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This Happened

Oh My Best Beloveds, something AMAZING happened today.

Remember in the way-back-back of 2006 when I asked you to give me your email addresses if you wanted to be on the list to get my BRAND NEW EXCITING COMING VERY SOON ANY SECOND NOW REALLY newsletter that I promised to send out whenever I had a new book release? So you would know?

And you sweetly sent me your email addresses, and then I had several more books release without ever sending a single newsletter, and the years rolled by, and I entered my forties kicking and fussing, and we changed presidents, and My Space died an ignominious ugly-backgrounded death, and Nathan Fillion got a new TV show, and even though I had several more book releases, I never, ever sent a single newsletter, or wrote an FAQ, or stuck to a diet, or became a better person, or did EXACTLY ANY of the million things I said I would do?


(Quiet aside: Here you understand the “I” in all these sentences actually means “my friend Alison,” but, um, shut up. Because a NEWSLETTER EXISTS and WAS SENT which, admit it, you NEVER thought would happen on ANY planet.)

Not the actual wolf who mauraded them. More of a representative wolf.

Sadly, since I collected the addresses, a couple of the subscribers joined a cult that doesn’t allow reading, one went to prison for what can only be described as a spectacular act of cannibalism, and four were killed by marauding wolves.

But the rest of them, I dearly hope, are still there, still reading, and maybe they are still failing to accomplish everything on their to do lists, too, and so are you, and yet here we are, still managing to lead satisfying, peaceful lives. Yay us.

Anyway, the main point of it was to tell people that A GROWN-UP KIND OF PRETTY is out, and if you are HERE, reading this, then you already know all about it and where I am going on tour and how to participate in The Virtual Booksigning and allll that jazz.

But, in a couple of years. SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY will be published. There is a slight but ACTUAL possibility that I COULD very well send out another newsletter then. If you would like to be told when that frabjous day approacheth, Shoot me an email and I will add you to the list. Should you sign up, don’t lose any sleep worrying you might get OVER-SPAMMED. So far my output is … 1 newsletter in 6 years, and Alison actually did the whole thing and told me about it later. Heh.

13 comments to This Happened

  • Beth R

    And it’s a LOVELY newsletter with lots of linky love to places to buy AGUKOP 🙂

  • Leandra

    I got one! I got one! I was so excited when I saw it in my inbox. I’m not going to lie, for just a split second I had a thought of “How did she get my email address” but it was more along the lines of “Oh God, she knows my name!” rather than “Hey, how’d she get this address” kind of thing. Yay for newsletters!

  • Linda J

    sigh alas I did not know you then so I got no news letter BUT I did listen to the podcast and I’m eagerly awaiting for Love Story already!

  • Jessica

    I got one, too (in my old email that was forwarded to my new email)! I vaguely remember your asking at one point, but I was excited to see it in my inbox. :o)

  • I was VERY impressed. . .you (and Allison) took that pink sock and bleached it pearly white!!! I’m glad you were neither eaten by wolves NOR cannibalized. . .or a cannibalee for that matter.

  • Carrie (in MN)

    It is a very professional-looking newsletter indeed.

    I ordered my AGUKOP from Amazon because although I DO support independent booksellers and I DO like getting a signed copy, I DON’T have any skills at delayed gratifiation. I ordered it along with a steam mop, which will not help me accomplish much of anything on my to-do list other than “get clean floors”.

  • Jen

    Podcast? What podcast? *quickly backtracked through the last two months of posts* I can’t find anything about a podcast…. 🙁

  • I got your email the other day and my first thought was, “Whaaa?” but immediately following was, “Woo hoo!” so sad again about missing your tour. Come to Europe. Stay with me. W can be BFF’s for reals. Can’t wait to order your book once I have an address!

    (umm, I’ve just recently moved, army husband. I’m not a psycho homeless European. I’m sure you get a lot of those on this site.)

  • JMixx

    I do not think I got a newsletter. Is it too late? Can I get a newsletter? If it is too late, it is still OKAY, because I was just catching up on all the FTK entries I have missed because I am a slightly insane person, and I just read that on Thursday, February 16th, you will be in RICHMOND VA! Where I live! And I can come out and see you and get your new book!


  • Brigitte

    Like Leandra, I’d forgotten all about it and was stunned and amazed at youe omniscient powers of email-finding, plus thrilled to get it, of course. ;-D

  • Eeeeeeexcellent. (Rubs hands together in evil-genius fashion, runs to join newsletter list…)

  • Karen

    I will only sign up for your newsletter if it reveals the sordid details of one particularl pink sock story.

  • Aimee

    It is a very beautiful newsletter!