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WINNERS! and Where Was Waldo? (In This scenario, I am Waldo. But I refuse the Hat.)

Here (very late) are the winners of the SHINE SHINE SHINE audiobook, at last.

1, Theresa July 23, 2012 at 3:21 pm I’ve already told my friend to read this awesome book, and she has already told her book-club members, who will tell their friends, who will tell their friends. Guaranteed.

50, Dina Anderson July 24, 2012 at 5:59 pm I will post on Facebook and am telling my husband, NOW.

70, Beverly S. July 26, 2012 at 9:30 am I gave Shine Shine Shine a shout-out on Facebook. Thanks for the giveaway.

81, Lori L (she treads softly) July 27, 2012 at 10:53 am It’s already on my wish list and I will recommend it to my book club!

86, cathy July 30, 2012 at 11:19 am I’ll tell!!

If this is you, Shoot me an email andENJOY!

If you have not read it yet, I have to tell you, SHINE SHINE SHINE is getting serious love from both folks looking for some delightful entertainment (PEOPLE Magazine made it the PEOPLE PIC, gave it 3.5/4 stars and said stuff like, “Not only entertaining, but nuanced and wise…blending wit and imagination…a delightfully unique love story and a resounding paean to individuality.”) to the lit lover who wants a deep and abiding read (It just got an absolute RAVE in in THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW).
I won’t be blogging much until October as I am writing eight or nine hours a day in a BOOK FRENZY, and it’s hard to look at a screen anymore than that without wanting to go rogue cannibal and eat whoever invented screens.

If you have been wondering if I died. No, I mostly did not. But it was a close thing in some ways. On the blog break, when I was HOME….well, here is a view of the street directly across from my house:

See how the WHOLE power pole has snapped in half? What you can’t see is how that pole pulled down the sideways lines, so MY HOUSE was completely draped on 3 sides in alive crackling death wires. WHEEE!
We had no power for hours, obviousl;y, and it was 106 degrees, so THAT was fun. The city fire dept and Georgia Power got the danger part over very quickly, though, and we had light (and more importantly, CLIMATE CONTROL) the next day. It shockingly* took much, much longer to get our cable back up.

*Here shockingly is used as a euphemism for wanting to kick Comcast hard in its reproductive bits, before it can make MORE Comcasts.

There is my car, draped in live wires, and you can see the fire truck beyond that, taping off our yard and parts of all our neighbors yards. We were not even allowed on our porch! Like, every other person could at least leave and go to an air conditioned movie. Our house, was totally surrounded.

Meanwhile, there are STILL some odd wires that we don’t know WHAT they are for or who owns them coiled like black non-lethal serpents in the yard. I assume they are non-lethal. The fat Decatur Bird-feed-raiding squirrels have pranced all over licking them and have remained woefully under-electrocated, anyway, which is heartening.


10 comments to WINNERS! and Where Was Waldo? (In This scenario, I am Waldo. But I refuse the Hat.)

  • DebR

    I am glad you are alive and unfried.
    Congrats to the winners!!

  • kim

    Wow!! We managed to have a minor celebration at our house last week when one of said fat Decatur squirrels chisel to electrocute himself on the transformer in front of our house. Lots of firecrackery noise followed by a smallish fire and a visit from DFD and Georgia Power. Thankfully only limited outage on our side of town.

  • Kathy

    Holy Fried Toast Bits! So glad y’all are alright!

  • So glad you did not die even partially. As for the wires and squirrels, I would treat those with caution. Squirrels are probably naturally grounded or something, and are trying to lure you to your death by making the wires see TOTALLY safe. Beware the plotting squirrel.

  • Melissa

    Keep writing!!! I discovered Grown-Up Kind of Pretty in December and read all your books backwards (starting at page one) until I finished Between GA. Now I have snarky twisted story withdrawal. So, I’m glad you’re safe, but get back to work!!!

  • Linda J

    8 or 9 hours a day?!? Wow sounds like another best seller in the making!

    Power lines running a muck? Why not weave them into squirrel traps? Throw some bird seed and get rid of 2 problems in one shot!

  • c

    oh,it looks like your house had a huge ankle bracelet on! glad it served it’s time and you’re both free to leave and to again have climate control. write away 🙂

  • brigitte

    Blargh! Picturing you huddled up against your few remaining melting icecubes to try and stay cool, lying on the kitchen floor gasping for breath.

    So why’d the pole explode? The 106 degree temps boiled the tar inside, maybe?

  • a HUUUGE oak tree, chock full of secret disease, snapped in half and borked the pole in twain.

  • I will miss your blog posts a lot. But I am heartened that there is book writing happening. Hey! Maybe you could do a video blog! Yeah! Point your phone at yourself like Mark Lipinski and say whatever pops into your noggin! Phones have very small screens. I bet you would hardly notice that it was still a screen. *nod nod* Because I will miss you.