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Winnerriffica (THIS IS A WORD! *Stern Glare* IT IS.) Updated with drink recipe!

The cocktail name contest was a mistake. There are about fifty REALLY strong contenders. You guys should all get jobs naming stuff. Like race horses and nail polish colors and boats and more drinks. Seriously, beloveds, you are GOLDEN. You guys even helped me name BACKSEAT SAINTS, remember? WHO SAID “Saints in the Backseat?” It is making me crazy to not remember, and I can’t find it in the archives. I should have put you in the dern acknowledgements, how churlish.

I wish I had fifty more babies, so you could name THEM. PEEP the comments or my facebook-n-twitterfeed if you want to see em all.

I couldn’t pick, and so last Saturday, I left for the beach and lived internet free for a week, magically not getting Sun Poisoning via hardly ever going out INTO the sun. I am SO Irish that I rash up usually on day two, but I made the Beach Umbrella and the Patio my best friends, and came home an even whiter shade of pale than when I left, but also unitchy.

While I was away, I meditated on the cocktail name, and here we understand the word “meditated” to mean “drank a lot of them.”

I FINALLY got it narrowed to three names, and I have to mention the runners up here, because picking between these three was practically a coin toss. From DebR, the Aubergini. From @BrigetteSeppa, the Foamy Tart. But the final winning wordplay came from Rams S. The drink is officially named Tad Backslid.

I am currently watching season 2 of Mad Men, and I want to borrow Christina Hendrick’s WHOLE wardrobe and then go someplace swanky and say, “I’ll have a Tad Backslid.” It just sounds so inhumanly POSH.
CONGRATS, Rams S, you win the first copy of A GOOD HARD LOOK, and here’s how to make one.

Shot of Redemption Rye
Shot of Port (I used a Faux-Port made with Shiraz grapes in California)
Shot of Egg Whites (I use pasteurized ones!)
tsp Simple Syrup
Tsp Lemon Juice
Shake over ice, serve up with Cherry

For the next two copies, I resorted to my un-dear, much loathed, unfair, hateful and beweaselled* friend: THE RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR.

Winners are Kerry and Heather of Based on a True Story.

I am emailing you guys to get a snail addy, and then your AWESOME books will be on the way. If you did not win, ALAS! ALAS!

I HATE the random number generator on your WRONGED BEHALF. Also, your cocktail name was seriously best. Rams S is probably my MOM. I suggest you curse my name, spit at the RNG, comfort yourself with a frosty Tad Backslid and then go buy A GOOD HARD LOOK . Seriously great book.

*Beweaselled is so totally a word. No, really. It is. It means “so coated in cruel perfidy and sly awfulness that it is as if the noun is modified by being spiritually DRAPED in several dozen slavering and crafty weasels.”

17 comments to Winnerriffica (THIS IS A WORD! *Stern Glare* IT IS.) Updated with drink recipe!

  • Brigitte

    Can’t have a Tad Backslid ’till you give us the recipe!

  • OH RIGHT! Sorry — I fixed it. 🙂

  • I read beweaselled as beswilled. I’m not sure what that means about me.

  • I just keep envisioning a certain type of lady as a Foamy Tart. Sort of an Effie Trinket kind of character. But you are right, you have the most amazing readers/commenters. It is so entertaining to just read what they say.

  • I *think* it was someone with the screen name Superman’s Mommy (or something like that?) who came up with Saints in the Backseat??

  • Beswilled? Totally a word. I will use it in a sentence.

    After three Tad Backslids, Effie, that foamy tart, was utterly beswilled.

  • Anna you are CORRECT! That search term worked and I got it!


  • rams

    Child, didn’t I raise you to have better sense than to go admitting to folks that I’m your mama after you sling prizes my way?

  • HA.

    And…apparently NOT, Mom.

  • erinanne

    This is totally random, (hi! welcome to my life!) but I wanted to say thank you for the chutzpah you (and, I quite imagine, some of the other best beloveds) sent my way a couple of months ago. I started a new job three weeks ago after being super depressed about it when you were in the throes of your fantastic MLC. I actually got a job I applied for the day you made that initial post and I asked for the chutzpah to be sent. <3

    :clinks our Tad Backslids together to celebrate:

  • DebR

    I’m a runner up! I feel like I should be smiling the crazy runner up smile and waving languidly at the crowd while secretly plotting ways to release embarrassing photos of rams to the press so that she can’t finish her term as Miss Drink Namer 2012. Heeee!

    Congrats rams and also those beloved by the evil RNG, which hates me always and forever.

  • elizabeth

    Wait, Rams wins the drink name and the comments? Wit should be spread around more evenly. Oh well.

  • Jaade

    Coming out of lurking just to say you also PROMISED (I like your style of using lots of caps and bold and such, we are sisters from another mother) to tell us how this concoction came to be.

  • Jess, of the formerly blue hair

    So if Rams is your mom, and she’s my real-life aunt… well howdy, cousin! 😀

  • Brigitte

    Oh, and P.S. I think you could totally rock Joan’s outfits!

  • Teresa

    Hey welcome back, Joshilyn! Been busy the past couple of days so I hadn’t checked in but last night I was actually wondering if you were ok! *such is my life as a newly wed in a brand new town with no friends or transportation.. gawd I feel like a stalker… I hope I don’t sound like a stalker… hope I’m not labeled in the fun female writers’ circle of comradery as a stalker*

    anyways.. Tad Backslid is an awesome name. And I’m adding A GOOD HARD LOOK to my Awaiting Attention pile. Thanks for the heads up for a great book!

  • Kerry

    So excited to win! Thanks so much!!!