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A Good Hard Liquor: A Contest for Cocktail & Good Book Afficionados Alike

My Favorite Quote from the Comments yesterday comes courtesy of Kira: If you feed the squirrels, the terrorists win. Because squirrels ARE terrorists and they win by eating.


To your left, you will see Ann Napolitano. She is holding the hot fresh new paperback of the book that hops up and down from 1 to 3 in my top three reads for 2011, depending on which one I have read most recently. I bought four copies of this book IN HARDBACK to give to my mother and other people I really like, and I already had the ARC.

She did a 3Q for us, here, if you want to know a little more about the book.

A GOOD HARD LOOK was sent to me for a blurb, and I LITERALLY made a mean face when I read the cover letter. Some Yankee chick was going to write Flannery as a character? GAH! Plus—not ALWAYS—but I tend to hate books where people from actual history show up as secondary characters and do invented things to residually glorify the consequence of an invented person. It often strikes me as precious, or worse, boring.

This black-hearted and hope soaked book, this precise and glorious writing, this terse, wry, mortal, boldly inventedFlannery—they all won me over. I fell GOOD and I fell HARD for this book, and I STILL feel all romantical about it. It will be on my reread shelf for years to come.

Now I have three copies to give away, and you have SO MANY WAYS THAT YOU CAN WIN THEM.

The cocktail way. I invented a cocktail! And here you understand INVENTED has a convoluted and totally humiliating meaning. I will TELL you, Pinky sock swear, how I came to “invent” it when I announce the winner.

Sadly, I have no name for it. YOU have to name it. The name that most closely captures the spirit of the cocktail WINS A COPY. You can riff off color, flavor or the awesomely named rye, or a combo, or be LITERARY! That would be cool!

Cocktail deets, so you can give it an appropriate name. It is a deep, bright Barnosaur purple. It is FOAMY, like a French Martini, but not SWEET like that. It is crisp and fruity and summery and tart. The main licker in it is Redemption Rye. It is served UP. I present it in these GORGEOUS etched glass 1950’s Champagne glasses that my mother in law gave me.

Shoot me an email with your cocktail name or leave it in a comment on this entry in my facebook page, or TWEET IT TO ME @joshilynjackson. If you already TWEETED me a name from earlier, relax. You are fifty shades of entered, kinda painfully and perhaps a little bit against your will, but hey, YOU LIKE IT THAT WAY. *blank, level stare.*

If you leave the name for me in the comments, THAT IS FINE, but that COUNTS as both your cocktail entry AND your entry for the random drawing, savvy? You can’t leave a cocktail name AND another, separate comment that says ENTER ME IN THE DRAWING and get two entries, for a total of five. That’s naughty! And not the good kind of naughty. The kind that makes your fellow contestants make the stern eyebrows at you. We all might even LOOK ASKANCE, should you attempt it!

The other two copies? We shall dispense with them in our usual cruel and randomly generated fashion. You have four ways to enter the drawing.

1) Leave a comment here saying YOUR COCKTAIL NAME for the other contest! Or if you tweeted or emailed that, you can say I WANT TO WIN or tell me something you are allergic too or confess which member of Duran Duran you would have French kissed back in the day, or deny you ever wanted to kiss any of them which is a dirty lie. I CAN SEE IT IN YOUR EYES.

2) Link to this contest on your blog, and leave a SEPARATE comment here saying you have done so.

3) Link to this contest on your facebook, and leave a SEPARATE comment here saying you have done so.

4) Tweet a link to this contest on the tweeter and leave a SEPARATE comment here saying you have done so.

So yes, to enter 4 times you will have left 4 comments, and the NUMBERS of those comments will be your drawing numbers.

And yes, okay, for those who are wondering, I DID make a cocktail at 8:30 in the morning just to get a picture of it. What? We were out of milk, and I needed SOMETHING to pour over the kids’s Fruity Pebbles. BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS, and I am assured of a quiet morning to work on the book while they cackle at the TV. Who knew Good Morning America was so FUNNY?

