaphorical writer-peens at conferences, slapping them down on the table, and calling for a ruler. It is Bad Think, it makes us all smaller people; I HAVE gotten caught in it before (who hasn’t let their eyes go green for a moment?) Unless an asteroid lands on me today, I will feel that way again before I die. BUT!

*vomits up a radish and then rises and lifts a swearful fist to heaven* BUT AS GOD IS MY WITNESS, I WILL NOT BE A JEALOUS POOP OVER THIS GOODREADS CONTEST.

So, acknowledging that the enjoyment of art and entertainment is subjective, and acknowledging that these are ALL good books—what incentive can I offer to get this book’s fans to really RALLY round it?

It can’t be anything UNIVERSALLY beloved, like, MONEY or CHOCOLATE or DIRTY SPOCK PICTURES. Okay, maybe that’s just me. What about Dirty Daniel Craig Pictures? That seems a tad more universal… So, none of those.

I do not want to buy votes from people who have never read my work and only vote because they enjoy Godiva and aappreciate the curve of James Bond’s manly buttocks in a Speedo.

So…NO to, “If I get to be a finalist, CHOCOLATE FOR THE FIRST 1,000 COMMENTERS.” Nothing like that. Too vote buy-ish.

I need an incentive that ONLY appeals to MY genuine Beloveds. Last year, one of the Fantasy Authors offered a free short story to her fans if she made the finals. See? BRIL. It only appeals to people who REALLY like her work.

So yeah, I am going to do that. If A GROWN UP KIND OF PRETTY makes the finals, I will put a free story up on the website—-It is called THE SNAKE ROCK and it has a Jesus Truck and a nine foot rattlesnake named Henry in it. It is currently pat of a well reviewed art exhibit at Agnes Scott. You will like it.

But I wanted to do more. Something that hadn’t been done before.

I was stumped, so I asked my posse for help and oh. Oh. OH.

My friend Alison Law thought of it; I have to give props to her EVIL brain, even as I learn to fear it.

It is TRULY HORRIFYING. Like, Halloween-can’t-be-over-if-this-nightmare-is-happening level horrifying. And best of all, it will appeal to NO ONE who isn’t a genuine beloved.

I am working out the details but will tell you NO LATER THAN SUNDAY NIGHT what the terrible idea is, and how it will be executed. SO FOR NOW — let The Snake Rock incent you:

Please keep voting!

As for the OTHER incentive…. I have posted a HINT below. Little bit horrified already, yes?

20 comments to I Know. Sorry. You Were ALREADY Sick of Elections….

  • Kirsten

    I did just try to vote again, but it would not let me. Hmm…I had voted last night, so maybe I have to wait 24 hours? I’ll try again tonight and see what happens.

  • Hmmm… me too. I’ll check back later.

    And the BEST John Hughes film was Some Kind of Wonderful.

  • I voted and I will vote again and again, as often as I’m allowed, and I linked the vote to my facebook page where I probably talk about you too much because you are MY FAVORITE AUTHOR and I’m a geek like that. I don’t fangirl out about movie stars or rock stars. I fangirl out about WRITERS. /swoon So anyway, I will support your works even though you threaten me with crappy music.

  • I AM NOT SURE — I changed the post and wrote GOOD READS for confirmation of the rules. I was told by several people that you can vote every day, but NOW I am just goign to the source SO WE KNOW.

    Whether we can or not — email the link to every fan of mine you know, PLEASE.

    Because The incentives —both the short story and the SECRET ONE—-will happen, regardless if we make the finals

  • DebR

    Oooh, oooh, are you going to ride the invisible horse for us and post a video?? Please say that’s the secret!! And PLEASE say you’re going to do it while wearing MC Hammer pants!!!

    I’ll check back later to find out Da Rooolz because for now it won’t let me vote again either. πŸ™

    Also…Breakfast Club. Definitely Breakfast Club.

  • Glory Words

    Voted and facebooked.It’s the best one for sure!

