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Things Said or Written by Some People I Love

I hate blogs about why people have not been blogging. SO this won’t be that. I will just say, my best cat died. I am blue. Several people I love are having very hard times right now, with bad cancer situations and other family crises, and I can’t FIX any of it, or even really help, not with any of it, and I HATE that. SO. We’ll say no more about it.

You know, when you go quiet for a bit you feel like you have to come back with the FANGED ELABORATE GRANDADDY LONGLEGS of ALLLLL blog posts to justify your absence, like, I was quiet because I was writing down AMAZING STUFF that is SO amazing you need strap into the chair with the mind-bits catcher on the back because WHOA! is your mind about to be BLOWN TO CHUNKS and no one wants to clean that crap up off the carpet.

But I have nothing like that to offer. I have been working on the book…Even so, the temptation is to just wait til I DO have something awesome to post, to bring the blog back with GUSTO, perhaps even a soupcon of APLOMB, but I am SO DEEP in the book right now that I am sans non-book-otherly GUSTO, and I never really had any aplomb to begin with.

(I know I have no aplomb because I always in my head see that word “SOUPCON,” even when written with the accenty thingy I left off, and I think “soup-con.” That is the working definition of APLOMBLESS.)

I will now instead quietly slip off back to my regular kind of blog about whatever random nine-legged nonsense went ballyhooing all feckless through my brain that day. And let us collude together to pretend I was here all along.

SO, here to fore and forthwith, are Three Things Said or Written by Some People I Love


Karen Abbott: Lydia, what is the new book about?

Lydia Netzer: My new book is about astronomers…THERE’S SEX IN IT. Also science vs. faith.

Me: My book is also about science v/s faith. AND HAS THE SEX. But in mine, faith wins. *blinks innocently, like a beautiful fawn of God.*

Lydia: In mine, LOVE WINS. *drops pants*

Me: *deadpan* That’s what I just said.

Lydia: *even deadpanner* Minds are being blown over here.


This is the rather regulation grocery store Valentines day card Mr. Husband gave me on Pebruary 14th:

And THIS is the inside, where he made it really for me. HA! Those little fat naked Hallmark babies need a shirt that says, Love is pretending you really know the Chinese Character for Geek.


Me: Maisy! Wait up! HEY! WAIT FOR YOUR MOM. Whew, thanks. Be patient today. Your mom is a creaky tired haggard old lady.

Maisy: You are NOT. You are a BEAUTIFUL old lady.

28 comments to Things Said or Written by Some People I Love

  • Awww, the Chinese character for geek is pi!

  • DebR

    I <3 Maisy. 🙂

    Also, Mr. Husband does great card customization, although I have to say I liked last year's Zombpocolypse (sp???) one even better.

  • Tracey

    Ok, creeped out initially by the giant spider pic! Glad to see you back behind the keyboards. Glad to hear you are working on a book as I have devoured “A Grown-up Kind of Pretty”. I hear you on the tough stuff you cannot fix. It’s been my neighborhood since July. Hang in there.

  • Aimee

    Hee! Scott is awesome.

    I give soupcon the fruitiest faux-French pronunciation I can, and yet I too am aplombless. Go figure 🙂

  • Linda J

    Welcome back. I never mind the absences because I know there is a wonderful book being made and I don’t mind. My condolences on your loss my dear. A friend is a friend no matter the shape. Maisy is priceless and Scott needs to cloned. OH brilliant idea…How to be Scott classes. The she’s of the world will get to enroll the hims and make the world a better place!!!

  • I really like the card redecorations! Super awesome!

    Maisy is right, you are beautiful even when you are feeling creaky.

  • Jill W.

    Always good to see you back.

    Mr. Husband is awesome as always. And Maisy- priceless!

  • margaret

    Sorry about the sad, not-fixable, icky stuff. Those furry ones make life so much more pleasant, and they leave quite a vacuum when they leave us. Sending fairy dust and good juju your way.

    Your husband is priceless! That is the most awesome-est card ever!

    Enjoy being deep in the BOOK…with the faith…and the science…and the sex.

    PS-Who would come to Soup-Con other than the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld? I don’t know any other soup people…

  • Katherine

    I love ‘pi’ as the symbol for geek. Just remember to be geeky enough to celebrate pi day next week.

  • Your husband is made of awesome! Love that card. Had to laugh at Maisy too. Aren’t kids great when they try to compliment us? Like my eight-year-old giving me the adoring look out of the big doe eyes and saying “I’m going to be really sad when you die, Mum”. (Not that I’m planning on dying anytime soon, I hasten to add. He’s just planning ahead.)

