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Inside the Kid Brain Lies a Wonderland

Maisy has ANOTHER stomach flu. We are going back to the doc on Monday because I am getting seriously worried she has something wrong. They thought she had Crohns when she was little.

In my worry I got it in my head that this had something to do with the move. Old house…Lead paint…. Like that.

Me: Maisy, since we moved, have you licked any walls or picked off and eaten any little paint chips?

Maisy: Um, NO, Why would I do THAT?

There is a clear parenthetical YOU MORON in her tone. Like, why would I even ASK if she had done such a WEIRD, INSANE thing.

Scott: Have you taped a bunch of sticks to the ground in the backyard?

Maisy: Yes.

And here her tone conveys that this is the most normal thing in the world to do. OF COURSE! Who WOULDN’T tape sticks to the ground. Why aren’t you outside taping the rest of the sticks to the ground RIGHT NOW?

So. There you are. It’s tapehenge.

9 comments to Inside the Kid Brain Lies a Wonderland

  • Has school started there? If so, that could be the source of the tummy-crud. I found that there are all manner of permutations of viral/bacterial/space-alien types of yuck that are immediately shared with a new classroom full of kids. It’s astonishing. New species of virulent wonkiness are bred in the first few weeks of school.

    Which is not to say that Miss Maisy should not go to the doctor; of course she should. She may have internally created a whole new type of tummy flu that will forever be known as Maisicuous Malignintosis. It’s not a preferred form of immortality, but she’s pretty darned original.

  • Jill W.

    Hope she feels better soon. Tummy stuff is the worst. : (

  • Jessica (the celt)

    Geez, Joss, it’s only logical. Who would eat tiny pieces of the house when there are sticks outside running around all wild and untamed? You tame nature first and THEN you can eat what’s just lying around the house. (My guess is that there is just soooo much nature to be tamed that the house-eating will never commence. So.)

  • Worrying is the worst. Hope she’s better soon. (Were the sticks about to escape?)

  • Brigitte

    Yes, a wonderland indeed . .

    Daughter had about 5 bouts with flu-ish symptoms in 6 months (where the already rail-thin child won’t eat). After $500 of blood tests, they declared her fine. And she has been fine since. I think they sometimes do it to torture us (kidding!).

  • Aimee

    Perhaps she thought “stick” was both a noun AND an imperative? STICK! Okay.

  • Linda J

    Is it just me or is her art work sort of Blair Witch-ish? Creepy.

    When that child falls ill she goes for the long hall doesn’t she?

  • c

    clearly she needs more tape…

  • JMixx

    I think I may have decoded the mystery of Tapehenge:

    Ant Corrals.

    I hope Maisy feels better soon.