NO no no! OF COURSE NOT! I put it in a Tupperware. For me. For later. Beloveds, you know me too well to think I might throw that much delishus whiskey down the sink, much less waste it on CHILDREN? As if a ten year old has the palette to appreciate top shelf. Please.

60 comments to A Good Hard Liquor: A Contest for Cocktail & Good Book Afficionados Alike

  • What a gorgeous libration! The flirty lavender is so cheerful, and yet the froth tells me there’s a dollop or two of egg whites thrown in–a good blend of sprouncy and protein. I’m casting my vote for “Gay Rocky.”

  • I wanna win! I’m hopeless on cocktails. I’m with the 10 year old on the good alcohol being wasted on me but I do like Fruity Pebbles.

  • I like Gay Rocky too! I want that! Mostly I just want to drink GAY ROCKY!

  • The Purple Prose! And let’s just pretend there’s prosecco in it so that name makes more sense. (I am super confused by all the entry rules but this counts, right? Because I wanna win!)

  • Tracey

    I totally want to win! I happen to be allergic to Erythromyacian (sp?) and would have TOTALLY french kissed Roger Taylor from Duran Duran. I was a HS senior in 1985 and he was completely dreamy!

  • T

    Oh, I am Canadian, which probably means I cannot win, but how could I resist naming a cocktail! this is definately either the J.J. Uption or the Dirty Purple. Cheers!

  • Peggy Jo

    Sinful Redemption

  • Hmm, Im thinking of Ryeter’s Rock………..a parody of Writer’s Block,which Im delighted that you dont have and am anxiously awaiting your next

  • Janet Brockman

    “The Vindictive Violet”

    (Which surely would require a little bit of “Redemption”)

    Thank you for the book recommendation! It seems all of my favorite authors are between projects right now 🙂

  • Sori

    The grapes of wrath

  • Don’t even drink, so no clue on naming it, but it looks like the summer smoothies I make, so how about “Aubergine Smoothie” since “aubergine” is a fancy name for purple, dontcha know? (Interesting sidenote – when I was helping my CPA best friend decorate her home, we had to tell her color-blind plastic surgeon husband that the drapes were “aubergine” because she knew he would reject purple even though he couldn’t see it. And yes, it did cause me some concern that a highly respected cancer-reconstruction surgeon couldn’t see the color purple…or red. How did he know what was blood and what wasn’t when operating?)

    So…am I entered for the book? Am I, huh? Huh? Huh?

  • Brigitte

    Simon LeBon, for me!

    And “Redemption” is so cool, I feel it must be part of the drink’s name. Summer Redemption? Sweet Redemption? Barney’s Redemption?

    Ooh, and I wanna book.

    See, I kept it all one entry. I’m a GOOD girl. 😉

  • Dawn

    The color of that cocktail does look just like that bouncy, goofy, purple dinosaur so I have to go with The Bouncy Dino. I just started reading “The Girl Who Stopped Swimming” and can’t put it down even though i have fifteen other things I need to get done! Gotta love a book that grabs your attention like that!

  • DebR

    Bananas, wool, and waterproofing chemicals. (Things to which I am allergic.) There, entered. 🙂

    Also, when emailing you a cocktail name, I found that one cannot actually PUT “cocktail name” in the subject line of the email or your server will “reject email for content.” Just sayin’!!

  • Mina

    Plum Peacock
    Purple Peacock
    Lady Lather
    Sudsy Stud-muffin
    Frozen Yogurt
    Original Sin

  • I left numerous cocktail name ideas on your very personal FB post this morning before I knew there was to be a contest; I will put them all on your FB post about this blog as well, JUST TO BE SURE. I am allergic to pretty much every naturally-occurring environmental allergen there is in the world: grass, weeds, trees, dust, dogs, cats, etc. And I’m allergic to penicillin, which is much weirder than sneezing at pollen. Sock me no pink socks, please!

