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THANK YOU for the movetastic advice. I have actually cut and pasted bits into a list TO DO. Also thank you for the reassurance and cavalcade of voices shouting at me to drink liquor. You are wise! I bourbonically concur!


So the publicist in charge of WEDDING CAKE FOR BREAKFAST has ponied up two copies of this smart anthology.

YOU WANT THIS – Shelf Awareness says, “Wedding Cake for Breakfast proves a delight to read, whether you are newly engaged, newlywed or just celebrated your 50th anniversary. Or, of course, if you are just looking for a gift for your next bridal shower.” I have been reading it myelf in tiny bites, one essay at a time in between hurling everything I own into boxes; some are familiar enough to make me cackle in recognition, some are freshly foreign to my experience, and they range from hilarious to genuinely touching…it’s a really good diverse group of voices. You will like it. You should win it.

Also…Know anyone engaged or newlyweeded or celebrating a first anniversary? Perfect gift, just sayin’.

SO, you need to be in the US, and the contest runs from NOW until Tuesday the 15th I will let our DEAR OLD NEMESIS, that sucktastic, kitten-hating, viscous fluid filled, sludge-souled, pompous boor, the RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR pick the two winners for these copies, and here is how to get your name in the drawing up to FOUR times.

1) Leave a comment here saying you want to win it. Or saying SCALLOPS! Or saying your brightest most secret shining hopes for the future. Or explaining what really did happen on the beach all those years ago when cousin Violette disappeared…whatever. Leave ONE comment, you are entered once into the drawing.

2) Link to this contest on your blog, and leave a comment here saying you have done so.

3) Link to this contest on your facebook, and leave a comment here saying you have done so.

4) Tweet a link to this contest on the tweeter and leave a comment here saying you have done so.

So yes, to enter 4 times you will have left 4 comments, and the NUMBERS of those comments will be your drawing numbers.

OKAY! but say you are not lucky. But you are a big COMPETITIVE SMARTIPANTS. Here is an alternative route! Well if you look over HERE you will see the delightful genius who penned SHINE SHINE SHINE, Lydia Netzer, has been married now fifteen years. Her marriage can DRIVE come next year. (Neener-NA, mine can vote!)

After you read her smart and funny essay about 15 ways to stay married for 15 years come back here and enter. If you wish to stay married for MORE than 15 years, you may need to seek supplemental advice…

THE ENTERING, why! It is so easy! Just shoot me an email and title it CONTEST ENTRY. In the email, tell me the best or worst tip for a good marriage you have ever heard (or read or invented). Extra points if you applied it with disastrous or delightful results. WARNING: I will compile the best of these into a blog entry, so CHANGE THE NAMES OF ANY MISCREANTS in your tales of marital adviseyness! Entering this means you are sending a thing you do not mind seeing on the blog. The one I find most amusing or awful or truthful, well, I will pick it, and I will send a copy of the book to that person my OWN self.

REMEMBER THESE ENTRIES MUST COME IN AN EMAIL NOT IN COMMENTS! Comments are disqualified. Only emails considered! And if you do not title it CONTEST ENTRY it may accidentally get lost and accidentally lost ones are disqualified, too, on account of me having no memory of them existing.

By the way, you do not have to be married to enter – I remember getting advice on how to have a good marriage when I was ten. So.

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