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Today’s helpful hint, because I AM A HELPER: If you ever have a massive brain cramp and can’t remember the name Georgia O’Keeffe, EVEN THOUGH YOU LIVE IN GEORGIA, go to Google and type, “flower paintings that look like female ge” and google will already be saying, “GEORGIA O’KEEFFE, DUMMY,” before you can reach the N key.


THE BOOK IS GOING. Right now I am so in love with William Ashe I am having a hard time not licking my monitor to get a taste of him. When the book starts to go like this, it is hard to get my head up and out of it. Yesterday I sat here immersed, being a PURELY terrible parent from 5 am until 4 pm. I forgot I had kids. Weirder, I literally forgot to EAT.

Beloveds, I sometimes have flashfire forget-shocks and realize that I somehow created the two most awesome living humans on the planet with my body, but I do not forget to eat.


Today, I knocked off early, as it is 3:43 as I type this. I JUST got my head out of it, so, that would be an improvement if I were to go PARENT now, but instead I seem to be blogging.


Defense 1: My youngest is off on a camping trip with her BFF’s family, so I am only neglecting the one.

Rebuttal: The one who is home has spent the vast majority of my crazy working hours buried in Skyrim. I think his eyes just fell out.

Defense: At several points yesterday I pulled off the headset that was pumping necessary William Music into my head and screamed, GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY IN THE BEAUTY OF EARTH.

Rebuttal: I forgot we were having these record heat waves. I think the beauty of earth was about 106 degrees?

Rebutting the rebuttal: He didn’t GO, so it was fine. Until his eyes fell out.

Tomorrow I WILL tell you how I quasi-invented A Tad Backslid, which I forgot to do, but I WILL. I just can’t look at a screen anymore right this second or MY eyes will fall out.

Rams S, our winner, told me where she got the name…

Rams S: It’s a line from an old Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, where Mary Kay Place as a gospel singer assures Mary that some guy isn’t evil, “he’s just a tad backslid.”

Me, too. I am not evil. Just a Tad Backslid, and now I need to drink one and then go help my kid find his eyes.

OH! on July 17th at 7:30 pm my all time new favorite book SHINE SHINE SHINE by Lydia Netzer will have a virtual launch party. I will be there as a special guest yacker, as I recorded the audio version. (You can hear a sample by clicking on the SHINE SHINE SHINE icon at the top of my right sidebar.) Can you come? Please? With simple syrup and a cherry and a buttload of Redemption Rye?

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  • “Shine Shine Shine” was doing fantastic things in Amazon rankings the other day. Congrats to Lydia.

    Also, I’m intrigued about the new book. Yours tend to be female-centric. (NOT a complaint!) Will be neat to see what’s so cool about this new guy.

  • Go Joshilyn and Lydia! I heard the first chapter on audio and have the CD version pre-ordered. Can’t wait to read/listen!


    Jan, this book has two narrators, William and a red hot mess named Shandi, so I am not abandoning (screwed up) women entirely.

    It WILL be my first published book with a male narrator, though one of my under bed books also had a male narrator, and my next book may be entirely narrated by a man as that is just the way the story is coming along in my head.

  • Tina

    Can I just say? I love the way you write! Not just the finished product, but the whole process. It’s exactly the way I think writing should be. I recall reading a foreword by an author who described his process. He freely admitted that his writing was formulaic. He would come up with an idea, apply his formula, and in a very methodical and regimented fashion, churn out the book. Don’t get me wrong, he is a good writer. But I have to admit… I loved his characters a little less after I read that.

    You, on the other hand, your stories seem to burst out of your head, like Athena bursting out of Zeus’s skull, (with less gross).

    So, um, I guess I’m thanking you for neglecting your kids? Lol, just kidding! But it makes me happy to know that you love your characters and they’re just as real to you as they are to me.

  • About that “Shine Shine Shine” virtual book launch thing…I know it’s at 7:30. But which time zone? I’m in the middle one and I don’t know if it’s the same where Lydia is. Of course, I could ask Lydia, but it’s just so much fun asking you and then watching your head spin around three times and then fly off like a bottle rocket. Thank you in advance. *grin*

  • Haley

    The google autofill thing is very helpful. My friend John says it is a very good way to find out how bad of a neighborhood you live in. Because if you live in a bad neighborhood and are trying to find a pizza place nearby, instead of suggesting “jamaica plain house of pizza,” google will suggest “jamaica plain house of pizza murder.”

  • Barbara

    I used to watch Mary Hartman Mary Hartman in college. Loved it. Others around me didn’t share the same fascination. “Tad Backslid” is a great name for a drink. I’m a tad backslid most days. I do sometimes find it a bit disconcerting that Google can think for me. Helpful but a bit disconcerting.

    Am eagerly awaiting the next book.

  • Yeah, my boys have gotten more screen time than usual, due to the heat. Seattle was lovely. I wish I could have brought that weather home with us.