  • Kerry

    Linking to Facebook!
    I like Mina’s “original sin”

  • Teresa

    Ok.. I’m properly caffeinated now…

    How about…

    Wry Redemption

    Summer Secret

    Purple Haze

    A Grown-Up Kinda of Purple

  • Dominique

    Love your books, Joshilyn, so a recommendation must mean that A Good Hard Look is worth a good close read! Hope I win it! Here’s my name for your cool cocktail: Lavender in the Rye. Wish I could taste it – looks great!

  • Ash

    I linked here on FB! Would love to win this book 🙂

  • Ash

    Also, I have now “tweeted” a link here on twitter (although I hate that we’re using “tweet” as a verb now).

  • Hmmm. I still haven’t named the new car I bought back in May, but I’ll give it a try. How about Purple Rain? (Except now I have that song stuck in my head) You could call it either Rio or The Reflex since we’re on a Duran Duran kick. Or maybe the Purple Salinger–that sounds kinda literary and scary all at once. Maybe The Revelation or, and here’s my personal fave, a gem of an O’Connor puns: The Violet Bear It Away. (Oh, that’s bad…but good–so good, you should choose that one.)

    Okay, now back to work but thinking of frothy adult beverages. It’s five o’clock somewhere, right?

  • Oh, and I RTed it. Facebook and I aren’t on speaking terms at the moment. : )

  • Jan in Norman, OK

    Amethyst Atonement

  • kylad

    How about “Beyond Redemption” or “Path to Redemption”

  • Shelley

    John Taylor was hot. Allergic to shellfish. Cocktail Name: Joshitini

  • Dede

    Redemption Song, because all drinks should have a tie to Bob Marley =) And as far as the allergy that makes me the saddest: the cat allergy. Has it stopped me from cooing and hugging all the sad little kitties in the PetsMart shelter? NEVER!!!!

  • jeanette in peculiar

    Barney Come Lately? (My personal fave.)

    Fruity Rebble?(yes, I know this is not how you spell Rebel, but it’s a play on the Fruity Pebble portion of your post)

    Squirrel’s Salvation. (After a few of these, you will no longer care what the squirrels are doing…..)

    P.S. As I failed to previously comment on your Squirrel post, I will attach this here, even if it is a little off subject……..

    Q. How do you catch a squirrel?

    A. Climb a tree and act like a nut!!

  • Bridget

    Decatur’s Redmeption

  • jeanette in peculiar

    So glad I do not suffer from any traditional allergies. I can linger in nature and squeeze cats and eat anything I want, all without suffering of any kind.
    My only self-diagnosed allergy is STUPID. I am very allergic to stupid, and when forced to encounter stupid that I can not do anything about, I break out in fits of arm flailing and “GAHHHHs” and occassional four-letter words. This affliction tends to flare up mostly at work and at Wal-Mart. I wont say where I work, because I wouldn’t want to out any of my stupid co-workers or bosses (OK, especially bosses) but I can say that is it a government entity that starts with an I, has an R in the middle and ends with an S.

  • My cocktail name ideas are all less than stellar. But here is my entry for the random drawing. I will end up reading this book one way or another. Free is always a good way. 😉

  • Linked on my Facebook profile as well.

  • And I tweeted it. YAY!

  • Lori Dye

    You could try Plum Redeemed as a cocktail name–a little irony always makes everything taste better. Good luck with the yard pestilence.

  • A Grown-Up Kind of Purple is an AWESOME name.
    But I vote for YOU LIKE IT THAT WAY because that part of your post made me snort tea out my nose.

  • Jennifer Kepesh

    I live two time zones behind y’all. I haven’t finished my first cup of tea. I am NOT hung over, though staying up late and drinking a Dark and Stormy *may* have something to do with the fluff in my head that keeps me from coming up with even a pedestrian drink name. Whatever. I love Flannery, and I too am suspicious of cameo appearances of famous people in books, though when it’s done well it can be a delight (Domenico Scarlatti in Jose Saramago’s Balthazar and Blimunda). I’ll trust you that Ann Napolitano did this right. So I’d love a copy of A Good Hard Look. I wanna win.

