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A Rallying Cry for Big-Time Help

We’ve had the storm of the decade menacing and then tearing up the east coast, and it feels kinda weird to be all HEY! A GOOD THING HAPPENED, but…a good thing DID happen, and I have to talk about it, because I need your help to make it keep happening some more.

I am also sorry to interrupt the ongoing story. You know, the one that will eventually be about surviving without a single organizational skill? I am NOT pink socking… WE WILL GET THERE. Albeit slowly, like a DiCaprio-hating iceberg angling itself at a boat. Here is why I have to pause:

A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty is one of 15 books nominated for Best Fiction in The Good Reads Choice Awards. (!!!!!!!)

I look at other 14 nominees and I think two things simultaneously.



2) Crap….Look at the amazing company.

There are only eleven days before they pare this down to semifinalists. There are wonderful books here, HUGE break-outs and books with ginormous fan-bases and books I flat adored personally, but you know what? I love my book, and I am genuinely proud of it. I want to see it in the semi-finals. I don’t know if PRETTY is the little engine that CAN, but I at LEAST want it to be the little engine that tried its ever-lovin’ guts out. I know PRETTY has some rabid fans out there, too. I have heard from you….The trick is, do its fans KNOW the contest is happening?

You, my Best Beloved: How can I help?

Me: HUZZAH! I was hoping you would say that, and PS Dear LORD but your HAIR IS DIVINE today, really. Did ZEUS fix it for you?

1) If you read and loved A GROWN-UP KIND OF PRETTY, please vote for it—This is where you can vote —and if you can, please use the social buttons that let you post your vote to facebook or the tweeter etc, so more people know this vote is happening.

2) If you didn’t read it, but you read and loved one or more of my other books (or even if you follow the blog but have never here-to-fore taken the next step and tried a book of mine) then OH Best Beloveds, live up to that Best … Let the reading be now, and let the book be Pretty. If, after reading, you find you have warm, pink feelings of hope and delight toward it, then please vote for it.

3) If you KNOW any folks who like my books—this one in particular—PLEASE personally let them know it was shortlisted, and direct them to step 1 or 2 above, as appropriate. Send them the link, to make it easy.

ANYTHING you can do to let the people who enjoy my books know this is happening, please take a minute and do it? Tell about the vote on your blog, your facebook, your PINterest, Twitter, to your book club, your read-y friends, send an EMAIL with the link to people that you enjoyed my work, Now is the tiem to do it, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. SO FREAKIN’ MUCH.

4) If you have ANY THOUGHTS on how we can get the word out that I have not thunked, post them in the comments! Or if you just want to tell me what YOU did to help, so I can admire the jaunty angle of your SEXY, SEXY HAT as you help PRETTY have a good showing, then please, I am all ears. Or, no, I am half ears and half hat-admiration. Actually, I will be READING what you post, not hearing it, so I am not any ears at all, but you know what I mean.

Did I mention that This is where you can vote?

23 comments to A Rallying Cry for Big-Time Help

  • DebR

    I already voted this morning with my morning coffee and posted it to my facebook page and was popping over here to see if you knew yet that you were in the running. 🙂

  • Aimee

    Voted, posted and fingers are crossed for you! congrats on making the short list.

  • I voted, and I also got a little mouthy on Facebook about the OTHER voting activities going on. This is the one, however, that is good for your soul.

  • Michelle M.

    voted and shared on FB.

  • Cindy D

    Of course I voted for you! Good luck – you definitely deserve to be in that company.

  • Voted! (And every time I see that cover, it still seems as fresh and tart as ever.)

  • Gail Clark

    I VOTED!!!! I JUST THIS MORNING on my way to work finished the audio version of AGUKOP. Can I just say that I was sad to see Mosey and Big and Liza go? I wanted to know more about the [spoiler removed via Spoilerbot], and if she [spoiler removed via Spoilerbot], and if Mosey and Roger [spoiler removed via Spoilerbot], and if Liza finally [spoiler removed via Spoilerbot]. I feel like they are my friends, and they just moved away . . . sniff. Your narration was perfection, and I loved how clearly you had a voice for each of your women, plus a few others in there as well!

    Can we vote more than once? I did post my vote on FB, so hopefully that will help! Hopingly wishing you to WIN! And to finish the story about how you almost died and then had a mid life crisis but not really . . .

  • HA! Spoilerbot is the secret name of Mr Husband!

  • I voted last night and posted to facebook. Am I still in the Best Beloved’s Club? 🙂

  • Lulu

    I may be obnoxious, but I did vote for your book – yesterday! My alter ego on Twitter then tweeted about it. Yay!
    And, is it cheating if we vote more than once using each of the various Internety machines we have? Or is ballot-stuffing allowed in this?

  • Michelle-Who-Is-Shelley

    Voted! My husband was looking for a book to listen to on audio during his commute to work. Convinced him to get AGUKOP, but he said that he will have to find a way to hide the cover from any (male) co-workers that might ride in his car. 🙂

  • Lulu

    Oh, nevermind, I double-checked & you have to be logged in to Goodreads for voting, but it looks like it will let me vote again today. I think.

  • bonbon

    I voted! I loved your book and am delighted to vote for it. But all I can say is “Beautiful Ruins” had better not come close to winning. I didn’t like it AT ALL!

  • Karen

    I saw a story today about Hurricane Sandy uncovering some bones underneath a tree in CT. How cool is that?? Yay – sort of a Grown Up Kind of Pretty Moment, huh?

    I’ll go vote!

  • Kirsten

    I voted, I shared. I am SO not surprised you were short-listed for this award. I fall into your books, and happily get lost in them. Housework is left for later, errands don’t get run, I only stop to feed the cats because their hungry cries ruin the reading experience. I’m glad others enjoy your writing as much as I do. Good luck!

  • Jessica (the celt)

    Done and done again!

    If only [spoiler removed via Spoilerbot], then we could all [spoiler removed via Spoilerbot] and meet with you at [spoiler removed via Spoilerbot] for dinner or [spoiler removed via Spoilerbot], Joss! Wouldn’t that be [spoiler removed via Spoilerbot]?

    ;~) (Just having fun with your spoiler remover text.)

    Can’t Spoilerbot give the star a nose for you? It’s sad that he is lacking.

    Glad you know us well enough to realize that you can’t point and say, “Look, shiny!” and expect us to forget that you are going to tell us about something with a pink underbelly (maybe in the end the theme ends up being “the thing with wings”? I hope?) Thanks for not pink-socking us! ;~)

  • Voted and Facebooked about it. This book so deserves to win!

  • I tweeted! I voted on facebook!! I mentioned that you look better on the side of a bus than Carrie Bradshaw!!!

  • I voted and tweeted! Hopefully this will get you a few more votes.

  • Christine in Los Angeles

    Someone, somewhere, said “Vote early, and vote often” … would it apply in this case?

    I’ve told everyone, including a young lady buying magazines and books at the grocery store, and the young man that was trying to get her attention … buy this now!, vote now!

    Fingers crossed for you (also toes, eyes, teeth and anything else that’s limber enough to comply).

    God bless, Christine

  • Please continue to vote for Joshlyn Jackson for her wonderful book A Grown Up Kind of Pretty. She needs your votes now. Keep on fighting and writing your great novels. You are a New York Times best selling author on your way to greatest heights! Best of Luck in all you do.

  • SillyMe

    yes -voted &
    yes -posted

  • SillyMe

    Hey, my monster changed!