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3Q with Me (and a Contest)

The place to be at 7 PM tonight!

I need a Category called “I don’t learn.” It’s a thing I said – AS A JOKE— to Julie over at What Women Write when she was interviewing me last week. But it is not a joke. Apparently.

I say I do not learn because tonight is my hometown launch party at Foxtale Book Shoppe up in Woodstock, and guess who is catering it? Did you guess me? Because it is me.

So yesterday I made FIFTEEN DOZEN heart shaped sugar cookies which I iced, one by one, and then topped lovingly with hot pink sprinkles. Then I made ANOTHER FIFTEEN DOZEN Chewy Chocolate Drop cookies that I dipped in homemade ganache, and then cut up a ton of fruit to soak overnight in the gallons of Sangria I made. Meanwhile, Scott grilled enough corn to make a metric buttload of Southern Living Salsa. (BY THE WAY: “Buttload” is an official scientific measurement term, and does not imply in ANY way that the salsa contains butt or any buttlike materials. The salsa contains things like lime juice and black beans and cilantro and avocado, and it is awesome.) Today I am cutting up an entire farmer’s market for crudités and fruit and cheese platters while Scott cooks meatballs.

Mine is orange...but you get the idea

And yes, I did get out my Bundt pan and make the well behaved southern girl’s ubiquitous frozen fruit ring for the Family Friendly non-sangria punch. Because I was Raised Right. And have hosted umpty thousand showers.

The last time I had a launch part in my hometown was for gods in Alabama. It was at Owl’sTree bookstore, and the owner of that shop, Miss Virginia, who was well into her 80’s then, retired soon after. Since I had no hometown bookstore, I didn’t have a party for Between or TGWSS.

For the gods party, I did all the food myself, and NOW, NOW, dragging around the bleary eyed and never wanting to see another cookie in my life and desperate to find a way to believe it is nutritious to have sangria for breakfast, I distinctly remember saying to Scott, about 50 thousand times, NEVER LET ME DO THIS AGAIN. IF WE HAVE A LAUNCH PARTY, LET’S CATER IT, OR GO TO SAM’S CLUB AND GET PREMADE SAUSAGE AND CHEESECUBE TRAYS. ANYTHING, BUT NEVER NEVER AGAIN WILL WE TRY TO COOK FOR EVERYONE WE LOVE WHILE I AM BOOK TOURING.

Did I mention I have to catch a 5 am flight tomorrow?

I don’t learn.

If you live local, please come eat these freakin’ cookies as I already can’t fit in any of my pants (THANKS, SURGERY!) and I am nerved up enough to hoover the platters down whole. Thank you.

If you live FAR, let’s play a game. You know I do 3 question interviews with authors whose books I have enjoyed here on FTK. Usually there are prizes associated. SO. Since I can’t ask ME stuff, let’s play this differently.
Leave a question for me in the comments. It can be about writing in general, Backseat Saints in particular, cookie recipes, Schubert, Mr. Husband, anything. Any question at all. I will pick at LEAST three to answer. If I choose to answer your question, I will mail you a signed hardback first edition of ANY of my four novels. You pick. So.

Don’t fret if you feel stymied — ask anything. ASK HOW MY DAY WAS. Because In an entirely separate event, all question-askers will be entered into a random drawing for a CD copy of the BACKSEAT SAINTS audio book. and two more will get a signed hardback first edition of any of my books, including gods in Alabama or Backseat Saints. GO!

114 comments to 3Q with Me (and a Contest)

  • Tenessa

    I have read interviews with authors that outline their books before they begin writing, authors that know how their book is going to end before they start writing it, authors that only have characters and no plot, authors that write in unconnected segements then weave those segements together, authors that write a chapter a day; in order, authors that write for a set amount of time each day regardless of inspiration, and the list goes on. What “method” do you use? How do you know which character to write about and do you know the whole story before you start or does it reveal itself to you, slowly, as you go?

  • 1. What are the three books (about craft) you would recommend to someone writing their first novel?
    2. Do you write hot or do you edit as you go?
    3. What are your top 5 favorite books?
    Thank you!

  • Jade

    I know it’s not on for this tour, but perhaps for a future one, could you make a stop in Alaska? Pretty please?

  • Kara Holmes

    I have listened to your books on CD and was wondering if you choose the person to read the books. They are wonderful.

  • Becky

    I’ve read all of your books up to Backseat Saints (I’m waiting to get it from Alabama Booksmith), and I love them all, but I have to admit that gods in Alabama is still my favorite. Do you ever find that the first book you ever read by an author somehow remains the top choice, even if later books are at least as good?

  • I am crazy, crazy excited because I just picked up Backseat Saints from the store yesterday (I went in for a Father’s Day gift for hubby, but it “accidentally” fell into my hands along the way). I’m not very far in yet (a couple years ago, I’d have been pulling an all nighter, but now I have a 9 month old and, hello, we love our sleeps around here), but I’m in the middle of the airport scene right now and my question is this:

    Do you, yourself, ever play the line game that Mrs. Fancy was playing about finding your other-time self?

  • Jerri Hernandez

    Arlene and Burr play a lot of different word games on their trip to Alabama. Are these games that you play with your family?

    Also, when did you attend Camp Wiregrass? Girl, I spent some of the best times of my youth there. (Or maybe I’m still just delirious from the heat and humidity?)

  • Shannon

    Hi Joshilyn,
    What is your favorite thing to eat? 🙂

  • Tina

    In your 3 Questions you often ask authors if location is important to their work, citing the importance of location (the south) in yours. So, location is obviously important in your writing, but why do you think that is?

  • Kaye

    Rose is so naughty! How did a nice girl like wind wind up in a head like hers?
    This book is so much fun. I am now caounting down to your next.

  • Kaye

    Uh meant nice girl like YOU wind up in a head like hers?

  • Rene

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Backseat Saints!!! However, I wish it was a much longer book because I was enjoying it so much that I was sad when it was over. Please write your next book quickly!
    My question is, Do you ever jump ahead and read the end of a book to see what’s going to happen? I am a recovering “end reader”.

  • Linda J

    Is there one of your characters that you wish you could meet in real life and what would you say?

  • Les in AZ

    How can you be the COOLEST CHICK EVER and not seen the Grand Canyon?