  • LadyT

    Ok. I already entered (I’m Teresa way the heck up there with A Grown Up Kind of Purple.) But I just registered with a screen name. I tweeted the link.. but I’m not trying to enter more times than I’m supposed to. I just don’t know how to edit an entry (or if I even can).

    Anyways… when does the contest wrap up? When you see a name you like?

  • Michelle

    I linked to FB! Thanks and drink em if you got em!

  • Love contests! Love to read! The perfect marriage. I blogged and linked (beachhouseintheburbs.blogspot.com).


  • Also linked on the FB. Thanks again! Looking forward to reading this book!

  • I’m going to go with Barney Punch. Or perhaps Punch Barney.

  • Lulu

    Mercy, but that looks like a Purple Savior to me!

    Either that or a Purple Stinkeye.
    Then again, maybe a Wry Inkhorn.

  • Lulu

    Twitter-iterated it as well (via @TreesHarris! Cheers!

  • Lulu

    _sigh_ Here’s the closing parens that I left out of my previous comment: )

    Also, I posted the link to your blog entry on facebook.

  • Pamela L

    I wanna win!! Thanks for the opportunity ~

  • Pamela L

    I also shared on Facebook – Thanks.

  • Laura

    The Purple People Eater
    Wild Rumpus Sauce

    Looks like a great cocktail. Will you tell us how to make it?

  • Linda J

    ok how can I resist…Squirrels testicles for the drink??? (You know since they don’t need to breed anyway!!)

    Go Ann…I Loved the audio book!

  • No need to enter me in the contest because I have bought, read, and LOVED this book! And shared it with lots of people. I was skeptical as well, but it is so good.

    As for your cocktail, it is screaming to be called Purple Prose, prosecco or not. I hope you don’t pink sock forget to tell us how to make it.

  • Julie

    Definitely just tweeted it–would love to win!

  • Jan in Norman, OK

    Oh, drat!!! I’ve already submitted a suggestion but I just thought of one that is sooooo much better: “Wisteria and Sunshine” It’s from Enchanted April.

  • Maureen

    I think it should be called a Velveteen Couch. Because I like the idea of sidling up to the bar and saying, “I’ll have a Velveteen Couch, please. Easy on the fuzz.” And I like imagining myself saying, when asked what that is I’m drinking, “Why, it’s a Velveteen Couch. Don’t you remember when they had these on Sex and the City?” But mostly it’s exactly the same color as my actual couch. (Please don’t judge my taste in couches.) And it looks like a drink you can really sink into.

    (Hello from your copyeditor, by the way.)

  • What a cool giveaway. This is my RNG entry. I’m going to think about a name for the drink and come back.

  • SillyMe

    way too tired from not sleeping (stupid insomnia)to look up all the entries. Please, please tell me someone already submitted “Barney Farts” as a drink name. ‘Cause it makes me giggle. Also, I am emotionaly 12years old apparently.
    PS since it’s “Frothy” that just makes the whole thing funnier according to my (actual)12 year old child. I need a nap.

  • Gina

    Cocktail suggestion: 50 Shades of Redemption
    Allergic to super-cute, fluffy felines – the make me look like this O_o only in red
    And we love books, especially since I removed the teevee from the house. =)

  • Les in az

    In a nod to miss Maisy…I think you should call your new drink, “maisy’s b word” 🙂

  • Kelly

    I vote for “Lavender in the Rye” (an earlier post here)

  • Kelly

    Or you could do a double shot of Rye and call it “Backseat Bound”!

  • Jonna Baker

    How could anybody call it anything but “Fruity Purple Floofy” ? That covers it. Period.

    Also, FYI–shellfish makes me puke. I found this out on my wedding day. BAAAD story…