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That Lemon in the Red Lipstick Is So So Out

It’s the day of my last post over on The Lipstick Chronicles, and I squandered it on existential blog angst and French jokes. Come play!

Below is my favorite post I ever did on TLC, moved over here, since TLC will cease to exist at some point in a POOFING “no one is paying for this” way… ALAS! ALAS!

3 comments to That Lemon in the Red Lipstick Is So So Out

  • Brigitte

    PAYING!? Ha! Change it to a .org and say it’s a non-profit to raise funds for the Jackson Foundation for Deprived Teens and Tweens (namely, Maisy and Sam).

  • Reine

    An Open Letter to the Fat Girl I Saw at Hot Yoga in New York City is my favorite blog ever. I feel a teensy bit slammed, covered in kudzu, by it all shutting down, something like . . . pfff . . . mm . . . it wasn’t real. Maybe nothing is. Slam bam thank you, ma’am. Like that. Kind of. Don’t tell, ok? xo

  • Reine

    OK, I wrote ‘n posted that New Year’s Eve.