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The RNG has spoken! Yay for Ashley, the triangular orange six footed monster of comment 19, who has won GRACE AND GRIT.

Poor Maisy Jane had a stomach virus. She was up all night puking in a 49 – 52 minute schedule. Which meant we had just enough time to watch a Doctor Who episode, and then we would get up to go to the bathroom and
be violently ill for ten minutes during or just after the closing credits. What a polite virus, to abate long enough let us see the fate of Amy Pond before rearing up again all virulent.

Who. Puke. Who. Puke. Lather, rinse, repeat. We have now seen the entire first Amy Pond Season with the Doctor who looks like Dawson.

I am an easy vomit. If YOU vomit, I will join you immediately, because my digestive system is a friendly sort who doesn’t want you to feel alone. Also, I get every stomach flu that comes within a fifty yard radius of my town. But somehow when it is my kid, the whole thing is a nil factor for me.

So, I would stand by her, pressing a cool cloth against the back of her neck the way my mother always did for me, and if there was a pause, she would say, “Mommy, I think you should know, I do not feel very well.” She said a variation of this every time she threw up, so approximately 936 times.

I was already SUSPECTING this was the case, what with all the vomit. But still, good to have verbal confirmation. AH yes, not feeling well. I see that, now. It is all quite clear.
Here’s the thing I am finding WEIRD: I do this. When I am ANY kind of sick, virus, flu, anything, I tell Scott. I tell him about 6 times a minute. I tell him as if this is new and fascinating information that he might need. If he leaves and goes to work, I CALL him and tell him.

Switched at Birth?

I do not tell MAISY, I tell Scott, so I am not sure how Maisy could have picked this up behaviorially from me. I think it must be somehow GENETIC. I have seen this before, in BOTH my kids, weird ticks of personal behavior showing up non-randomly in my offspring.

For example, my son, when he was in grade school, used to tuck pennies under his tongue, for comfort, and I DID THE SAME THING, all through grade school. I quit tucking pennies LONG before he was born—before Middle Scool, in fact, and never TALKED about it. And yet he did the exact thing with the exact coin—-Had to be pennies as the tang of copper was key to the comfort for me, and I suppose for him as well.

SO while I wait here for my inevitable contraction of Maisy’s vile disease—I can catch stomach flus from SPACE, so what are the chances I won’t get the one I soaked in like it was Palmolive??? And PS Thank the Lord there is another Matt Smith season of Dr. Who locked and loaded on the Netflix—tell me this, Oh those of my Best Beloveds who have loin spawns:
Do you ever see behaviors in your kids that are very YOU, but that they could not have learned from watching you do it? I am writing about a scientist named William, and wondering how much of us is simple code…

8 comments to Random/Genetics

  • Only for my children do I scrape vomit off the carpet, pick it out of hair, and wipe it from little mouths. Only for them. It is SCARY how many mannerisms of my own I see appear in my kids. My daughter smells everything…food, clothes, the cat. Totally about the olfactory, just like me. I could make a list actually, but I’d have to hide it from the kids because then they would be horrified that they are anything like me.

  • Kelly

    It’s strange, but I move my little toe when I’m deep in thought or reading. It always drove my husband crazy because he thought I was doing it on purpose. My daughter started doing it in the hospital within days of being born. Totally all me. Funny, but it doesn’t drive him as crazy anymore…

  • Well now I’m thinking Kelly might be related to my husband … because I was going to say, my husband’s WHOLE FAMILY has this weird toe-twitching thing that they do completely involuntarily and my daughter does the same thing. I am QUITE sure she didn’t learn this — she just GOT it, in the gene pool.

    Also, my son and I both have OCD (as does my mother, her mother before her, pretty much anyone related to me by blood). No big, as we know that is genetic. BUT there are different manifestations to OCD; my mom is the type who has to count EVERYTHING, even when she doesn’t want to, to the point of exhaustion. I’m an ARRANGING type, where I have to put things in their right spot. But they are NOT all lined up, oh no, there is nothing symmetrical and no method to my madness. If you walk into my house, everything looks all haphazard and sloppy. BUT EVERYTHING IS IN ITS RIGHT SPOT AND POSITION. My OCD only pings when I am super stressed and I have taken great pains not to do my compulsive behaviors around my kids (or anyone, really) BUT I just found out this week that my son has the EXACT same OCD behaviors I do, with the haphazard-but-just-exactly-right arranging. Not the counting, not the lining-things-up, the exact same weird thing I have. Huh.

    In other overly verbose news, GET WELL SOON beautiful Maisy, and STAY WELL AGAINST ALL ODDS lovely Joshilyn!

  • Inheriting traits that you wouldn’t ever notice were inheritable is one of the things that absolutely fascinates me lately. I had never thought to look for them until my daughter’s 37th year. I had always noticed the obvious physical stuff and a few things that were temperament. But, this year I am noticing stuff that should have been obvious, but weren’t. And what I have discovered is that my daughter is remarkable like my husband. Logical, somewhat obsessive, kind and generous. She got all that from him. From me she got her laugh, and the way she puts her chin on her hands. It’s fascinating to me.

  • Lulu

    My son chews the inside of his cheeks like I’ve done for as long as I can remember, until I got braces just 3 years ago. My teeth now don’t line up the same way, so I can’t do that anymore.

    Weirdest unconscious tic, though is in common between my husband & his 10-yrs-younger brother. They were standing all relaxed & barefoot, chatting in brother’s kitchen, and both were holding their big toes up off the floor. I had to stare at that — it was WEIRD. I asked about it & neither was aware that they did it.

  • Wanda Vaughn

    My daughter and I both sleep on our stomachs with our hands tucked under our hip bones. Weird! Hubby thinks it’s funny.

  • T

    My husband assaults me in the kitchen. “It’s genetic.” he says, with a wry smile.
    My niece is living with us for the summer. As she did not have her own laundry hamper, I told her to just put her laundry into our hamper. My husband does the laundry. It’s the first laundry day since my niece’s arrival.
    “What?” I ask, completely perplexed.
    “The underwear and pant combination in the launry basket.” He says, shaking his head.
    When I get home, I take my pants and underwear off in one fell swoop, and toss them both, tangled and intertwined, into the laundry. Which makes my husband bonkers. He has mentioned this to me before. I have smiled and nodded.

    How is this possibly genetic?

  • I don’t think there are so many ME things that kids do, but there are TONS of my husband’s penchants in them. My husband and my son BOTH wear their shoes out in the EXACT SAME SPOT. . .and I have no doubt if you checked my father-in-law’s shoes, you would find the same phenomena. They also have this ability to droop their shoulders as though the literal weight of the world is on them. It’s like all of a sudden they have no bones. The corners of their mouths can go down to their jawlines as well–I can’t even make my face DO that. My daughter does this thing she called “even-ing out” when she was little. If she bumped one side of her body, she had to bump the other. If she scratched one knee, she had to scratch the other. Hubs said he did the same thing as a kid. My son sleeps with both of his arms thrown back over his head like my Daddy did–and my daughter sleeps with one leg bent at the knee, foot down on the mattress, and the other leg propped on the bent leg just like my sister did as a child. Amazing.