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What Did Willy Nelson Say?

Hold outs, hold no more. Last minute-rs, your favorite moment is upon us, by which I mean, the last one. THE VIRTUAL SIGNING HAPPENS IN THREE DAYS. This is the very last time I will put the button up. Mostly because I am heading out on the road again and the code for the button is saved to my home computer. HEH! But also because in three short days, I land in Birmingham and go by The Alabama Booksmith, one of my all time favorite indies, and I will be signing the books you ordered. I have given you Seven Reasons to Press the Button, and in later entries added two more, for a grand total of nine. And of course, if you order from the Booksmith, you are entered into our drawings for one of the Character Themed Prize Packs.

That’s all I got…no more reasons. It’s just a Yoda monent, you know? Press or press not.

ALSO! I am leaving the comments open on the entry below this because Fat Cow (my web host) was doing updates all day yesterday and some people were having trouble commenting. (Right, Jess? Right.) I will leave that 3Q contest open until Monday at Midnight, EST.

MEANWHILE, Zomgah! It’s a VLOG!

16 comments to What Did Willy Nelson Say?

  • Love the video! And now I’m hungry. It’s 7:30 in the morning and I really think that Sangria of yours would make an awesome breakfast beverage!

    Good luck on the tour!

  • I too love the video! What fun! Well, except for the 4 in the morning part i’m sure.

  • Kacie

    Tell Scott it’s a little bit the flip phone…he sounds higher than he does in Vent. Not a lot higher, but a smidge.

  • Oh. . .love it, love it, love it. . .and the window display was AWESOME!!!

  • Great video! Thanks for sharing with all of us who couldn’t be there to help hoover the cookies!

    It looks like all went well; have safe travels and lots of fun in the rest of the book tour!


  • Jess (of the formerly blue hair)

    Excuse me as I fangirlsquee myself blue out of “shementionedmebyNAME” excitement 😀 Can’t wait until you’re in the Bay Area– I’m bringing my girlfriend AND my mom this time!

  • Theresa

    I so wanted to meet you while you were in Jacksonville. I was going to drive up from the Orlando area but we had Grandma’s 91st birthday party yesterday. Wouldn’t miss Grams birthday for the world. Now I just have to patiently wait a few more days for my book to arrive from The Alabama Booksmith. See ya next time. And definitely enjoying the videos.

  • Aimee

    Oh man… FOREIGNER?! You know what, though? I think your description put such a picture in my head that I feel like I saw them anyway.

    Love the Vlogs. Can’t wait for my signed copy!

  • Lulu

    Wait, you slapped Clark Gable? You are fierce. With mad catering skilz and a flair for mimicking Minnie Mouse. Not to mention a genius for writing compelling fiction.


  • JenniferG

    I am really enjoying your vlogs! You’re like a REAL PERSON now! And yesterday I visited Backseat Saints at the bookstore so I could get my fix while I await my I-pushed-the-button Alabama Booksmith autographed copy. It was so pretty and they had two stacks facing out on the shelf so it just POPPED. It was very, very exciting. I would have rather bought Backseat Saints than the 10-lb book on Microsoft Access that I HAD to buy for work.

  • Jerri Hernandez

    Lord have mercy, I have done the Atlanta airport at stupid o’clock in the morning TOO many times. At least it’s pretty, although is there a law somewhere that the air conditioning must be set at 10 degrees below freezing at all times?

    Any plans to come to Texas?

  • Bridget

    Love that African art in the walkway between concourse T and A at Hartsfield as well. And they have the recording of the traditional music to set the stage. Good luck on your tour!

  • Kim

    Love the VLOG entry! I so wish I had been able to attend the MMH event but, alas, it was not to be. Hopefully you’ll be at the Decatur Book Festival this year (please say yes) so I can see you live and in person here.

  • That window is actually GORGEOUS. Good job of design, bookstore window artists.

  • Lia

    I love the “It’s not the flip phone!” Comment…hope you have a fun and safe trip.

  • I call mine “Not the Flip” camera, because it’s Kodak’s version of the Flip. Love seeing and hearing you, and the food looked great. BTW, just pushed the button tonight. Nothing like waiting ’til the last minute!