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The Friday Redirect, Because I Noticed It Was Friday

This is me at Dekalb School of Fine Arts yesterday, where I am apparently teaching some rather gifted young writers how to feel up an invisible mermaid. (Or perhaps how to kindly adjust her seashells, as based on my hand position, her top has gone a bit wonky.)

Charity, I told the kids, begins in the ocean.

They recreated a scene in A GROWN UP KIND OF PRETTY, turning the library into the CALVARY HIGH back to school luau. HOW COOL IS THAT. AND! Look, on the table, they made Mosey’s Tree House. What a cool freakin’ day I had, corrupting the youth of America. Except these kids are uncorruptable. They were so bright and creative and alive in their minds, I seriously felt better about the future of the whole world after a few short hours basking in their presence.

YES YES too much radio silence here…Instead of blogging at my blog, I am blogging at other blogs, trying to continue to get the word out.

Last week, the brilliant Julianna Baggott (whose most recent book, PURE, knocked me AND Lydia Netzer out of our seats) kindly so kindly hosted me. BUT FIRST LOOK! Here is the book trailer for PURE—you should read it. It’s so VISUAL and VISCERAL. I Loved it:

Julianna does a down a down and dirty half dozen, instead of a 3Q, and WOW, but she asks good, unusual things. It’s not your average author interview—it’s mostly about God and Mr. Husband.

Come on over.

4 comments to The Friday Redirect, Because I Noticed It Was Friday

  • Reading you interview was as much fun as reading your book. For reals.

  • Pure has been on my list since you mentioned it last month. I am off fiction for Lent but will have to read it soon after.

    I got two requests from agents today. *squeals*

  • KimberlyHdM

    Pure was a wrenching, amazing read, and your guest blog was entertaining and meaningful as always. It’s a joy to see writers I admire connect in the “real world” as well.

  • Fantastic interview and I will definitely add Pure to my GoodReads To Read shelf…though it is getting astronomically HUGE and I am starting to realize I will never be able to read all the wonderful books I want to read and still manage all those minor annoyances like getting myself to work & paying bills & submitting & writing & such. Sigh.