  • Christine in Los Angeles

    Oh, Joshilyn, you maake me weepy — lots of laughs, but weepy, nontheless.
    A double soup can of love to you and yours.
    God bless, Christine

  • I love that Maisy knows the definitions of creaky, tired, and haggard to the extent that she counter-punches with beautiful. The card, of course, is excellent. As are books from you and your posse.

  • And ALSO, anyone who can pull of this sentence:

    “I will now instead quietly slip off back to my regular kind of blog about whatever random nine-legged nonsense went ballyhooing all feckless through my brain that day. And let us collude together to pretend I was here all along.”

    is stinkin’ FULL of aplomb. That sentence has hyphenated mythological creatures and three vocabulary words. Just sayin’.

  • Jessica

    So you kinda almost chased me off with the spider at the top, because I have the worst phobia about spiders ever, ever. Now when I dream that spiders are crawling on me and wake up my husband with my flailing, he can thank you. ;~)

    I don’t think you even need to allude to the fact that you haven’t blogged lately. Jump in with “Hey, here’s some stuff!” and we’ll all just be happy that you’ve written something for our hungry little eyes to devour.

    I love these snippets of everyday life. You know what makes me happy? When happily married couples know how lucky they are to have such wonderful partners. I can tell you guys are two such people. (I personally think I’m luckier than my husband, but don’t tell him I said that. ;~)

    Jessica (the celt)

  • Hear you completely about the whole “people having hard times that I cannot help with” and hugs to you. Just sayin’.

    LOVE the card! And soup-con and aplomblessness and all.

    But especially YAY for Maisy! Because you are beautiful, you know. Just look at that shiny, glossy hair! *pet-pet-pet*

  • I really wish pants-dropping Lydia was still editing manuscripts… my novel is almost finished, and I need her eyes on it. And I’m so sad about your “best cat”… I lost my cat after 21 years a while back and I still miss her.

  • Neal

    After this post, I strongly believe there should be a soup convention. Soupcon! But since a writer coined it, it could be all sneaky and be a con for writers or something. :p

    Loving the randomness!

    Neal (the swede)

  • brigitte

    I think the urge to apologize and come up with a big ZOMG! entry after an absence is something you put on yourself. I always just figure you’re, you know, BUSY. 😉

  • Shelley S

    So sorry that you lost Schubert and all the serious illnesses of loved ones. I was there a year ago and it sucked. Big time. Good thing Scott and Maisy are there to alleviate the morass.

    Finished AGUKOP and I wanted to say thank you for another wonderful book. Giving Liza a voice I can see would have been difficult but I can’t imagine the book without her.

  • Kathy

    Aw Joss, ANY post from you about ANYTHING is 10, nay 20, 30 or more (!) times worth no post at all. And that said, I like this one. Maisy is a darling and so is Mr. Husband. And you have wonderful friends too!

  • erinanne

    I won’t lie, I picture soupcon in my head to be ‘Soup-Con’- where people gather at the hotels downtown and dress as giant cans of Campbells and Progresso. And there are subsets, like Chicken Noodle and Tomato, and there are people selling tee shirts with ‘Mmm Mmm Good’ written across them and the people on MARTA do double takes like they do when the Storm Troopers ride the trains during Dragon*Con.

    One of these days I will learn French. Or at least attempt to be less of a geek.

    (neither of these things will probably ever happen)

  • Reine

    I’m just glad you are here. I kept read the Lady at Fat Yoga over and over, so it’s okay. Hope to see you in Tucson. Your writing is brilliant.

    xxxxx Reine

  • Great post. Congratulations to your husband for being amazing with the Chinese characters.

  • Reine

    Fat Lady at Hot? Yoga??? Oh gee. I will be okay by tomorrow. I promise not to make a scene. Well, I never do. People think I will. I think. But I am too introverted. If I behave they will let me out, I’ll sneak out early, and Kendall and I will see you in Tucson.

  • ebethnyc

    after the Schubert post, I was not at all surprised by the absence. very sad and sorry for you. (as I am for the human badnesses now. bah)
    hoping the sunshine and early spring ness help some.

  • ebethnyc

    PS: I always think “soup’s on!” when I read that word.

  • JMixx

    There are certain French words that, when I read them, I *always* hear them in my mind’s ear in Julia Child’s fruity, burbling voice. “…and Bon Appetit!”

    I, too, expected a brief mournful pause in the blog after the passing of Schubert. (Is it my imagination, or was he “originally” names “Waffles”? Am I thinking of someone else?)

  • JMixx

    Oh, I forgot to tell you! When I heard you speak in Richmond, VA, and one of the audience asked about your family, I was actually a little surprised when you said “Maisy Jane” instead of “Beautiful Maisy Who is Nearly Ten.”