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Typical Sunday Morning

Every self-respecting Disney Princess needs a strompy castle...

The dogs have gone to breakfast. I am lounging in bed with Mango on my chest, and Mr. Husband brings me coffee and gets back in, too. We lie there scritching him in tandem while he looks smug and lets us know he deems our ministrations acceptable by purring.

Mango is turning out to be superlative.

You know, you get an adult pet, it’s a risk, like a mail order bride, except not creepy. An animal might SEEM like a good fit on paper, but you really don’t meet the actual true beastly inner beast. Not for a couple of weeks. Not until he feels loved and safe enough to come out from under the washing machine and HAVE flaws.

Mango is getting there. His revealed flaws, so far:

1) He likes to sit HIGH on my chest, with his face in my face, WHICH I LOVE, but when he reaches a state of catatonic scritching bliss he drools. Freely. Big plops like raindrops. Luckily, I find this hugely charming. Gompers, the best cat to ever grace the planet, was a freeform drooler.

2) He ULULATES. Yes, like a yeti. Sometimes, for no apparent cause, and at any time of day (including, but not limited to, 3 am) he has a deep need to march back and forth and…ululate. It is very loud. It is not a distress noise or a pain noise or any recognizable emotion. He does it with matter of fact aplomb. “AH! Time to ululate,” he thinks, and then he does it, and then he sinks back with the air of a fellow who has done his duty, and well.

I…find it charming. Less charming at 3 am than at noon, perhaps, but still charming.

This morning, as we applied ourselves to making sure no catly ear-itch went unscratched, I told Scott, “I am in love with this cat. It is ridiculous. He is DROOLING on me, my NECK is SOAKED and I am thinking, OH! OH! HOW I LOVE HIM!

Scott: I can see that.

Me: This is a romance. I saw his picture and I knew he was ours and I would love him forever, as if he were a Disney princess. HE IS JUST LIKE A DISNEY PRINCESS. If, you know, Disney Princesses drooled and pooped into boxes.

Scott: Who’s to say they don’t? Not the drool. Princesses do not drool, but they may well poop in boxes.

Me: Ariel does not poop in a box. MULAN DOES NOT POOP IN A BOX.

Scott: You don’t know. You have never seen them poop into a toilet. It has to be going somewhere.

Me: No, it doesn’t. Disney Princesses don’t poop.

Scott: Everybody poops.

Like he has room to judge. Me: Not Disney princesses. The angels come and carry it away. No, the little birds. The little sentient birds that help with housework. NO! RACCOONS! It is OBVIOUSLY Raccoons. ANIMATED RACCOONS COME IN THE NIGHT AND STEAL THEIR POOP WHILE THEY ARE SLEEPING.

Scott: Ugh!

*pause* *I pet Mango*

Scott: UGH.

*pause* *Mango drools.*

Scott: Why would you put that in my head? That is IN MY HEAD NOW. Forever.

*pause* *I pet Mango*

Scott: Well, at least raccoons wash their hands.

10 comments to Typical Sunday Morning

  • Ha! I think you are right, it has to be the raccoons because they don’t mind tasks like these. Squirrels would be their backup if the Raccoons were busy stealing garbage that night. I do have to add, because it seems to fit in here somewhere, that a family of raccoons do poop on the top step of my pool. I imagine it is sort of like a bidet-type thing for them. While I find it admirable that they are focused on their personal hygiene, I’m not a fan of these creatures.

    So glad you have found love in your drooling Mango.

  • Mango might be losing his hearing. Both of my cats lost their hearing in the last years of their loooooong lives [one died at 22 and the other seems to be going strong at 19] and, around the same time, each began yelling LOUDLY whenever they want food, affection, company, or what ever the hell they want.

  • My kitty, Sebastian, who is now pushing 21, was The Loudest Cat Ever. He meowed, ululated, and spoke in sentences using his Outside Voice at any time of day or night. Now that he is officially old, he doesn’t make much sound anymore. He is severely hard of hearing so when he does decide to verbally communicate (is it verbal if he’s a cat?) it is LOUD.

    Yay, for Mango!

  • It’s the orange. Leo, an orange cat who showed up on our porch and refused to leave, adopted us four years ago this weekend. He looked a lot like Mango but was already at least 12 years when he came to live with us. I loved him. We tried to find his owner for two weeks with no success. I then said to my husband that I wanted to keep this cat I named Leo. He begrudgingly said yes…and Leo became his cat. Leo shared the last two and a half years of his life with us and we still miss him terribly after a year and a half without him. Enjoy Mango. Give him a scratch from me.

  • jeanette in peculiar

    I used to have a cat that would pace up and down the hall and make odd LOUD noises just prior to using the cat box. I think it was her way of saying “You do NOT want to go back there.” Funny and entertaining……..except at 6AM on a Saturday!

  • DebR

    EvilDemonKittySky ululates, but with him it is a distress sound – he always does it when he knows he’s about to puke. I hear that sound & I go for the paper towels and a plastic bag. Ugh. Still, I have a theory that it’s better than being a silent puker. At least I know to go looking for it before someone steps in it or the dogs eat it up like a tasty treat. :-p

  • Aimee

    LOL, DebR, we have a pre-puke ululator too! The other one’s a silent puker, as my very sad bare feet can sadly testify. 🙁

    Mango sounds awesome. Our silent puker is also a mighty drooler. I love it.

    BTW, Mulan *might* poop in a box, or under a tree. Mulan is totally bad-ass.

  • BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That is all.

  • Princess box-pooping is WAY less distressing an image than the raccoon scenario. I…I do not know what to say to you. I’m entirely on Scott’s side in this one. WHY?

  • *snicker*

    Hocus ululates also. He used to do it around 10PM, looking for his brother. It was only used for locating Pocus. Then, Pocus died, and Hocus watched as Corey buried him in the flower bed, and then, it began. Every night, Hocus ululates, as though still searching for his brother, his very very dead brother. Then, Hocus will sit by the window and stare at Pocus’ grave and look at us with mourning in his eyes. It is absolutely heart-wrenching… the first few times you watch. But, like Mango, Hocus has taken to ululating at ungodly hours of the night/morning. Usually because he wants up on Haydn’s bed. He is a very needy cat since his brother died. But, still quite gorgeous and cuddly and he mostly manages to poop outside where your magic raccoons can handle things.