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I have been on the death march week of the tour. It goes like this: Get up at ungodly-thirty, go to airport, get on plane, get off at another airport, sit, get on a plane, get off plane, get cab, throw bags in hotel, fluff hair, go to event, have the only fun 2 hours of the day, go back to hotel, pass out. Then I get up at ungodly-fifteen and repeat.

After a month of remarkably smooth (if LONG) travel, a plane finally failed me, and I am missing my Michigan event, which is making me blue. I promised Sam a Petosky stone. Some of my favorite humans alive are in Michigan and I wanted to see them. ALAS!

I am now at the airport and have beenfor hours, trying to get a seat by going stand-by on umpty flights, all going to someplace that isn’t The Milwaukee airport. I have not yet gotten one one, so i trail from gate to gate like a sad panda, mournfully chewing the most recent useless Seat request card as if it were a bamboo cud. Each failed standby attempt makes me believe a little more fervently in the healing power of airport cocktails…it is five o’clock SOMEWHERE, right? Just not anyplace I will get to fly to today. *weak smile* Hopefully I will get on one and it will take me to a place closer to home. /END WHINE!

Since I had all this sit time, I used it to edit the FLIP PHONE footage from Cali. YAY! Weird truth about vlogs: If you watch this soon after I post, it will be blurry, but in a few hours, it will be crisp. Scott says this is because of a scientiffic true reason he carefully explained while I wasn’t listening.

8 comments to Stucked

  • I just learned that I should have pushed the button when I had a chance!

    Stucked without my personal copy of Backseat Saints until it arrives in the mail now. 🙁

  • Diane

    If you get to Milwaukee, I’d be happy to take you out for liquid refreshment – there’s a piano martini bar in my neighborhood…martinis cure anything, even bad travel.

  • rams

    Trust me: click the link http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/archives/2007_04.html and scroll down to April 4. The funniest horrible book tour nightmare, as you are uniquely prepared to appreciate. You are now Georgia/Toronto blood sisters (except for Brad. Read it. You’ll see.) I figure you earned the laugh.

  • Oh, no! You didn’t make it out of Milwaukee?! I hope things have improved since this post.

  • Brigitte

    If the airline employees were properly literate types, they’d be bumping famous actor people to get you on a flight!

    California catfood . . if my SIL knew about it, that’s the kind her cats would get stuck with.

    And I just could NOT order one of those salads. Ever. Ack!

  • Lia

    Well I’m glad we never planned that wild trip to WI. >.< Can't wait to see you home. I think you're missed ;p

  • My mom and I missed you in Petoskey Friday night! But I hope you’ve finally made it home at least. 🙂

  • Lizzy

    Its me! =O I didn’t think you’d actually leave the part with me in there!

    Sucks that you missed Michigan, but yay going home?