  • SueP

    Well, Joshilyn, I don’t know if you’ll make the finals (I hope hope hope you do) and have voted accordingly, but Pretty was the book that introduced me to your work; and I have to say I couldn’t love it more. Funny, teary, real in every way that mattered…*sigh* Also…you’re an awesome narrator! So if your eyes are greening up, just know that there are LOTSA people that love your characters, and your lovely story telling.


  • Oh, girl, you are SO riding that horse. On Youtube. You should get your kids in on the action. They probably have the dance down pat. I know mine do.

  • LaurieB

    Voted, Yes!! And the other categories, too. Can we vote everyday? I’m getting that from the other comments?

  • Maybe it’s because they get all their nasty out in writing, but whatever the reason, mystery writers are absolutely the most generous, helpful, sharing, encouraging bunch. They really and truly rejoice in each others’ awards.
    By the way, I voted for Pretty yesterday without being prompted. If there’s ever an award for supporting role, Roger will get my vote. Better, can I adopt him? I love that kid.

  • Michelle-Who-Is-Shelley

    No worries – I want your book to win because I LOVE it. I love it , love it, love it and have recommended it to anyone who will listen to me and I have it propped up on display near my computer so I can see it.

    I have not been able to vote more than once – if some of you have, can you tell me how to do it?

  • Michelle M.

    I think you can only vote once. At least, I haven’t been able to vote more than once in each category. I’ve also shared on FB and Twitter!!

  • Jessica (the celt)

    Hm, I couldn’t vote again, but it hasn’t been a true 24 hours either. Either way, I have emailed friends and family (those I gave books to, those who bought them, and those who haven’t yet but I keep badgering about it ;~) and will keep getting the word out any way I can. πŸ™‚

  • You know what I did last night? I rubbed my little Fox doll on the nose for luck for you. Want to know one of my FAVORITE parts of Pretty? When Mosey and Roger get *spoilerbot redacted* but she *spoilerbot redacted* and Roger *spoilerbot redacted* That is one of the kindest, most loving, most chivalrous, most humane things a hormone- riddled boy ever did. And I, like Big, would have *spoilerbot redacted* if he ever did it again–but it was SUCH a great moment.

  • ROXANNE SPoilerbot (mr. Husband) TOok out the parts that give things away to new readers BUT THAT IS MY FAVORITE SCENE IN THE BOOK. I think I wrote the whole book to write THAT SCENE and the BUNNIES scene with Liza. πŸ™‚

  • Sarah

    As a side note, did you know that the original ending of Pretty in Pink had Andie and Ducky ending up together? I had the book based on the screenplay and that’s how the book (and the original screenplay) ended. I have read various reports of who/why changed things. From Molly Ringwald not liking the ending, JH changed it as he was wont to do, or that test audiences hated the ending and wanted Andie to end up with a major appliance.

  • Niki

    Oh, heh heh, but I shall judge you! I judge your opinion to be absolutely Correct. I grok “hot-for-Spock.”

  • Karyn

    Your book was the only one on that page that I’ve read. *shrug* It certainly made voting much easier. Since I spent the last 2 years toiling over my MBA (done! yay!) I selected my reading *for fun* material very selectively. And your book(s) won on *that* list, at least. I do hope you win the contest but you’re right, books are good in different ways – “best” is so relative. And oh, hey – I have time to read again. Time to branch out to other authors πŸ™‚

  • BerniG

    I voted and facebooked it:) As much as I love love loved Backseat Saints, I think I loved A Grown Up Kind of Pretty more. And you are sooooo not alone with the high mental illness numbers. I count every day that I don’t end up licking the wallpaper as a good one!

  • No prob–and THANK YOU, Mr. Husband. I forget that not EVERYONE bought a lovely green gingham covered hardback the first day they possibly could. πŸ™‚ It really IS one, smart read!!!! Especially if I don’t go telling all the good parts. HA!!!