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Cookie Fall-Out

To answer the repeated queries in the comments: It was delicious. A++. Would eat again.

Here is an ACTUAL conversation I had soon after the cookie blog went live, as closely as I can remember it.

Setting: Alison and I are talking on the phone and simultaneously surfing the web, looking for a good place to meet for lunch…

Alison: That cookie looks like the ones we got in Virginia Highlands at that bakery, remember?

Me: OH! YES! IT KINDA DOES! I bet that’s where I got it. When was that?

Alsion: …Last year. Last year at right about this time.


Me: Unpossible.

Alison: Nope It was right before Susan’s birthday, and we went to YEAH! BURGER and then we took the walk and found the baker—

Me: GAHHHHHH I did not eat a year old cookie! A year old cookie would have MOLDED or at least started smelling like a buttered corpse. I would be DEAD OF IT right now if it was that old. Also, realistically, knowing ME, don’t you think I would have found it and eaten it already? Cookies that good do not survive unmolested for a year that close to me. I FIND them. I EAT them.

Alison: When was the last time you looked in your glove compartment?

Me: I do not know, but not a YEAR. Not if there was A COOKIE in there.

Alison: I’m just saying, it looks like those cookies.

Me: Shut up. I do not hear you on this topic. LUNCH! What about Alon’s—they have a good lamb sandwich?

Alison: *clicks to the website* Yes, they do. Okay, let’s go there. HEY! LOOK! On the splash page—is THAT your cookie?

*I back up to the splash page, and see… THE COOKIE! IT IS THE COOKIE!*

Me: YES! THAT IS HIM! Oh, thank GOD! It wasn’t a year old. I got that cookie at Alon’s when I picked up the party trays for my housewarming. *crowing in triumph* HA! THAT COOKIE WAS THREE MONTHS OLD, TOPS!

In retrospect, this is not all that heartening.

8 comments to Cookie Fall-Out

  • Haley

    I would totally eat a three-month old macaron. Might not be at its best, but it still has the vital ingredient of sugar.

    I love, love, love Alon’s. Whenever I am visiting my mother in the area I make her take me. They have the best double chocolate cookies, and I normally prefer plain chocolate chip to double chocolate. And their eclairs are fantastic. And the lamb sandwich is what I get every time I go. They have a larger Alon’s near Perimeter Mall that has a gigantic section of imported foods and gelato and a wine bar and such.

  • Jessica (the celt)

    This probably speaks more of me than it does of you, but this makes me think you are even more awesome than I already did. And that’s saying something.

  • Follow up stories are excellent. Love!

  • Oh. . .three month old cookies are just mellowed and aged like a fine. . .cookie. 🙂

  • DebR

    Well I think if the 30-second rule applies to food that falls to the floor then a 3-month rule would apply to cookies found in glove boxes. How much dirt is really going to get into a glove box? And anyway, the cookie was in PAPER. I would totally be ok with eating it and I’m a borderline germophobe. But also admittedly a cookie addict. Heh.

  • Obnoxious Lulu

    I think 3 months vs 12 months is very heartening!!

    When I was in my 20s, I used to think that my older sister was a wee bit extreme when she insisted on putting the date on every leftover in her refrigerator. I, on the other hand, operated on the premise that if I couldn’t remember how old something in my fridge was, it was too old to eat. This did not apply to stashes of cookies and such, especially if they were packaged for storage! Now I am older and fussier and more forgetful, so I sometimes put a date on things going into the fridge. I definitely label stuff going into the freezer because that’s just a cold black hole (which sometimes has stashes of cookies–that are edible at any age)!

    I’m sure your aged cookie was fine and even had the possible added bonus of being an immune system booster: just a minor mold vaccine… (How are you feeling today, Toots?)

  • This conversation is made of so much win. 🙂

  • Now you have something in common with Elaine in that Seinfeld episode where she ate a slice of a cake that was old (I think it was the wedding cake from Jack and Jackie Kennedy’s wedding??)

    The question is: did it taste good?
    And the Answer is: If you are still here to write this blog and not in a hospital, then it must’ve been delicious!